Nowadays, everyone’s life is so fast and busy. In that case, people find difficult to stay on top of their professional and personal lives as well. If you are running any business which runs on time slots, it is very important to keep up your meeting schedules and clients. This is where the role of appointment cards comes in to picture. Let us learn about Appointment card templates in detail.

We are providing very professional Appointment Card Templates that can be used for any type of business. Continue reading to get more information about Appointment card as well as get different types of templates in various designs.

Detailed Explanation about Appointment Card Template

In the business field, running a business is like sailing a boat or flying a plane. Make sure your customers or clients do not miss any important meetings, which is done by reminding them of their appointments to you. Appointment Cards does this purpose completely. Yes, appointment cards are the best source to keep up your important schedules with your clients. Also, appointment cards are an excellent way to promote and market your business services.

Who can use Appointment Cards

Appointment cards are must if you are:

  • A trade person
  • A real estate agent
  • A medical practitioner
  • A beautician
  • A tutor
  • A driving instructor
  • A pet groomer
  • A hairdresser
  • And many more

Three Main Functions of an Appointment Card

A Standard appointment card has to be included in the following three functions:

  • Contact Details and Branding: Helps to help your clients keep your business details. We recommend using one side of your appointment card for business details and the other side is for appointment details.
  • Reminders: Forgetting things is common in our busy lives. Appointment card makes you and your client’s busy life easy by reminding your next appointment.
  • Easy Referrals: Appointment cards are very much like business cards as they include your name, location, phone number etc.

Effective Appointment Card Elements

Size: Appointment cards come in various styles and sizes but the best size of an appointment card is the size which fits into your pocket.

Information to Include: Customer’s Name, Appointment, Address, Date and Time and reference number are the main details to be included in an appointment card. You can also add additional information like Parking details, appointment requirements etc.

Colour: Make sure your appointment cards look catchy with bright colours and clear designs since it is branding your business. Use colours that make your card look unique and professional.

Call to Action: “Call today for our latest deals”, “Please confirm your appointment 24 hours before the date”, “Call ahead to reschedule your booking” are some of the one-liners to be included in your appointment card. This helps you to increase your marketing skills.

Quality: Maintaining good quality is the Golden Rule of branding. Poor quality appointment cards will definitely go into the bin. So, make sure that your appointment card is made of some good quality paper which won’t easily tear off or fade away.

Appointment Cards used in Various Fields

Appointment Card Template for Salon:

If you are looking for some good looking appointment card for your salon services, then you will love this card template. This is simple and easy to edit. This allows you to edit different colours and font styles.

Appointment Card Template for Dental Clinic

Are you running a Dental Clinic, and then this card will come handy in reminding your appointments or any pre-arranged meetings.

This template is absolutely free to edit and easy to download as well as print.

Appointment card for Hair Salon

This is yet another Appointment template for Hair Slon business. This cute and simple template comes in attractive and eye-catchy lines and colours. Its size is easy to fit into your wallet.


All our templates are ready to use online. Free to personalize according to your own text, fonts and styles most importantly with your business logo. Easy to modify the templates to meet your needs!!! Our professional designers have made the cards in a way to ensure your appointment cards reflect the personality of your business in a clear way.

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