Are you artist releasing your first music album, or a DJ wishing to take your music album to the next heights? Then no wonder you are wandering in search of album covers!!! Album Covers are the best way to promote your music or audio into the audience. Let’s get into the topic to learn more about the album covers.

After the sweat, blood, tears, and countless hours of painstaking music recording sessions, you are finally done with your amazing music album. For your incredible Music Album, you need an album cover to hold the same level of an impact since it says a lot about your band or artist. We can say album cover gives the first impression to the audience on your album. So, it has to be designed in a unique, punchy, and professional way.

Continue reading to know completely about how to make album covers and their purpose. We also provide Eye-catching Album Cover Templates that are free to download and easy to edit and customize to your personal needs.

Detailed Information on Album Cover

Wedding Album Cover

When it comes to your wedding arrangements, wedding album cover might just be the final thing on your list. But, today we are going to tell you how important is your wedding album cover on your wedding day photo album.

Wedding Album Covers reflect the newlywed couple’s personality and taste. To keep your memories safe and secured for a long time, you opt for high-end quality photographs to be in your album. To showcase or reveal what’s there inside your album is done by the album covers.

If you are a photographer or a couple, you might feel confused while designing a stunning wedding album cover. Do not worry!! We are here to help you out. Create modern, classic or traditional wedding album covers with our professionally designed wedding album cover templates. Download, edit and print according to your style for free.

 What is Album Cover

An album cover is the front part of the officially released audio recording album or product. It generally serves the purpose of advertising the contents of the music band or record through using graphic designs, images, and photography. An Album Cover comes with the artist’s name, logo, and the album title.

The relationship between Album Cover Artwork and Music

The relationship between Album Artwork and Music goes hand-in-hand since the album cover artwork serves as a portal between the music band and the album listener. The Album Cover artwork reveals the contents of the music album, what it includes, and also who is the musician behind the incredible music album. Strong Album Covers are the imaginary opportunity to make the right and good first impression on your music album.

Things to remember before you design a strong Album Cover Artwork  

The below mentioned things are very important to remember in order to distribute or promote your music album to digital stores and streaming services.

  • Perfect Square
  • GIF or JPG
  • Best Quality RGB Colour Mode
  • At least 1600*1600 pixels in size

How to make an Album Cover in an Easy Way

Here are the few steps to be followed to make a perfect and impressive Album Cover.

  • Express yourself with a Theme- Scroll through the variety of themes or motifs provided on the right-hand side and choose your favourite one that matches to your music album. Do not panic, if it is not in sync with your image since you can customize it.
  • Make Sure the Album Cover is in a Perfect Size- Yes, sizing up your album cover to a perfect square takes your album cover artwork to the next level. Size plays an important role in creating a perfect and an awesome album cover template.
  • TypographyEnhance your message with a stylish font. Yes! You need to adjust the font size and style that matches to your music band and music album title.
  • Brand it with an Image- Using your graphic design skills, make use of a perfect band image of your music band and set as the background of the album cover. So that everyone knows the face of your music album through the album cover itself.
  • Spread the Musical Love- Once you are done with your album cover artwork, download it to your desktop and use it for printouts to distribute. Also, you can share the images across your Social Media platforms to promote your upcoming album release.

Key Components of Designing Album Cover

There are many key components that come into play while designing an awesome and stunning Album Cover. Let us what are they:

  • Colour
  • Colour Psychology
  • Colour Scheme
  • Typography
  • Band and Album Name
  • Licensing and Legal Information
  • Track List
  • Easy on the Internet
  • Finding the right designer
  • Liner Note

Here’s some online image editing tools:






Use them to combine or edit several images together, you can change the colours, themes, add some layers and overlay your album title and music artist name or band name with a font you like. It’s completely up to you how to edit and make your album cover look stunning and attractive.

Let us discuss about the size of the album cover in details since it takes an important role while creating a perfect album cover. Track these guidelines and tips and you’ll be good to go when it comes time to release:

Album covers size:

  • Minimum 3000 x 3000 pixels
  • A square
  • Minimum 72 DPI
  • JPG or PNG format
  • Album cover specs:
  • No blurriness or pixilation
  • No URLs, hash tags or handles
  • No pornographic images
  • No references to brands

Make sure to use the image editing tools which I mentioned or disclosed above and see your album artwork will be all set when it comes time to release your upcoming music audio or recoding.

Final Touch

Give some time to create a meaningful and an appealing music album cover using our tips and guidelines on creating a perfect album cover. Sometimes trial and error method is the best possible way to bring out the good and perfect outcome of your album cover what you actually expect the final product to be. Play around with our templates by editing colour effects, font styles, and variety of layouts to get an eye-catching album cover templates. Happy Browsing!!

How to make your Album Cover design More attractive?

Here are few ideas of attention grabing ideas to make your album cover more attractive.
1) Think of a catchy title to your album cover
2) Be creative with colors while designing your album cover
3) Decide on a stand-out logo
4) Consider digital version of album cover to catch up with this technological world

How Does Your Album Cover Affect Your Music Sales?

An attractive album cover grabs the first impression of the audience. If your album cover is more eye-catching, then the audience will keep coming back for more. This way, your album cover will become popular by free mouth talk. Thus, the beautiful artwork of your album cover increase your CD sales. A strong album cover with short summary on it about the contents gives the good impression to the audience. Also, the good album cover not only reflects the album’s content but also plays major role for branding. Sometimes artists build a visual identity through album covers which in turn create their fans. Fans take the vital role in increasing the sales. Finally, an attractive album cover can easily grabs the buyer’s attention.

How to design an album cover?

Before you start designing process, here are the key components to follow to have an attractive and stunning album covers.
1) Typography
2) Color
3) Imagery and Style
4) Identity Request

What is the purpose of Album Cover?

Album cover is an important aspect of any kind of album. The great album cover artwork is the face of the album which gives first impression and attracts more audience or listeners to your music. Without good album cover, your music may go unnoticed. So, a great album cover is important for any album since it looks visually appealing. An album cover also represents your band or brand and works as a good advertisement for your music. In addition, the other purpose is to exemplify your songs on the album and to express an artist’s view or perception.

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