A non-profit organization, owned either by private or government sectors, which contributes to the growth of arts is known as arts council. An arts council accomplishes its goals via different methods such as by funding small-scale artists, felicitating prizes as well as organizing various art events. 

Arts councils are uniquely variated on the basis of the domain in which they function. Based on their mission, goals, and domain of the legal function, a particular arts council could choose to serve a:

  1. Community
  2. City
  3. County
  4. City-County

Traditionally, an arts council works in close contact with the government. Not only does this help them to receive the numerous Government grants, but they also have the added benefit of not running into any hindrances in their day-to-day affairs.

  The Arts Council Budget

Similar to other organizations, art councils, too, require a budget plan as a part of their management functions. In a gist, the budget prepared by the arts council budget keeps a track of all the finances and highlights important details such as the cost of the project and means of payment to be employed.

A well-defined budget reflects the scope of the project and supports the proposals of the art council. Therefore, it should provide a clear picture of all the revenues and expenses to support your proposals.

The budget statement prepared for an arts council should have equating sections. This simply means that both the sections of the budget statement i.e. the revenues and the expenditures column should have equal values.

It is these values which actually convey the actual story of how well you have utilized your funds. And it is this utilization of funds which actually show how successful you have been in accomplishing the goals and missions of your council.

Sample Arts Council Budget Template


Mentioned below is one of the most basic ways of mapping out a budget template for an arts council. It employs all the essential characteristics should be present in a traditional arts council budget. Such a budget template mainly prioritizes on displaying how and whether the funding is received in form of cash or other in-kind contributions.

It is also advised that the councils include copies of any actual quotes on these budget items along with the actual application package. Also, if these quotes include items which are included as estimates, the councils should also include a clause so that the people reading the budget statement are made aware of this fact. 


                           Particulars                                                     Details                                                                 Amounts

  1. Artist’s Sustenance Costs                  x amount per month * number of months                        xxxxx
  2. Mentor Fees                                           x amount per month * number of months                         xxxxx
  3. Professional Fees                                 x amount per month * number of months                        xxxxx
  4. Materials & Supplies                                                                                                                                      xxxxx
  5. Rental Costs for

     Gallery Space                                              x amount per day * number of days                                     xxxxx

  1. Event Marketing Charges                  x advertising material * number of ads                             xxxxx
  2. Event Hosting Costs                                             Details of the hosting                                              xxxxx

Total Expenditures                                                                                                                                                  xxxxx



Particulars                                                                                    Details                                                                                                     Amounts

  1. Rental Income from Gallery                               Artist’s Gallery                                                                                                   xxxxx
  2. Funds Generated from                                  Details about the fundraising event                                                                  xxxxx

     Fundraising Events                                 

  1. Material Costs Received from Artists and Mentors                                                                                                                   xxxxx
  2. Exhibit Hosting Expenses                                                                                                                                                                     xxxxx
  3. Sponsorships                                                                                                                                                                                             xxxxx
  4. Individual Donations                                                                                                                                                                             xxxxx
  5. Government Grants                                                                                                                                                                                xxxxx

Total Incomes                                                                                                                                                                                                     xxxxx

Amount Requested from Grants                                                                                                                                                                  xxxxx 


Individual Artists Arts Council Budget Template


The foundation of imagination and creativity is usually built by the independent, individual artists. It is by working on further projects that these artists advance through the various stages of their art form. And with the help of this, the projects take form into a development activity which the musicians use to breathe new life into the ecosystem.

To help such promising individual artists, art councils often support individual artists and help to shine a spotlight on their careers. These Artist Project Grants are created specifically for this purpose. They are the intended investment in the projects of individual artists to receive the greatest returns.

Included below is the example of an art budget, developed for the purpose of an Individual Artist Support program.

Name of Art Council 

Name of Artist:

Name of the Project:

Particulars                                                                                        Column 1                                         Column 2

  1. Expenditures                                                                      (Cash Amounts)                               (In-Kind Amounts)

                                                                                                            (if any)                                                  (if any)

  1. Fees Charged for Conferences                                         xxxxx                                                  xxxxx
  2. Costs of Lodging/Hotel Bookings                                   xxxxx                                                  xxxxx
  3. Transportation Costs                                                          xxxxx                                                   xxxxx
  4. Rent                                                                                           xxxxx                                                   xxxxx
  5. Costs of Production                                                             xxxxx                                                   xxxxx
  6. Artist’s Fees                                                                            xxxxx                                                  xxxxx
  7. Equipment Charges                                                            xxxxx                                                   xxxxx
  8. Rent                                                                                          xxxxx                                                    xxxxx
  9. Marketing Costs                                                                    xxxxx                                                  xxxxx

Total Expenses                                                                               xxxxx                                                   xxxxx

Amount Eligible for Grant                                                         xxxxx                                                    xxxxx 

(If total amount is less than xxx, then

project is ineligible for funding)               

  1. Incomes                                                                                Cash                                   In-Kind                      Confirmed/

                                                                                                       Amounts                              Amounts                   Anticipated

                                                                                                          (if any)                                (if any)                        Incomes

  1. Direct Incomes                                                                xxxxx                                      xxxxx                            xxxxx
  2. Fundraising Events                                                       xxxxx                                      xxxxx                            xxxxx
  3. Donations from Large Organizations                    xxxxx                                       xxxxx                          xxxxx
  4. Sponsorships                                                                   xxxxx                                       xxxxx                          xxxxx
  5. Contributions from Small Business                      xxxxx                                       xxxxx                           xxxxx
  6. Grants Received from Government                       xxxxx                                      xxxxx                           xxxxx
  7. Contributions from Individual Donors                 xxxxx                                     xxxxx                           xxxxx

Total Incomes                                                                            xxxxx                                     xxxxx                            xxxxx


The above-mentioned template is a highly traditional form of council budget template. Such templates have been used for a long period of time. Although not obsolete, the template fails to mention numerous important details. A newer, more dependable version of the Individual Artist Support templates which is being heavily used in recent times is given below:

 Name of the arts council

Individual Artist Support Program

Grant To Support Individual Artists

Particulars                                                                                      Projected Amount                    Actual Amount

  1. Expenditures
  2. Production Expenses
  3. Artist’s Fees                                                                                              xxxxx                             xxxxx
  4. Wages for Supporting Workers                                                         xxxxx                            xxxxx
  5. Material required (e.g. paint, blank media)                                 xxxxx                             xxxxx
  6. Rentals for bookings                                                                              xxxxx                             xxxxx
  7. Other Production Expenses                                                               xxxxx                               xxxxx

Subtotal of Production Expenses                                                               xxxxx                               xxxxx


  1. Presentation Expenses
  2. Rental Costs for the Gallery or Hall                                               xxxxx                                xxxxx
  3. Wages Paid to Technicians                                                                xxxxx                                 xxxxx
  4. Rental Costs for Equipment                                                              xxxxx                                 xxxxx
  5. Marketing and Promotion Cost                                                       xxxxx                                 xxxxx
  6. Other Presentation Expenses                                                          xxxxx                                xxxxx

Subtotal of Presentation Expenses                                                           xxxxx                          xxxxx


  1. Miscellaneous Expenses
  2. Costs for Artist Sustenance                                                              xxxxx                                 xxxxx
  3. Administration Costs                                                                          xxxxx                                 xxxxx
  4. Other Miscellaneous Expenses                                                        xxxxx                                xxxxx

Subtotal of Miscellaneous Expenses                                                      xxxxx                                 xxxxx


Total Expenses                                                                                                 xxxxx                            xxxxx


  1. Revenues
  2. Project Grant for The Individual Artist                                      xxxxx                             xxxxx
  3. Foundation Received for Arts                                                        xxxxx                              xxxxx
  4. Donations Received from other Art Councils                          xxxxx                              xxxxx
  5. Grants Received from Government                                             xxxxx                             xxxxx
  6. Other Revenues Received                                                                xxxxx                              xxxxx

Total Revenues                                                                                              xxxxx                             xxxxx



Total Expenses Incurred                                                                          xxxxx                          xxxxx

Total Revenues Received                                                                          xxxxx                          xxxxx

Surplus or Deficit                                                                                        xxxxx                          xxxxx


Arts Council Theatre Project Budget Template


A lot of art councils actively support and encourage theatre projects. These projects help artists to explore and develop their creativity, production and presentation skills. Theatre projects allow professional artists to pursue a one-time project which can help in the development of the theatre community.

Apart from this, a lot of art councils, such as the Toronto Arts Council, also engage in long-term projects with their professional artists. These projects help the artists to present a new variety of work over an extended period of time.

There are usually five categories of theatre projects undertaken by artists under the arts council. These include:

  1. Idea Development – These projects involve the contribution of fees during the period of idea development and production.
  2. Residence Idea Development – These projects involve the same things as that of Idea Development projects. However, the funds, in this case, are contributed to the artist for a residence. A residence idea development involves idea development for playwriting apart from the other forms of creation.
  3. Workshops for Idea Development – These projects involve a contribution to workshops which invest in idea development.
  4. Productions – These projects involve contributions for single production as well as shared-production models.
  5. Festival Initiatives – Such initiatives involve a contribution to the cost of festivals in which artists or art professionals take part in. Usually, such festivals initiatives are conducted for the benefit of the art theatre community.

Arts councils tend to prepare a theatre project based on a different format than the ones aforementioned above. Given below is one variety of the arts council theatre project budget template:

Arts Council Theatre Project Budget Template


Name of Applicant:

Name of Project:


Numbers                                                                                                                    Values

Number of Performers                                                                                             x

Number of Stage Managers                                                                                    x

Numbers of Weeks for Rehearsals                                                                       x

Number of Weeks for Performance                                                                    x

Total                                                                                                                                x


Earned Incomes

Particulars                                                                                                                   Amount

Public Funding                                                                                                              xxxxx

Funds Received Internationally                                                                              xxxxx

Partners in Production                                                                                              xxxxx

Incomes from Fundraising                                                                                       xxxxx

Fees Received/ Guaranteed Income                                                                     xxxxx

Box-Office Sales                                                                                                          xxxxx

Programme Sales                                                                                                        xxxxx

Artist’s Royalty                                                                                                            xxxxx

Rentals Received                                                                                                        xxxxx

Other Incomes                                                                                                              xxxxx

Total Earned Incomes                                                                                                xxxxx


Particulars                                                                                                                 Amount

  1. Production Costs
  2. Director’s fees                                                                                                   xxxxx
  3. Costume Designer fees                                                                                  xxxxx
  4. Stage Visual fees                                                                                              xxxxx
  5. Production Manager’s fees                                                                          xxxxx
  6. Other fees                                                                                                           xxxxx

Total Production Costs                                                                                             xxxxx


  1. Wages
  2. Cast Wages                                                                                                         xxxxx
  3. Stage Director’s Wages                                                                                 xxxxx
  4. Assistant Stage Manager’s Wages                                                             xxxxx
  5. Other Wages                                                                                                      xxxxx

Total Wages                                                                                                                xxxxx


  1. Technical Costs
  2. Rehearsal Venue Cost                                                                                 xxxxx
  3. Materials                                                                                                          xxxxx
  4. Painting Fees                                                                                                  xxxxx
  5. Stage Crew Fees                                                                                            xxxxx
  6. Other Technical Costs                                                                                 xxxxx

Total Technical Costs                                                                                              xxxxx


Summary of Expenditures

Total Production Costs                                                                                          xxxxx

Total Wages                                                                                                               xxxxx

Total Technical Costs                                                                                             xxxxx 

Total Expenditures                                                                                                  xxxxx

Revenues and Expenditures


As aforementioned, every arts council is unique in their own way. This clause applies in their budget creation methods as well. In spite of this, there are a few sections which are mandatorily present in each and every arts council. The prime example of this is the revenues and expenditures column.

Tens of factors go ahead in affecting these two sections. Due to this, every arts council should invest immensely in researching the budget statement. Researching the costs will help you plan your activities as well help in knowing more about factors such as artist contacts, standards, and the fees.

The expenses surrounding the budget consist mostly of:

  1. Artist’s fees
  2. Material Costs
  3. Equipment Charges
  4. Costs of Production
  5. Rent
  6. Travel Charges
  7. Marketing Costs

Similar to the expenses, there are multiple sources of revenues as well. And it should be so. No arts council should ever depend only on a single source of income.

A few sources from whence an arts council could earn their income are:

  1. Income earned
  2. Fundraising events
  3. Contributions or donations received from large organizations
  4. Sponsorships
  5. Contributions from small businesses
  6. Grants from the government
  7. Individual donors
  8. Membership received

One of the most prominent ways which an art council earns their revenue are the fundraising events hosted by them. However, it all depends on how much prioritized these fundraising events are by the council. All the revenues which flow into the council’s coffers are performed under the complete supervision of the board of directors. Due to this, they are completely accountable for all the funding sources.

Arts Council Festival Funding


People who require festival funding from a particular arts council are normally required to provide a budget statement. The budget is an important part of the application form for a festival funding. Due to this, it is crucial that the artist correctly fills out the income and expenditure columns as well as include any supporting documentation.

An example of a budget template for an art council festival funding is given below.


Particulars                                                                                                     Amount

  1. Artist’s Fees                                                                                          xxxxx
  2. Project Management                                                                         xxxxx
  3. Contingency                                                                                          xxxxx
  4. Administration Costs                                                                        xxxxx
  5. Fees Related to Engagement of Team Members                     xxxxx
  6. Operational Costs                                                                                xxxxx
  7. Training and Development Costs                                                 xxxxx
  8. Marketing and Promotion Costs                                                  xxxxx
  9. Costs Relating to Festival Showcasing                                       xxxxx

Total Expenditures                                                                                       xxxxx



Particulars                                                                                                     Amount

  1. Sponsorships                                                                                     xxxxx
  2. Planned Revenues                                                                            xxxxx
  3. Private Contributions                                                                    xxxxx
  4. Other Public Funds                                                                         xxxxx
  5. Crowd-funding                                                                                  xxxxx
  6. In-Kind Donations                                                                          xxxxx

Total Incomes                                                                                                xxxxx



Incomes                                                                                                          xxxxx

Expenditures                                                                                                xxxxx

Surplus/Deficit                                                                                             xxxxx

Amount Requested from ACM as Funding                                         xxxxx

(Usually, the funding amount is 80% of the requested amount)


Goals of Art Councils

Art communities are also diversified on the basis of the type of goals that they set. These goals are formulated to be in accordance with the of the characteristics of the domain that they serve.

A few such goals include:

  1. Delivering tours
  2. Workshop organization
  3. Organizing classes
  4. Providing gallery space
  5. Functioning as a powerhouse for small-scale artists and organization

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