Letterhead is something that says everything about your business or company with just a short text and a few graphics. A letterhead paper or letterhead is a heading at the top of the letter paper. Usually, the letterhead comes with a text highlighting the Name, logo and Address with a background design and pattern.

Most people or companies prefer to design a letterhead template using a software application or a word processor. This generally uses a stationary paper and printed using offset or letter press methods.

Today, we have come up with a variety of professional Builders Letterhead Templates that can be used by those who are in construction business. We provide free templates and samples with complete information about Builders Letterhead. Have a look and continue reading till end of the document to find free templates to download and print.

Builder’s Letterhead Template

Customize your builder’s letterhead template with variety of designs, fonts and formats. Building contractors can use our templates that are online and easily editable layouts, images and artwork. If you are looking for any special kind of letterheads in business, then you have to check out this page to get more information and tips of builder’s letterhead template.

Letterhead Design Elements

Depending on the type of business you are doing, elements are to be included in any kind of letterhead. Now, as we are discussing about the Builder’s Letterhead, we are going to discuss about few elements that should be included in the Builder’s Letterhead. Read the following:

  • Logo
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Web Address and etc.

These are the few important elements to be included in Builder’s Letterhead Template. Once the elements are listed out, the immediate work to be done is fixing their placement. Elements placed in a right place make the letterhead looking more professional and perfect.

How can you benefit from a Builder’s Letterhead Template

Firstly, you must know the purpose of using letterhead for your business as it is revealing a written communication about your construction business. If you are a designer, it will be easy for you to make your letterhead look professional with good typography skills and strong layout. Even if you are not in a creative field, you can take advantage of our templates to create your own letterhead templates with your choice of font styles, formats and designs as letterheads are the great opportunity to reveal about your company’s identity and brand.

  • Authenticating Yourself
  • Marking Official Documents
  • Indirect Marketing
  • Delimiting your Business
  • Listing Contact details and Addresses

The above mentioned are the few benefits you may get by creating a perfect letterhead for your construction business.

Steps that are involved while creating a letterhead

  • Add a picture to the letterhead Header
  • Think carefully about the graphics since graphics play major role in designing a professional looking letterhead.
  • Create a letterhead footer
  • Save the letterhead as a template
  • Use your template by just following three simple steps.

Simple Steps to use your template

  • Open Microsoft Word and select New either from backstage view or file menu.
  • Click Personal
  • Double click the template which you want to use so that a new document will open based on your selection.

Parts of a Perfect Letterhead

  • Personal Name, Company Logo or Name
  • Address
  • Recipient Name, Address and Salutation
  • Date
  • Body
  • Closing and Signature


Apart from giving some important information on Builder’s Letterhead Template, we expect our document also helped you to use our templates along with a few tips to use in your business.

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