We have collected different bullying policy templates for helping you to help your students or employees report abuse and protect themselves. Along with the templates we have also provided you with details about why is this template required, who must use it, how to prepare one and the right way to use it.

Feel free to use these templates for free and safeguard your staffs, students, employees well being. Come lets deep dive to understand all details concerning harassment and bullying policy template.

Importance of Bullying Policy template  

In the recent years with growing technology and advancement in human lifestyle, bullying also has grown in several varieties. Teasers have found many ways to harass their coworkers and students.

Soon after kids get exposed to social media and Smartphone, they first start becoming a victim of bullying. Harassment does not stop with this it gets continued to trouble and force an individual to commit suicide. Even though at the prima facia bullying looks funny, it leads to threatening and drives people to take an extreme decision, therefore reporting harassment is mandatory as per law.

Bullying & Harassment Policy Templates Samples


Top 5 reasons to use bullying policy template 

  1. Every school, colleges and the workplace must protect the life of their students, employees etc. Therefore using a bullying policy template is the first step.
  2. The individual will get confidence when they know that there is a way to report harassment and they need not fear to go to school or office.
  3. Offenders also will think twice before teasing another individual fearing severe punishment for bullying.
  4. Apart from a legal obligation, it is also a moral need for every organization to provide safety to their people in the workplace.
  5. Above all, it shows the professionalism and care of the institution or organization for their people.

So make sure that your organization has a bullying policy in place and also use the right template to help people to report their concern by maintaining strict confidentiality.

Where bullying policy template should be used? 

It must be practised by every school, colleges, workplace to provide the right way to their people to report harassment. Bullying policy template should be used at all levels beginning with teenage students till every employee in the organization.

Schools must make sure their students know how to use the bullying policy and report abuse to their teachers etc.

Likewise in the workplace, this policy must be well explained to all employees when they join the work. They must also know from where to get the policy to understand them and report. Specifically, the HR department must be assertive to take necessary action against the culprits.

Bullying policy template must be given to all people who are employed irrespective of their position. Similarly without any discretion of caste, sex every student must know about the bully policy.

Steps Involved – How to use a bullying policy template

Bullying policy should be designed in such a way it covers all types of bullying to protect the self-interest of each.

#1 One must consider all factors to include all components of the bullying policy after carefully analyzing the age and gender of their population.

#2 The policy must be well compared with other places and drafted appropriately.

#3 The written policy must comply with the state or the countries legal policy.

#4 Upon finalizing the policy it must be approved by the relevant authorities and must be either distributed to employees. Alternatively, it must be stored in a location accessible by all.

#5 Clear instruction about the ways to use them must be highlighted in the policy that will help the victim to use it at the right time in the correct manner.

Sections of a bullying policy template 


You must know what the sections to be included in the bullying policy for the best use of your people are. Find below each section and its importance. The purpose of writing this segment of the article is to educate every one of you to understand the right way to draft your own template.

Open a Microsoft word document. Click on a new page and save it in the name as per your company/school guidelines.

Note: This document will describe in general about the elements of a bullying policy document that will help both the educational institution and corporate organization to design a template on their own. 

Section 1: Mention about the authority who will prepare the bullying policy. In this case, if you belong to the school, it must be your school name and if office, then give your workplace name.

Sample Input: We NAME Of THE INSTITUTION is responsible for protecting our students/employee from bullying. We will not let other students or teachers bully our kids in any form. Replace students and teachers with peers and superiors in case of workplace policy.  

Section2: Expectation from the management. This area will clearly define what is expected from each during their presence in the campus. How are they supposed to carry themselves and behave with others?

Sample Input: We would not entertain harassment imposed on others in any form.  

  • One who joins our place is expected to follow all ethics as mentioned in the policy and not disturb another individual.

  • All are expected to be kind to others.

  • No one should make fun of others on any inability or weakness.

  • Talking in groups or sending offensive messages is strictly prohibited.

  • Looking at instead of staring at the opposite sex that makes the other person feels embarrassing must be avoided.

  • Passing on comments while they cross or even in their absence is not allowed.

  • Help wherever possible and listen to others need to support them.

  • Verbally abusing is not encouraged.

  • Discriminating people on their caste, creed, sex, religion, and color should never happen.

Feel free to add more to the list based on your company/school ethics and make sure you let know everyone about this policy.

Section3: Clearly define bullying and differentiate that from non-bullying. This will help every person to know the difference and not feel humiliated.

Say for instance when a professor or a supervisor asks a question to a student or subordinate for not completing a task on time. Then it is not bullying as it is the job of that senior official to get work done. However, there is a way to ask for the same, and one should not misuse authority.  Therefore state clearly in your policy about how and how not to treat others during the work hours.

Sample Information: Bullying in the unwanted behavior of an individual on another person consistently that causes hurt and pain to the person. Asking to complete a task is not bullying. But threatening to terminate from college/work for not completing on time is indeed harassment.

Treating all equally is important and punishing one individual for not completing work and not finding another person is bullying.  

Ignoring a person by not assigning a task is also considered bullying. Say for instance if one student is weak, then the teacher should not avoid providing any chance to that kid is also a kind of ill-treatment. Instead the superior must help them to overcome their weakness.

In this section mention, all that is bullying and that is not according to your policy and make it clear to the readers. REMEMBER to provide a window for each person to report humiliation and always have an authority to hear them out and clear their feeling. Human resources department has a more significant role to play than printing a bullying policy template.

Section4:  How to escalate bullying – After explaining what is bullying and what is not. Now you need to let people understand how to report bullying. In this part make sure that you give confidence to an individual who feels affected to take their issue to another person with confidentiality maintained. You may easily ask them to report abuse but fearing privacy and repercussion most of the time no one wants to escalate issues. And that is where your policy document must give them faith that you will take harassment seriously and will take action without revealing the identity of the reporter.

Sample Information: When any student/employee feels bullied, then they have the rights to report that to the person authorized or to any person in whom they have confidence. In both cases, it has to be documented and sent us a mail. But remember if the person you trust ditches you, then the organization is not helping responsible. Therefore make sure to send a mail to the email id given below bullyingescalation@abc.com. 

This information will be kept confidential, and we will inquire with the concerned person before we take action.  

Do not worry as your name will not be revealed at any instance. Only after closely monitoring the behavior of the reported individual action will be taken. Not just the complained filed will be considered, and detailed investigation will be carried.  

By giving these details in policy will help both the victim and the bullier a clear picture about the repercussion of bullying or false complaint. This way you as an institution can play a legitimate role in arresting bullying. Also, you can put an end to silly accusations.

Section5: Policy Breach and Its Consequences.  Give a definite note of the consequences for all those to violate the bullying policy. This section must let know people to understand the seriousness and report only appropriate bullying.

Section6: Signature with date and seal of the authorized person.

Do’s and Don’ts while making a bullying policy  

Use the above details and start drafting your bullying policy. However, remember to follow the guidelines given below to make your policy helpful to all.


  • Clearly, mention expectation from every individual and let know all that you will consider harassment a severe
  • Let them know what will be the impact on their career if they are found guilty. Here GUILT not only means the person who was complained to have done bullying but the person who complained as well. Yes, if the individual complains about harassment for any personal vengeance and if that information is found to be wrong, then the complaint filed individual will be punished. One cannot take this policy for granted and report bullying.
  • Write in simple English to allow all readers to understand the policy clearly.
  • Cover all types of bullying based on your country ethics and your organization (For example, Hugging is a gesture to welcome people in Sweden, and that is not a right act in India) So make sure what is considered bullying according to the culture of your place.


Never write your policy that threatens people as they might feel uncomfortable to report abuse.

Do not use any words that are not appropriate per your culture in the policy document.

Let your policy not be biased favoring one group of people etc.

How To Enforce Anti-Bullying Policy In Campus Effectively 

After you drafted the policy, it is essential that you let know all to enforce the anti-bullying policy on your campus.

Top 3 ways to implement anti-bullying at your campus to protect your people 30x from bullying  (campus refers to the workplace or educational institution)

  1. Inform every new joiner at the time of joining about the anti-bullying policy and the actions taken against bullying. Let them know about intimidation and its repercussion. Give them a policy document to let them refer as and when required.
  2. Periodically circulate the bullying policy document to refresh the policy and to let people know about not to bully others strongly.
  3. Create awareness program within the campus regularly in the form of conducting some events and address gathering about bullying to remind them about not to harass others. This is the most effective way to reach people as everyone might not read the policy document and interpret in point of fact.

Thus you are protecting your people from all kind of abuse. We would like to inform you once again to feel free to collect any bullying policy template from here to edit and personalize. You can use them to protect your people from offence verbally or physically that occurs at the workplace/ school campus.

Say no to bullying!

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