Are you feeling sick of organizing your production schedule? Do you think all your time gets sucked in planning the event? Relaxx! We are here you help you with the best way to organize production.

Wondering how? Here you can find call sheet templates well-designed considering all your video, photo, and entire video shoots. You can quickly download them and fill them to get your plan in the field and shoot a stress-free event.

Also, do you know what? We provide you with the best tips, suggestion and right way to design different call sheets for a photoshoot, events, makeup artist, and much more. Take few mins to read this entire article and get ready to download call sheet templates.

Looking forward to delay-free production from you. Promising to give you the best templates to help you from beginning till the end of your shoot.

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Photoshoot call sheet template – Components, Structure


The photoshoot is a very critical act while making a movie, or even capturing an image for a magazine or any web publications. Let us understand the structure and components of a photo shoot call sheet.

Contact Details of the Key people

Client Details

Campaign – Purpose of the photography.

Photographer Name and details

Date, DOOD, and Time

Spot Details –Place where the shooting will take place. Provide a map or a link, give the parking details here.

Crew Details – List down the name of all people involved in the photo shoot including the talents, makeup artist, and all whom you think will be part of the event.

Concept – List down the idea behind your photoshoot.

Things to bring – Let know the model about the costume and what they are expected to bring.

Other Instructions – Write in detail if any information to be explained to the people part of the photo shoot.

Sales call sheet template – Components, Structure


The components of the sales call sheet for most purpose will be the same except for the product details section will have the description of the respective product you wish to sell. Also, you need to write some catchy selling points to attract customers. Follow this structure to stay in touch with your clients.

Elevator pitch Begin with the note of what you wanted to convey to the buyer. Make it simple in one to two sentences but precise. Frame different pitch that you can use based on the person to whom to intend to sell.

Title – Heading which relates to the product you wish to sell.

Objective – Explain the purpose of the sales.

Company Details – Details of your company along with how you differ from the competitors.

Now make a table and include the details starting with the date, task, sales person name, contact details, customer details.

Getting into a habit of filling this sheet regularly will help you improve your sales.

Event call sheet template – Components, Structure


Every event carried out must be planned and only then you can expect the right results. Therefore use the event call sheet template to plant your event. Following details are crucial while making an event call sheet.

Mention the title of the event This will help you know the details soon after referring to the name in the sheet at the first call. It could be an event as a whole or an event part of another event. Therefore mention the event name for identification.

Details of the Event Provide details of the event like what is the event, why it is required and how it will be planned and executed. Mention the following in this section.




Number of members in the event

Event location

Contact Details – Record the contact details of all members to take part in the event. By doing this any team member can get in touch with the other.

Event Activities – List the event time, event place and assign names of people with their key responsibility.

Notes – Have a notes section under each component to write down any comments for action and future observation.

Student film call sheet template – Components, Structure


There are several student films produced and at such occasions, the student film call sheet is used. This sheet will contain all details similar to the call sheet template as explained in the anatomy of the call sheet. The cast and crew members may or may not be students in this film and you need to list down details accordingly.

Makeup artist call sheet template – Components, Structure


The makeup artist call sheet will have the details that are required to the makeup artist to follow till the end of the production. The schedule of a makeup artist is almost close to the director as they are present all through the shooting. Even the actor’s schedule may differ but the makeup artist works closely with the cameraman and the director. Irrespective of the actor the makeup artist schedule is required. But, one thing not the same makeup artist is required to be present for all scenes. So let’s design an individual makeup artist call sheet.

Provide the AD details at the top of the sheet, followed by the date and call time.

Next, mention the scenes when the makeup artist presence is required. Provide all details regarding the scene, location, time and cast.

Cast detail section will contain the name of the cast, makeup requirement, wardrobe, onset and remarks. Make this in a table format.

Then give the extras and the stand-ins details including the city, description, makeup, wardrobe, on set and the remarks.

Other resources details followed by special instructions.

Campaign call sheet template – Components, Structure

Whether it is marketing or a political campaign, there needs exhaustive planning. You can use the call sheet to organize your work.

The components of the call sheet consist of the campaign name, objective, duration of the campaign, elements of the campaign, target audience, key messages, campaign goals, budget, and the expected ROI.

For details about each component and structure find the image given below. This image is provided in


Anatomy of call sheet template

Let me give you detailed anatomy of a call sheet template. Can you imagine having a sheet that contains all the details handy? Wow, as a director, or assistant director it will make one’s life a cake walk.

We understand that watching a movie is fun, thrill, excitement and all emotions on earth. But, making a film is the most difficult task. That is the reason we wanted you to use these call sheets to reduce your stress and work in a phased manner.

The details of the production contracts, and every other crew member and cast details can be included in the call sheet.

I will walk you through each section of the tightly packed call sheet to give better clarity.

VIP, as the name implies, comes on the top of the list

Record the contact details of the most important crew members. These people are called VIP whose help is required 24/7, especially during a crisis. Let me give you an example of who all will come under the VIP list. The Production manager for that unit, the assistant directors in the order, 1, 2, 3 etc.


Now, begin the sheet with the production title and the crew call in general. Mention the production name and the starting time of your shooting. This is called the crew call general time. The usual reporting time for the shoot. In case, you have a logo for the project, then don’t hesitate and include in this section of the template. Also, if it is a television or a web serial, then write the episode number for reference.

After the title, comes the Date, and the Schedule

In a call sheet, there need to be two dates namely the shoot date, and the day out of the days (DOOD). This means that 2 out of 5. The second day shoots out of the 5 days schedule.

Then give the weather details giving specific temperature during the day, sunrise/sunset time. The detail day schedule like the shooting time, duration, lunch, snack break etc.

Also, the address of the shoot in case there is a change in the shoot for a particular scene from the base camping location. Include all location details with heading location 1, 2, 3 and so on.

Provide details for vehicle parking

Every shooting spot will have a place to park vehicles. Sometimes the parking space for the caravan might be a little far from the spot. Therefore list down all those information.

Emergency contact details

List down the Dr number in the locality who can reach to give any first aid. Find and mention the address of the nearby hospital which operates 24-hours. This is important as you may have shot in odd hours too.

Now, comes the main table called shooting schedule  

Time Scene Number Details Day/Night CaST Site Pages
9 AM Beginning D 1
12 Noon 6 D 1,2


Fill this table in length depending on the details you have and make it a descriptive one. These sheets are found in the name of “film call sheet template”.

Cast list

Include the name of the cast members along with the following details C

  • Cast ID
  • Name
  • Character
  • Status
  • Pickup
  • Call time – Reporting time to the venue
  • On Set – Shoot starting time

Crew List

Crew list consists of groups with details written department wise. It consists of each crew person name, call time, title. All the department details and crew position matter are recorded in this column. Find a sample sheet of the crew list.

Note: In the same sheet two columns are made to save space as there will be many details about the crew members.

These are all the details found on the call sheet template. We have designed all and you can download and start entering your production schedule.


FAQ – Let me now give you some answers for the commonly asked questions about a call sheet

  1. What goes on a call sheet?

Whenever one starts to work on any film project, then there need to be loads of information exchanged between the team. Those details are duly recorded in a call sheet. Find the anatomy section above to know what all details go on a call sheet.

  1. What does SWF mean on call sheet?

It is very simple S –Start, W – Work, and F – Finish. It is basically the date or time of your work start, and time duration of work in progress, and the finishing time of the job successfully.

Sometimes you can even notice an SWHF in the call sheet where the H means Hold. The talent who is not on the schedule for that day but will appear for future shoots will be on the Hold list.

  1. What is a call sheet for models?

When there is shooting for advertisement, then there is a need for call sheet and that document will have details of the models. This sheet will contain the model’s name, schedule time, date, and all details pertaining to their shoot. Every photo shoot template will have a space for model details and you may edit that template to customize per your need.

  1. What is a casting sheet?

The sheet or the page which is part of the call sheet and it contains all details about the actors and their descriptions who will play a role on a particular day, or event.

  1. What is a shot list in the film?

Complete log included all shots to be added in a film will be listed in a shot list. In short, one can call a shot list as a checklist which will have every single minute detail. These details recorded on the shot list will help the direction of the movie in an effective manner.

It is the most vital asset which can be brought to the set for smooth execution of the film production.

Finally, we are indeed happy. What more you require to know about call sheet? Feel free to let us know. Use these templates and inputs to build a fool-proof call sheet to continue with your production in a hassle-free manner.

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