Everyone has some task to be completed in our day to day life and over a period. Whether you have a kid, you work as an employee; you are at home it does not matter. Each one of us must complete some chores to go with the flow. Not only in office it is required to do work in an organized manner but at home too. In fact, we must educate our little ones beginning at the age of 4 to complete the task assigned to them. This practice will help them to be a self-made individual in the later part of the life.

Brief intro about Chore Chart template and the benefits of using it

Ok, I agree that you already know this and you want to know about what is chore chart template. This is basically a chart, document or a piece of paper that will help you to make a note of the chore and complete them one at a time. It can be a checklist to remind you to complete all task. It can even be a calendar for you to let you plan your work.

Different Types of Chore Chart Templates

Family Chore Chart Template / Home Chore Chart Template

Every chore chart we discuss here will contain the structure, uses, and chore list in common as side headings. Let us see what we should include in them and how to organize a chore chart template.


The structure of a family chore template should have the who, what, and when. Sounds confusing? No, not at all it is easy and let me explain. Who is the name of the person assigned the chore? What explains the chore and when should have a mention about the time period to complete the task. The time could be a day’s task, for a week, in a month or a seasonal task. The chart must also have the date at the top to know when the task was assigned. If you want you can add a comment section at the bottom to let anyone write any note. Not only office job need to be planned and executed even home chores can be discussed, distributed and completed in a planned manner.

Find one sample chart for your reference.

Image_1 Courtesy


When you want to know that use of a family chart, then I can list umpteen here but let me highlight the most important three uses.

  • Every family member will know their task and others too allowing them to work share the work.
  • All will be aware of the daily, weekly, monthly task and can remind each other of the same.
  • Each one can police other work and hence the home will look clean and tidy always. There will be mutual responsibility among all.

 Roles of family members to fill it up

One person should own the job of getting the template ready and that is their chore. Others must duly fill them to let all know about the status of the work. This will let everyone to get involved in the family and that will enrich the togetherness.

 Chore list

Ok, now we will help you to know the chores that are available within the family. This you may know already and you may add more as well. We would love to hear your comments. But for all those who want to know how to start can take inspiration from the chore list. This link will talk only about the house cleaning chore and that is split into the daily task, weekly, monthly and seasonal errands.

Family job ranges from house cleaning, cooking, teaching kids, doing exercise, praying, feeding pet etc.

Weekly chore chart template

Now let us specifically see which task is done on a weekly basis and understand its structure, uses etc.


The structure of a weekly chore chart must contain the 7 days of the week, the person’s name who has to execute the job, and the task details. It will also have the date on the top. The chart can contain the task details on the left-hand side and days adjacent to it when there is more task. If the task is less, then you can mention them row-wise as well. In summary, it must have the name of the task, person name, and status.


The weekly chore task will help the family to know the task to be done during the week. This will allow them to prioritize the daily job and have time to complete the weekly task. Also, they will know the difference and importance of weekly and monthly task assigned.

Kids to leave their shoe in shoe rack is their daily task but washing socks could be a weekly task so such small differences can be tracked using the weekly chart template.

 How to use

There is no special training required to use the chart and you can simply fill in the details and keep moving. You must first sit with your family members and discuss the entire task. Then you must decide which is required to be done on a daily basis

 Chore list

Week specific task could be any one or more of the following

  • Purchasing vegetables and fruits
  • Making batter for the week.
  • Pressing uniform and office dress
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Feeding the poor
  • Refilling the vehicle’s fuel tank

Daily Chore Chart Template

Daily Chore Chart Template


Daily chore chart will contain the date when the task was assigned and the date the chore is expected to get completed. It will have both dates. Few tasks may be required to be completed on time and thus this chart may consist of the time in columns. For instance getting food cooked and packing lunch box could be a daily chore that is expected to be completed within a time and that can also be mentioned in the chart to manage time properly. It can also be split as sessions like morning, noon, evening night etc. You can make a chart with 7 days or even a whole month. Depending on your task you can split it like 4 weeks and include 7 days within every week. Find one sample I have shown for you. Kids would love to tick in these sheets and fill them to prove their completion of the task.






It is good to do micromanagement of not others but our self when it comes to our work. Most of the time we miss to complete our task on time. So let us build a daily chore chart to remind about the job to be completed on a daily basis. Trust me; this small sheet hanging in the kitchen wall or at your room will constantly remind you to finish the daily routine on time. For example, the watering plant is a daily task, then you can mention that and put a tick mark once you complete the same. It is a good practice which motivates you to complete work with procrastination.

 How To Use

Use this sheet and fill them at once you finish the task. This will give you a lot of energy to start the next job. Teach kids to fill these sheets and see the results. They will feel energized and do work only to put a tick mark on this. Make sure you also do this and that sets a healthy competition at home.

 Chore List

Daily chore list ranges from cooking to washing vessels, cleaning home, making the bed, watering plants, performing exercise etc for adults. For kids it is completing homework, getting ready to school, leaving bags and shoes in the respective place in the evening, playing, helping in small household work, keeping their belongings neat and tidy etc.

Kids Chore Chart Template

Children Chore Chart Template


The first thing you must remember when you make a chore chart for kids is to make it vibrant with colors, images, and theme. Have different chart for different activities. For example, give study related chore chart separately and work you assign them to do at home like helping you in the household based on their age. Keep the chart simple and explicit. List each chore individually to avoid any confusion. Give small stickers to kids and ask them to stick once they complete the task.


It’s always easy to motivate kids with an animated chore chart. Instead of asking questions to them as to why they did not do something, you can always give them the responsibility of filling the chore sheet. They will feel proud to do their work. Assign them work and give colorful chore chart and you will be amazed to see the results. They will become self-motivated and become more productive and responsible than ever before.

 Chore List

Kids chore list include getting up in the morning, brushing the teeth, taking bath, getting ready, eating breakfast etc. Similarly, in the evening, it will include doing homework, play, doing some home-related work based on their age.

 How To Use

It is easy to use the chart when elders need to execute the chore chart. But kids need to be taught the right way to use it and only then it will solve the purpose of offering the chart to them. So you must follow the five steps to get them to fill the sheet.

  1. Sit with them and talk to them about the chore chart and its use and get their ideas to make one sheet.
  2. Then make a sheet involving them like asking them if they want to fill colors, paste stickers, or punch holes. This involvement of them will help them to do the job in a motivated manner.
  3. Once the sheet is designed to explain to them how to fill them and when to fill them.
  4. Place the chart in their room and make sure they can access it. Also, have a similar sheet for you so that they will follow you. You need to be a role model to make kids follow.
  5. Finally, start assigning a simple task and allow them to fill the completion to motivate them before assigning many tasks.

Couples Chore Chart Template


This chart must contain the name of the couples the respective task assigned to them. Then, the days, weeks, or month depending on the task. Space for writing comments to let know each other if they have an opinion.

Chore List

The work at home for a couple is listed as follows.

Daily Chore

  • Making food
  • Cleaning vessels
  • Going to the office
  • Watering plants
  • Teaching kids their homework etc

Weekly Chore

  • Washing clothes
  • Buying vegetables, milk
  • Pressing dress
  • Cleaning


  • Getting groceries
  • Paying bills
  • Cleaning house
  • Filling gas for vehicle

The couples can divide their work and execute them in a phased manner.


Gone are the days when men used to go for job and women do an only household chore. Today both have to share the workload both financially and at home. So in order to avoid confusion and also to stay away from duplicating the efforts, it is good to have a chore chart in place. Also, this chart will make them work together and improve their quality of time to spend on each other.

 How To Use

Both husband and wife should discuss before they assign the task to have a mutual understanding of the job. They will know their responsibility and will do them accordingly. They must also decide to choose a template based on their convenience. They can carry them if they have a different task so that they can fill it on the move. In case their chores are interdependent, then they must keep the chart in a common place and discuss to fill the same. This will enhance their communication and also the work can be completed without any hassle.

Preschool Chore Chart Template


Chore List


 How To Use

Image_4 Courtesy

The picture is given below clearly explains the structure of a preschool chore chart. It has to contain images and that will help kids to understand things better. Ask kids to color the picture soon after they complete the task and that fun part will be the craze to make kids to their work. Slowly it becomes a habit.

Preschoolers are like raw clay and you can mold them in any way. It’s your call to get them into the groove at this age. So make sure you plan the chore properly and let them know that they need to finish them.

This simple start of asking them whether they have brushed their teeth to having breakfast will inculcate the need for completing their entire task on time. Later on, you can slowly introduce small work like helping you or the younger one etc. Pre-schooling age is the right time to start working on the chore chart as they will understand the need and importance of the same.

Picture Chore Chart Template

Usually it a good idea to use picture chore chart for kids and older adults. Kids will enjoy finding pictures and will be excited to fill them and that will be the prime motive for them to complete the chore. On the other hand older adults when they become old might find it difficult to read and then they can take a look at the image and complete task.

Therefore picture chore chart template will have the necessary task printed as image and space gave allowing the person assigned to complete the task and mark the same.

Chore Sticker Chart Template

Image_5 Courtesy

The sticker chart given for reference is self-explanatory and you can use such stickers to make a chart. All you need to do is to take an A4 sheet and paste the stickers that you require after downloading from this page. Finally, use the blank stickers to let the user tick in that after completing the task. Simply these stickers can be printed on sticky paper to paste on the sheet. You can find 36 chore list in that which you can pick and choose for your daily, weekly, or seasonal chores.

4 Year Old Chore Chart Template

Again this chart must be a pictorial representation to let kids interpret and fill them. You can use stickers or even big images. Print from here or simple cut images from old newspaper and paste them asking your little girl or lad to color after finishing the task. 4 year old’s chore can be brushing teeth, informing you when they want to poo, have milk, wake you when they want to go to the restroom during the night etc.

Make a chore chart and paste it in a place that they can reach ease and keep some colors to help them color the chart upon completing the task. Initially award them with some things to motivate them to the task. For example, you can tell them that you will give new color to fill the chart if they execute the task on time and every time. This will improve their consistency as the very purpose of making them fill the chore chart is to teach them the habit of doing task regularly.

Teenager Chore Chart Template

Handling your teenage girl or a boy is really tough. It is because they undergo a lot of biological changes and have temper tantrums, mood swings, laziness, etc. Making them do work is really tough but the chore chart will help you to handle them. Yes use these teenager chore charts and allow them to independently handle their work. The first thing a teen child won’t like is being monitored or questioned. So better stop bullying them and assign them a task and let them do it. Clearly tell them that all at home will do their chore and fill the chart. So they feel warm in your approach and will certainly do the task assigned to them.

Husband And Wife Chore Chart Template

Whether you are newly wedded couples or married for several years it is a good practice to share the workload. This will not only reduce tension at home but also get you both close to each other. Sit together discuss the actual work that is to be done for home. Make a list of everything. Then print the chore chart and fill them one by one. You can write the name of the person who is supposed to do the task. Your chart is ready now. Complete action and make a tick mark. Complement each other to keep the spirit on completing jobs.

Toddler Chore Chart Template

Toddlers are the little one for a chore chart is the thought running in your mind. Trust me that is the right time to introduce this activity which will last till the end in their mind. Yes, they may not know how to fill it. But you must talk to them about the chore, show them the colorful chart and every time fills it in front of them when they do the work. It can start from as small as giving the feeding bottle to you after drinking, getting their socks to the table before wearing the shoe, informing when they want to pee and so no. Making this a habit will discipline them forever.

Kids Weekly Chore Chart Template

Kids weekly chart consists of the week task assigned, days of the week they need to do the work, and also the date it was assigned and the person assigned it may be a father, mother or other elders. They can fill the chart every time upon completing the task and feel glad. You can make a place for hanging the chart and add more colors to attract them fill it. Identify their interest and make the template in such a way to lure them to fill it and above all to complete the assigned chore.

Lego Chore Chart Template Free

To let kids feel more excited use the lego chore chart template give here for free with start characters printed on them. Let all your kids get a chance to play with the star wars at the same time completing the task on time.

Daily Chore Chart Template For Boys

These daily charts are designed for the little boys and are blue in color. Blue means boys, they have all the naughty cartoon characters printed to attract boys to fill them after completing their chores.

Girl Chore Chart Template

Girls are always fussy when compared to boys when it comes to color, design and pictures. So here you go with the pink color chore chart with Barbie’s, and Dora’s printed to allow your little princess to color each box after completing the job successfully.

Top 5 benefits of using a chore chart template

  1. These templates will help all those who use them to work in a phased manner. One can list down their task in the ready-made template and easily check the activities.
  2. Making it a habit of following the chart will help in the long run to complete even difficult jobs one by one.
  3. All work at home can be done neatly without any hassle. One can take a look at the list and understand the status of work done to plan and progress.
  4. Children once trained in this method can meet their needs without any confusion.
  5. These templates are easy to be followed by anyone and do not require any mastery in making or filling one.

You can find enormous chore chart template under different titles like a daily chore, weekly chore, kid’s chore, adult chore etc. We have also listed all the details about how to make one and the list of chores to be executed by different people at a different age. You can use this page to not only download templates for free but get inspired with all details. Feel free to copy the chore details or modify and make a task list based on your chores. However, you got a good place to start with the habit of maintaining a chore chart for all your work.

Chore Chart Templates in different formats

Simple Steps to Create a Chore Chart Template in Word

You may wonder as we have given templates here for your use and it’s FREE.  Then why should you learn to make one on your own? It is because you must know how to edit the ready-made templates available. You can always know the basics of making a template to help you make changes or sometimes teach your kids to make chore chart template for a school project.

Let’s start now to learn to make a chore chart template in word.

Open a word document and take a New page, first save it on your PC with a name and then start proceeding.

Give a title in Arial, or Times New Roman Font of size 18 to 24. The title could be Daily Chore Chart, Weekly Chore Chart, or even personalized as Ajay’s Daily Chore Chart etc.

Then mention the date mentioning the day, month and year the chart will be effective from. For instance you want to start from 15th Dec 2018 then mention Date ___________. In line, one can write the date when they start the chore.

Now, comes the important task of making a table with rows and columns. You can insert table and from the Insert menu located next to the Home icon and decide how many rows and columns you require. Say for example there are 5 task and assigned for 7 days then you need to draw an 8 x 6 table. There are 8 columns each for the chore, and 7 days. 6 rows each for chore and 5 task.


You can fill the task details in the place numbered as 1, 2, 3 etc.

This is the basics of making a chart and now you can add colors, images, checkbox and other things per your imagination.

Finally, at the bottom of the table add space for comment and your document is ready for printing.

Make a Chore Chart Template in Excel

It’s even quicker and easy to make a chart in excel as they have cells inbuilt. You can quickly type the headings and get going.

Open an excel and save a new page. Start mentioning the chore one below the other under the heading chore. Mention the weeks, or days adjacent to the chore and write the date or day. If it is a daily chart, you can also put timings or sessions like morning, AN etc. You can write the task and leave the space under day or time empty to let the person who does the task complete that.

It is now possible in excel to merge cells, give bold border and another coloring quicker than word and in fact, few options are available in excel which is not found to be present in the word. For instance, you want a table with 4 weeks and 7 days for each week you can quickly make it as shown in Image_3 above.

Likewise, you can add more columns or rows by right-clicking on the cell and select option insert. Therefore using excel will give you more options to edit the chart when compared to word.

Chore Chart Template Pdf

These chore charts can also be made using PDF and that is used when you do not want the user to edit. Yes, unless you have a purchased version of Adobe PDF you cannot edit the template. So simply share this with your children staying in a hostel and ask them to print and fill their daily or weekly chore. You can now remotely assign chores to your kids and still keep a check on without letting them edit. Once they have completed, then they can send a screenshot of the sheet for you to know that they are on track.

Chore Chart Template For Adults

So far we have discussed chore chart for kids, preschoolers, toddlers, teens, girls, boys, and couples too. This adult chore chart is not going to be different from the couples chart, however, may not be animated as you do for the kid’s chart to enthuse them to finish the task. You can download the adult chart template and discuss with them to fill the task and print it to let them fill the same.

It is a good practice to start initiating the process of making a chore chart for others and self to monitor whether the work is getting completed to avoid any last minute hassles.

Make the best use of these chore chart templates and start planning your work from today in an organized way.

At what age do kids start doing chore chart?

Doing chores helps children in learning skills which can be used in adult lives like preparing food and organizing other
household things and mainly things what they need to do to take care of themselves, family, and a home. Generally,
children over 6 years age are able to decide their chores which they would prefer. Parents can encourage their children
in helping out doing chores until they are able to do on their own. One way to easily remember one’s chores is making a
chore chart for a day or a week.

How to get children involved in chores?

The secret for involving children in doing chores is giving simple and interesting chores that suits your child’s age
and abilities. A chore that is difficult or too hard is frustrating and sometimes dangerous too. So always motivate your
children to get involved in doing chores by following;
1) Being clear about current day or week’s chore chart
2) Doing the chore together until your child is ready to do it on her own
3) Talking about why it’s great that a particular job has been done
4) Praising positive behavior

What are different ideas for chores for children of different ages?

Children can do the below mentioned chores according to their ages.
Toddlers (2-3 years)
Pick up toys and books
Put clothes on clothes hooks
Preschoolers (4-5 years)
Help with grocery shopping and putting away groceries.
Set the table for meals.
Hand you wet clothes to be hung out to dry.
Help with grocery shopping and putting away groceries.
School-age children (6-8 years)
Help with choosing meals and shopping.
Help with meal preparation and serving, under supervision.
Water the garden and indoor plants.
Feed pets.
Clean the bathroom sink, wipe down kitchen benches, mop floors or take out rubbish.

How To Make A Chore Chart For Your Kids?

Create an effective chore chart by including the following columns:
1) Make a list of household chores that need to be done and let your kids choose age appropriate chores
2) Give specific instructions to each and every chore you included
3)Include reminders and deadlines to complete the chore
4)To indicate completed tasks and also in a process of encouraging kids doing chores, give some stars and stickers.

What are the tips to make any chore chart a success?

1) Involve the kids in the process of selecting a chart
2) Be an example and consider your rewards for completred tasks
3) Make chore charts visual
4) Make sure there are breaks and Keep it interesting
5) Train your child the process of a chore which can go a long way in ensuring success

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