A letterhead is an important aspect for any kind of business as it serves as an additional branding and advertising tool. The letterheads take the first place that people will notice when you send your business papers to other companies or the public. As the saying goes, “First Impression is the Best Impression”, your letterheads are the ones that give the first impression on you and your business.

To get that everlasting first impression, you need to create your own letterheads according to your company’s guidelines. Now, are you worried about how to make letterheads? Do not panic!!!

Today, we are going to discuss Church Letterhead templates that give complete information and some tips to create your own letterheads.

Know more about Church Letterhead

What is Church Letterhead

A church is a holy place where Christians pray to Jesus and also ritually used for any wedding purposes. Church also needs a letterhead to reveal the church’s details like all other businesses, organizations and institutions. A church Letterhead works better in finding any document to which church it might belong to as there will be many churches in one area and there will be confusion to find which church the document belongs to. In such cases, a letterhead proves the beneficial one to the church.

Details that a Church Letterhead contain

The Church Letterhead is indeed the Church’s Identity that reveals the important information about the Church Holy Place. So, the letterhead must contain the following important information to make it look professional and perfect.

Name- The name of the church is placed at the top of the letterhead particularly at the header. It must be displayed in a stylish and elegant way that everyone will notice it first to know the recognition of the institution to which it belongs to.

Logo- Logo also plays an important role along with the name. It should be mentioned in an outstanding way. The logo differs from church to church like a logo of different businesses varies and also reveals the perfect identification of the Church Building.

Address- Beside the name and logo, some necessary details like Church’s Address, Fax, Phone Number, Email ID and location of the building is mentioned too.

How to design your own Church Letterhead

Official Church Letterhead in correspondence with the Church’s members is used as written communication like writing church donations, church budget or for any church-related correspondence paperwork. Designing a church letterhead is not a difficult process. You can create awesome and professional looking church letterheads in no time with our templates. With a little creativity, your template can give your church an appealing and professional personality.

Here are the steps that are explained in an easy way to make you understand in order to make you a pro in making letterhead templates.

  • Select Word Processor
  • Create a new document by selecting “New” in the program
  • Determine the placement and position of contents (Name, Location, Contact Information, and Image of the Church) of the letterhead.
  • Type the name of the church and left click to select the name. Go to Font menu and select the size and style of the font for the name of the church from the drop-down menu. Click to left, right or centre to define the position of the name of the church.
  • Type contact information and follow the same as the name of the church process. In the last, add a catch or bible phase used by the church to add additional appealing personality to your church.
  • Now, it is time to add an image to the letterhead. Select the location of the image which you want to add and then click Insert menu, then browse the image location and click the image you want to place it on the church letterhead.

5 Elements to a great Church Logo Design

Among all the different elements, the below mentioned 5 elements show the greatest impact that gives a perfect logo to your church letterhead.

  • Strong identifiable visuals
  • Colours and font size and style
  • Tagline or Ministry Slogan
  • Scalability
  • Good Background Designs

Final words

Always remember that your letterhead is the one that reveals the important information about the Church’s recognition. Be cautious while designing the letterhead including font styles, slogan and colours. Create an awesome letterhead that catches everyone’s eye as well as the customer’s attention.

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