Not only industries but all companies use equipment in some or other. This means that proper care must be given to those tools to let them function effectively. Yes, maintaining the tools used will be taken care of by the appointed person. Still, there needs to be a process in place to check if everything is done properly. Simple equipment maintenance log sheet can help. If you already know about this sheet, then download and get going. But, for those who want to gain additional insight into how to use this sheet, then you can stay here for a while and read the entire details.

We recommend you to spend a couple of minutes to understand the right way to fill the sheet, how to design one, what components to be included etc. Also, feel glad that we do not share our knowledge for free but all these templates are free.

Without wasting more time, let us talk about all the details related to an equipment maintenance log template in length.

Different Types of Equipment Maintenance Template

Equipment maintenance log checklist 

When we say checklist, then know that you can create a list of maintenance work in advance and all is required is to mark a tick each time the service gets over. The checklist will save time and also all work to be performed can be listed after discussing with experts. Exhaustive premade checklist for equipment maintenance must include the following details.

Based on the equipment used modify the details after reading this checklist tips section.

  • Check if the equipment service is done on-time
  • Check if all the parts are looked at during the service irrespective of the working condition
  • Check and inspect manually before starting a detailed service
  • Replace battery periodically based on the lifetime as indicated by the manufacturer
  • Check the run time of the equipment and decide on replacement or maintenance

These are some samples, and you can find the detailed checklist template for each equipment. Download the relevant template that will help you perform detailed maintenance.

Now, let me give you specifics about the following 5 equipment maintenance log which are frequently wanted in most manufacturing firms. However, the templates are not limited to this equipment and you can find for all equipment.

Vehicle maintenance log template 

Use this template to maintain your car, truck, bus, or other vehicles. This log will allow you to monitor and repair the vehicle parts.

Typical vehicle maintenance service include

  • Battery service
  • Brake maintenance
  • Lubrication change and check
  • Readings meters like odometer and mileage
  • Mirror cleaning and polishing
  • Oil filter testing
  • Suspension system working condition
  • Tire pressure, tube condition, and tire life

These are some of the details to be part of the vehicle maintenance log, feel free to add finer details and keep your log foolproof. 

Heavy equipment maintenance log sheet and Construction equipment maintenance log template 

Heavy equipment and construction equipment maintenance includes checking the condition of the following parts. Both have more or less similar parts choose from the list based on the equipment you are using.

  • Lights
  • Grab iron, steps, and handrails
  • Undercarriage
  • Brakes – Filter, Fluid Level, Lines, Fittings, Parking brake
  • Fuel Tank – Dent if any and Cap
  • Hydraulic Oil – Hose, level, cylinder, and Fittings
  • Electric and Hydraulic lines
  • Lift arms
  • Body
  • Grease Lines
  • Leakage test
  • Work tools – Teeth and cutting edge
  • Tire – tread, valves, inflation level
  • Rim – Damage and Lugnuts
  • Axle shaft / Driveshaft
  • Roller, idler wheel
  • Metal tracks – shoes and links
  • Rubber tracks – torsion axles, and tension
  • Engine oil, coolant, radiant, transmission oil
  • Belts and hoses
  • Horn, pedals, alarms, gauges etc

Lawn equipment maintenance log  

The sample maintenance schedule for lawn movers with time will help you plan your maintenance log.

Golf course equipment maintenance log template 

Following types of equipment are used in golf course and find which one you have to download the relevant equipment maintenance log template.


  • Riding greens
  • Walk greens
  • Rounding
  • Surrounding
  • Trimming

Special Machines  

  • Aeration
  • Bunker Rakes
  • Sprayers

Multipurpose Machines

  • Commercial Mover
  • Compact tractors
  • Utility vehicles

Preventive maintenance template  

Per the saying prevention is better than cure; it is good to take preventive steps and maintain machines used in businesses. They are the asset to every business and hence maintaining will prove to be better than repairing or replacing.

Use this preventive maintenance template and plan periodic maintenance and keep the health of your machines in check.

Emergency equipment maintenance log

Maintaining emergency equipment is a must as they can’t fail to function during an emergency situation. Therefore use the log template given here and do a thorough check.

Few guidelines for your knowledge 

Check the emergency equipment overall functioning and then go with the log sheet to frequently test its working condition.

This equipment may be used only during an emergency and that does not happen often. Hence check their working even when there is no crisis.

Check their gas levels if it is fire safety equipment. Likewise, check the manual of each equipment and design a maintenance plan.

Equipment usage log sheet template 

To maintain equipment, the first step is to create a log sheet and record the usage of the equipment. This will help identify the need and time for maintenance. Typically equipment usage log sheet will contain the following details.

  • Name of the machine
  • Operator’s name
  • Date when the machine is used
  • Duration it is used
  • Odometer reading
  • Problem witnessed if any

What is it and How to use 

Sometimes we provide more detailed inputs about everything and forget to give the basic intro. So this time I have made up my mind to start from scratch.

What is the equipment? It is the machine or tool or utensil or device which is used for performing a specific task. Does only the organization use equipment? No, all places including house have some tools. But the question is about to maintain them. At home, it is one machine which is indeed taken care. However, places like office require special attention in caring for this equipment because they are large in number or person who manages will change from time to time.

Hence it is required to create a process to maintain them. The process of maintaining equipment is done using an equipment maintenance log template.

What is equipment maintenance log template? It is a document used to track all the service is given and repair work done on particular equipment. Doing so will prevent the permanent failure of equipment. Sometimes ignoring a small service will end in replacement of the entire part or machine itself. So let us use this log template to note down several details which we will explain little later.

Now, only understand how to use this template?

Quickly download the template. Save to your PC and open to edit details per your need. Then you can either enter details about equipment online or print it and keep filling manually. Yes, we understand that to fill this form and use it effectively you must know the structure and components of the form.

We will now walk you through that.  Believe that from today your equipment will be taken care of time and you can save cost in repairing and replacing components.

Structure / components of equipment maintenance log



I always consider that pictorial illustration reaches mind quickly than explaining in words for pages. So quickly I wanted to show you how an equipment maintenance log looked like. Do I need to explain anything beyond? Yes, I will give you clarity about what this template is and how to use it in the right way.

The structure of the template is quite simple and you can witness a table with all the details. You can make this table in word or save time and efforts by using excel that has inbuilt tables for you. The first section is the heading section, then the equipment identification, the name of the person responsible for the machine, and the final section is the maintenance description.

Come let us crack each section with a thorough understanding.

Heading – It can remain an Equipment maintenance log or you can write your company name. Even it can be specific to the equipment like Construction Equipment Maintenance Log etc. In case your company deals with many types of equipment, then it is a good practice to name the template with a specific name. All you need to do is add the equipment name before equipment or replace the name in the place of equipment.

Eg: Heavy Equipment Maintenance Log or Crane Maintenance Log

Trust I made my point clear. So you know how to name your template. Then continue reading to know more.

Equipment Identification – Leave one row and then start. In the 3rd row and 1st column will contain the Name of the Equipment, then below that Label, Serial Number, Manufacturer name, contact details. Purchase date, Name of the person to handle equipment, and Service Date. For easy reference, I will make my template look like the one given below. I have filled some hypothetical names for your reference

Maintenance Details – Again make a table with the following details. Date of service, details about the maintenance, name of the person who did the service, validation date, and name, next service date, comments if any. All these are self-explanatory and you can understand that under each date the maintenance details must be given. It can be entire equipment maintenance or specific part maintenance.

How to write equipment maintenance log 

From the above image and explanation, you have understood that a log sheet will help you track each maintenance and hence give good care to machines used. But, when there are several machines, then you need to know how to write the equipment maintenance log in an orderly manner.

  1. First, make sure your company has listed all the equipment
  2. Collect all their bills and make a detailed list of their name, manufacturer name, date of purchase and service date. You need to make these details before you start making a maintenance log sheet. This is required to know how many and how to categorize the log sheets
  3. It is good to have one sheet per equipment or at least one sheet per equipment category if you deal with many types of machinery. You can use one sheet for all cranes, bulldozers, excavator etc.
  4. Next is filling them. Each sheet will already have the basic details filled including name, date of purchase etc. In short, the heading and equipment identification part is prefilled. The portion that needs frequent filling is the maintenance description part.
  5. Every time before completing the service, make sure the form is filled. This will help to mention all details about the maintenance without missing any information. Then record the date for the next So that you can keep a reminder about the next service.

Filling the log sheet this way will allow continuous maintenance and hence the machine condition will remain good for a long time.

Best equipment maintenance log ideas 

The objective of making an equipment maintenance log is to service machines on time and save break down. This will lead to the efficient functioning of the machine, and hence saving cost on these machines reduces.

So let us understand the best ideas to maintain the log effectively.

  • Select the log template suiting your business need and make sure you understand each component and its purpose.
  • Have separate logs for each equipment
  • Write details clearly when you fill and so you can refer them when needed

Equipment maintenance plan template – Simple steps involved in developing an equipment maintenance plan 

#1 – Brainstorm the need for equipment maintenance and devise a strategy. This is typically drafting a policy stating why and who will do the maintenance. Also, what to expect and how to implement it is explained is mentioned in this.

#2 – Plan the financials. Know the usage of the equipment and revenue generated from the usage. This will help you plan for the frequency of the maintenance.

#3 – Now, look at the risk factors of failing to follow the maintenance plan. Will it damage one part or the entire equipment etc. Based on these criteria develop a plan and prioritize the maintenance plan.

#4 – Create a schedule based on all the above factors and identify resources to handle maintenance.

#5 – Train the maintenance team members to follow the schedule and execute the maintenance task.

#6 – Conduct yearly audit to know if things are in place and recommended improvement wherever required. 

Top 5 Equipment maintenance log apps for 2019 

All these apps can be tried before purchasing. Click on the link given to reach their site and collect more details. However, we have tried to provide you with basic details like whether you can download the app in windows, android, and iOS devices etc. Also, we checked if they are accessible on Cloud, SaaS, or web.

  1. MATE Pcs – GP MaTe – Free demo is available. You can deploy in Cloud or Saas. Can be installed in windows PC and Android mobile devices.
  2. QBurst – SeeMyMachines – Free version is available for limited periods. Supports both iOS and Android Deploy with Cloud and SaaS. All industries including medical, transportation, power generation, and solar/wind energy can rely on this software to maintain their equipment.
  3. UpKeep technologies – UpKeep – Try free trial and then feel satisfied to download the app in your Android or iOS device. All your data will be saved in Cloud and you can access anytime.
  4. ManWinWin – Free version is available for users to get acquainted with the working Can be downloaded only on Windows PC or Laptops. One of the oldest equipment maintenance software available since 1981.
  5. Snappii Apps – Snappi Mobile Apps – Free trial and customization option available. Download in both iOS and Android mobile devices. Heavy Equipment Industry can download more than 400 premade templates and start managing your equipment maintenance.


  1. What is a maintenance log?

The document which will contain details of the person who did the maintenance is called the maintenance log. Details about the machine, or system, the problem, and the service details will be recorded in this document. It is called a log because it looks like a register to store details related to the service performed.

  1. What is equipment maintenance?

The process carried out to service the equipment periodically is called equipment maintenance. It is done to prevent any temporary or permanent damage to the machines. Tools are the asset in every business and hence maintaining them in working condition will save time and cost.

  1. What is the maintenance procedure?

The infallible method designed with a set of detailed instructions helping even a naïve technician to follow in maintaining equipment is called maintenance procedure. In other words, the stepwise instruction written to maintain equipment functioning is called maintenance procedure. Always make sure to write a standard maintenance procedure (SMP) and allow any individual to follow even if they are doing for the first time.

Develop a routine procedure which is needed to be performed repeatedly by the technicians. For instance, lubricating the parts are required to be done for any kind of machine and likewise identify the common task and list them in everyday process.

Next, list down the complex procedure and mention them in the plan. This can include the changes in motor, bush replacement etc.

In a nutshell, make a plan about the maintenance process, write them as points, check them a couple of time with a real-life situation, get it checked from experts and then make changes before documenting it.

Additionally, include diagrams to bring all technicians in a common platform as visual representation can be interpreted quickly.

  1. What is a maintenance record and why is it important?

Companies invest huge money to purchase equipment. They certainly calculate the return on investment from the machines. But the equipment health is the key to run the business smoothly. Soon after a machine is purchased, every company must make a document to record the machine details, and start making note of its parts and service details. This document which keeps a record of all details related to the machine, service done, repair and replacement is called the maintenance record.

5 benefits of maintaining a maintenance record

  1. Preventing unwanted expenses in repairing
  2. Warranty claim issues can be avoided
  3. Safety of machine operators is increased
  4. Equipment resale value is increased
  5. Special maintenance programs can be generated and save time

Final thoughts 

Buying heavy machines for business won’t suffice and you must know how to use them effectively to get benefitted. Using equipment maintenance log is the best way to achieve this as you can make a note of the maintenance schedule and follow them. This way you can prevent machine damage and utilize machines for long-term in good working condition.

Why equipment maintenance is important?

Keeping machines and its equipment well maintained is one of the important aspects of equipment maintenance. Let us know why is it important!
1) It increases resale value of equipment
2) It saves the upfront costs
3) It identifies trends across makes, models, or components
4) It increases safety of operators
5) Minimize the number of expensive repairs

What is equipment maintenance log?

Equipment maintenance is an important aspect in modern industry. Equipment maintenance log is a proof of record that records every single issue in your each and every equipment plus maintaining a maintenance history. The information history stored in equipment maintenance log utilized by technicians who are responsible for fixing the equipment.

What is equipment maintenance?

Equipment maintenance is an important and necessary activity or process generally used to keep a business’s equipment in reliable working order. It may include routine machine maintenance or upkeep as well as corrective repair work. Equipment may include computer systems, heavy off-road vehicles,
mechanical assets, and tools.

What are the industries that use equipment maintenance?

Any equipment hire company or industry using any kind of equipment uses equipment maintenance. Some of those industries include:
1) Construction
2) Plastics manufacturing
3) Restaurants
4) Steel Mills
5) Automobile Manufacturing

What are the advantages of keeping an equipment maintenance record?

Here we listed the advantages of keeping a maintenance record;
1) Helps you create specialized maintenance programs
2) It increases the safety of operators
3) Helps you track who is accountable for a piece of equipment
4) Prevent expensive repair works from happening
5) Prevent problems regarding warranty claims

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