Flower is one of the beautiful creations of nature and we all love flowers in different colors for various occasions. The demand for real flowers is high because the florist business has been growing a lot in recent years from birthday parties to wedding parties. Make use of our awesome collection of florist invoice templates to run your florist business smoothly.

A florist is the person who spreads love and joy with flowers and the best part of being a florist is getting a good opportunity to be creative every day. We know that you admire the beauty of flowers and make beautiful and magical flower arrangements. But are you expert in invoicing and book keeping? A good invoice is the best way to grow your flower business since it is an easy way to get paid quickly and easily. This is the place where you can find free florist invoice templates for your budding flower business. As an added bonus, we also help you to do a lot more than just creating and designing regular invoices. Continue reading!

Florist Invoice Template         

Florist invoice template is a professional layout that empowers florists to create professional and stylish invoices quickly and efficiently. The necessary fields in the invoice template include company and customer details and information about the service and product.

Flower business seem to be an easy and simple business but actually it is not. Flowers are perishable so a florist must put extra efforts to maintain its freshness and sometimes it would be a challenge. Also, a florist need to be very careful and cautious while dealing with vendors. A proper and well-planned business invoice will come into the picture in such situations where both the parties have some clear idea before fixing the deal.

Wedding Flower Invoice Template

What led to the florist business in demand?

The main reason that drive people to start this business is the amazing ornamental characteristics of real flowers. Yes, the bright and attractive colors of the flowers makes them very important in our lives these days. So, this has increased the interest in florist market. Flowers also give many options to design greatly for birthday, wedding, concerts, and any other entertainment or official parties. As the market for flowers is in high demand, the flower business growth is also towards upward direction only. But the florist must be highly organized and careful while dealing with the clients as the task of maintaining inventory of flowers is expensive and challenging. A flower demands little attention on its details. In this situation, florist invoice is a life saver for a florist.

Free Florist Invoice Template

Our professional florist invoice templates helps greatly to create a special bond between a florist and his/her clients. It showcases excellent value for money by providing a means to keep them updated about the services provided and the product information.

Take control of your flower business by creating a professional invoice for your florist work using our customizable templates. Just simply fill out the invoice with your own text. Download the invoice template in the format which works best for you.

Florist Invoice Templates

What is a florist invoice used for?

The hard work of a florist shines in the form of maintaining the inventory. Our free florist invoice templates showcases exactly what you need in your invoice to avoid potential confusions over payments as well as to keep a record of cash flow of your business.

Florist Invoice Template

Here are the benefits of a good Florist invoice:

  • Log financial information to track your business’s growth
  • Keep bookkeeping as an in-house job
  • Record client account information and transactions
  • Allow for a confusion-free payment process
  • Bill your customers with clarity
  • Easy access to all important tax information

How to create a florist invoice?

Creating a professional florist invoice as beautiful as your flower and flower arrangements is simple and quite easy. Make your billing easy by creating one for your business by following simple and easy steps on your computer. Let us see how we can make a florist invoice.

Florist Invoice Order Form Template
  • Download your free “Floral Invoice Template”
  • Customize to reflect your business’s branding by inserting your logo
  • Add your flower shop’s name, tag line and contact information (custom invoice number)
  • Fill in your clients details like name, business or company name, address and contact information
  • List the services you provided along with proper description and price
  • Include clear payment instruction, terms and conditions
  • Insert the details of privacy and refund policy
  • Save to your desktop

Including an invoice number is important because it will be easy for a florist and the client to tract the entire process. The clients will also get impressed and appreciate the easy payment process that is hassle free.

Florist Invoice Editable

Types of florist invoices

As a florist you come across different types of flowers to suit the requirement of the customers. The same way the invoices types are also created to serve different purposes. Florists, DJ’s and other event management planners serve different clients and are in need of different types of invoices as it is important to choose the required florist invoice that fulfils the client’s desired services. Here is the list of some types of florist invoice templates which can be used to bill the clients based on the type of service provided.

  • Standard Invoice
  • Credit Invoice
  • Prepayment Invoice
  • Time-based Invoice
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Debit Invoice
  • Mixed Invoice

Now that you are ready with your invoices types that suits from wedding flower arrangements to home decorations.

Floral Order Form Template

What should a florist include in the florist invoice template?

Here are few important things that should be included in a florist invoice template to get you paid faster.  

Company Logo: This part of invoice is added yourself while editing. Save your company logo under company settings header.

Invoice Payment Terms: Another important feature to be included in the invoice. Customers may get confused if the payment terms is not included.

Invoice Notes: Including a short and sweet ‘Thanking Note’ to your customers make you stand in a crowd.

Customer’s Information: This looks obvious but do not ever forget to include this must-to-be-included feature.

Detailed Description of Charges: It is the foremost feature to be included. The clear and crisp detailed description of charges creates no confusion regarding the payment process. Also, creates a good relationship with your customers.


Are you the one who is running a flower business!? If so, then you are dealing with thousands and thousands of different colors and fragrances. Running a floral business requires a properly organised and well-designed invoicing to monitor the cash flow of the business. Our florist invoice templates has an amazing professional look that oozes of seriousness as well as high-level of professionalism. This allows you to provide an impeccable service to your customers in a quick and efficient way while keeping track of all other activities.

Create beautiful, custom florist invoices in seconds. Free florist templates available instantly to download for free. Free for customising and printing as well. Get rid of those boring and regular invoice designs and styles. Be creative and design a unique florist invoice so that not only your flowers and flower arrangements but also your florist invoice may attract your clients. Accept payments online, receive alerts in real-time and get paid faster. Happy downloading!

Who needs to use a Florist Invoice?

A florist may or may not provide a florist invoice template for the florist work that completely depends on the relationship with the customer and company terms. But it is suggested for a florist, DJ’s, event managers, and those who run flower business required to provide a florist invoice to their clients.

When should I submit the florist invoice?

A florist can provide or send an invoice by the end of the month or as soon as the florist work is finished. But also check with the client whether they are interested to receive an invoice for the florist work provided for them.

What happens after I submit my florist invoice?

You can expect the payment manually or through online after you send the invoice to the customer for the service offered. In case, if do not receive the payment within the mentioned date, then you need to check with client whether they have received the invoice or not. Also, make sure to check for the payment in the right place.

Is there an option to send email, download invoice in PDF, excel, word?

Of course you can download the invoice in pdf, excel and word format and send your final florist invoice over email. Actually, sending invoices through email is a better option since it is easy for you and your clients to check and there won’t be any chance of missing the invoice.

What skills are needed to be a florist?

To succeed as a florist, he/ she must have some personal skills and attributes. Let us see what they are:
1) A genuine love of flowers and a desire to work with them
2) Some knowledge of plant care
3) Customer-service and organizational skills
4) Sense of style to develop aesthetically pleasing designs
5) Artistic ability and creativity

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