Parental Consent Laws requires that one or more parents’ consent to be notified so that their minors can engage in certain legal activities.  the events could widely from medical surgery, extracurricular activities, marriage, education-based decisions.

For different reasons, any parent must sign a Parent Consent Form. Get free Parent Consent Forms of different types and also get the complete information on Parent Consent Form and the purpose it is used. We are providing you free downloadable and printable Templates completely free used for different purposes in different fields. Continue reading to get free templates and examples of Parent Consent Form.

Detailed Information and Purpose of Parent Consent Form

Things to keep in mind while creating a parental consent from template

The writing should be simple so that it could be read and understood easily. keep the sentences and paragraphs shorter. Do mention terms and conditions briefly. In case of nay technical mention try to keep it in simple language so that it could be understood by non-technical people too.

Structure of the consent form

  • A clear and simple layout
  • White space borders
  • Easy to read fonts
  • Since this document is for the parent(s) of potential subjects, they should be directly addressed and the phrase “your child” used when appropriate; investigators are referred to as “we.”

A need for Parental Consent – The need of parental consent form arouses when minors start performing activating which is legally not allowed at their age. Thus the increasing need for parental consent form

  • A parent’s consent form before your children undergoes any type of surgery or medical treatment
  • A parent’s consent form is needed when we have any undergo bodily changes like tattooing or piercing.
  • A parent’s consent form is needed when he or she is marrying someone when they have not reached the legal age.
  • A parent’s consent form is also needed when children need permission to curricula, field trip or extracurricular activities.

Different Parental Consent Forms We Need

Passport parental consent form

When children below the age of 16 apply for the passport, consent is needed from both the parents.  The forms are easily available on the website of the department of state. Notarize the form and you have 90 days to submit the form.

Child Travel consent form

With the increase in child abduction cases, when you are travelling with your child it is important to get a child travel consent form signed from your spouse.  Especially in case of custody battles, this form plays a very important part.  Also in the case of child trafficking which has seen a drastic increase, it helps in protecting your children who are still under the age of 18.

When the child is travelling without any parents, it is a compulsion that the minor travel consent form is signed. There are a few things which need to be covered in the form:

  1. Name, birthplace and passport details of the minor
  2. Permission signatures and consent of the parents who aren’t travelling
  3. The travel details which includes details for the upcoming trip like the country of origin, the destination and any other relevant information owing to the trip
  4. Any special care or allergies that the child might have
  5. Signatures of the parent

Parental Consent form for schools

There are consent forms in place when your child is engaging in some extracurricular activities in the school. These are generally not a part of the curricula. This is one of the most common consent forms. Some schools even consider a multipurpose consent form which covers permissions and restrictions regarding on-site and non-residential off-site activities, administering medicine and emergency releases.

The basic Parental consent for schools include

  1. The introductory para should cover the purpose of the consent form, it could be a trip, or a school project or an offsite tour.
  2. Name of the event, date and time of the trip
  3. Name of children, Grade of the child
  4. Parents Name, Email and phone number of the consenting parent
  5. Address and Emergency Contact
  6. Special information which includes medical sensitivity and allergies of the child.
  7. Consent of the parent column
  8. Signatures of the parent consenting

Child Medical consent form

There are times when parent leave their minors with a chaperone while travelling abroad etc. this form gives the chaperone right to take steps in case of a medical emergency. This legal document is providing someone with legal temporary guardian rights to help in healthcare based decisions. This form should be very specific about the details were given. Commonly these are given to grandparents, step-parents, sports coaches, trusted friends etc. The basic structure should include the below-mentioned points:

  1. Full name and birthplace of the child
  2. Authorized medical treatments
  3. Child’s health information
  4. Name of the adult who is allowed to take medical decisions on behalf of the parents
  5. Health insurance details and related information like phone numbers etc.

Parental consent form for the driving license

Driving license are generally permitted to ones who are above the age of 18. Parents can give their consent in such cases by signing a consent form. The form also a sideline where the approver can cancel the submission at any time.

The form should include the following details:

  1. Child’s full name and date of birth
  2. Parental Signatures and the legal guardian signature
  3. Paragraph mentioning approval rights
  4. Digital Photograph according to the drivers and vehicles act

At times for a learners permit also there are requirements of such parental consent forms there are other people other than your parents who can sign these for the child. Some of them include step-parents, foster parent, legal guardian, any other person who has the authority as per family court or a social services caseworker.

Parental consent form for research study template


The information mentioned in this part of the template should be simple and clear. Don’t mention the details of the research study You can throw some light by giving a brief description of the project.

Your child has been invited for a research study by the university. In the research study we are investigating/evaluating____________

Elements of the research study

The nest Para should include what are the basic elements of the study. Describe exactly what subjects are to be studied. Try to explain what happens in the process of the study and the timeline required. Also, include all surveys and data extraction or collection instruments to be used. Thoroughly mention the time involved in each part of the study and for how long every subject will have partaken.

Your child will be involved in the following subjects _________- for approximately ______minutes or days. The following data extraction tools shall be used______. Surveys are also an essential part of our study. This could involve a few field trips to _________ areas

Also, do mention points in case the investigators want to take your child out of the project at any time.


List all the physical and non-physical risks of taking part in the study.

The study involves the following risks

  1. Very Likely _____
  2. Less likely but serious______
  3. Rare Risks______
  4. Other risks of the study ________

Benefits of taking Part in the study

This section tells the importance of partaking in the study. Do mention factors like university benefits, extracurricular points in school, better learning and understanding of the subjects.

This study will help in the overall development of your child. the study will benefit your child in ____ There are chances of numerous benefits from this study.


Every research study involves a lot of terms and condition. Some of the most important ones are confidentiality clauses. It is significant that your consent mentions this part briefly. List all individual’s and agencies who will have access to such data. Also, mention how the data will be published as part of a public display.

Your child’s name shall not be published anywhere where this data is being used. Every effort will be made to keep clinical records, research records, and other personal information confidential.

We will take the following steps to keep information confidential, and protect it from unauthorized disclosure, tampering, or damage: ___________


Mention if the subjects shall receive any special prize or incentive for participation in the study

Your rights as a research participant

Describe the procedure of withdrawal from the study. Mention any follow up procedures once the subject has withdrawn from the study.

Participation in the _____ study is voluntary. Your child is free to withdraw from the study at any point in time. Once you decide to withdraw you are not accountable to any penalty or loss of benefits. It shall definitely not harm your relations with our organization

Contacts for any further questions or queries

This is the section where you mention the details of the project supervisor. Give his details like phone number official contact etc. provide the name of researchers who could be contacted at any point for assistance.

Child ‘s Information

This section provides the details of the child participating. Date of birth, name and school details are a few important ones.

Permission for participation

This section is where the final signatures are done. The parent shall receive a copy of this form for their own record.

As parent or legal guardian, I authorize _________________________________ (child’s name) to become a participant in the research study described in this form.

Parent or Legal Guardian’s Signature                         Date


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