Congratulation! I am glad that you’re planning to buy a home. Good luck! Let you find the best home to make your family happy. But, there is a catch and yes how will you know that the home you plan to finalize is a qualified one? Yeah, I know the seller will tell his home is the best. Also, the agent will certify the same. Will that suffices? No, because these two parties will certainly be biased and they have vested interested.

Then what will you do? You need to use a home inspection checklist and make sure all points covered in that is satisfied by the home you choose to buy. Ok, then what and whom will benefit from this checklist

It is not always possible to individually check the home inspection checklist and hence you may need to reach to a company that does this service. Then you can refer these checklists to those people and with their experience in this business and this checklist they will help you check finer details.

Welcome, all individual home seekers and home inspection service providers! Feel free to download the checklist and other related templates from this page and follow the checklist to check for all details.

Come let us understand what will this template contain and how we can use it.

Structure and components of a home inspection checklist

The home inspection includes an examination of the house in various aspects. It is a physical examination of the house and surrounding. The structure of the roof, walls, floor, and every other detail are checked. It is a good practice for both the seller and the buyer to do the check following an exhaustive checklist and avoid any future issues.


There are the different format used for checklist template where you can see different structures. However, the components in every checklist will be almost similar. So find one sample structure below. I will explain the elements of the template after that.

Heading – Home Inspection Checklist

Address :

Style of the home: 


# BR:

# Bath:

Age of the house:

Items Description Best Good Better Suspect Worst
Windows Wood          
Doors Wood          

This checklist abides by the law of the _______(country name). It is checked and attested by ________ (company name).



Company Seal:

If you look at the above checklist it is very clear that you can include each area of the house and its subareas and rate them between best and worst. Let us now analyze each component one by one.

Heading – The heading of the checklist. It can be a home inspection checklist. Garden inspection. Checklist to inspect floor etc. It can be either a general checklist or specific to the target area.

Address – Provide the house address and the house details. A number of rooms, bath, kitchen, drawing etc. Whether it is a duplex, pent, individual or another type of house.

Age of the house – It is zero if it is a new house, else number of years the house since constructed, how many ppl have purchased etc must be provided.

Inspection Table – The core section of the checklist where you can include the item name, its description, and the rating. The table given above has some examples and you can extend the list to all the things included in the inspection. You can also find more details in the coming sections. Rate each item per description and put a tick under the rating section depending on the quality.

Checklist oath – Based on the country the house is located the guidelines must be followed accordingly in construction and the same is verified using the checklist.

Signature – The sign of the person who checked the home. If a service provider does it, then the contact details also must be printed here.

Items covered under home inspection

Now, let us see how the items are covered in the home inspection. You can make them into the category and list them one by one. Follow these subdivisions and you will not forget any detail to be checked. It is always good to carry out a thorough investigation and not repent later. In general, home inspection looks for defects. However, this item list will be split into different groups letting you use as one checklist or many.

  • Roof – Depending on the type of the roof the inspection will be done. For word roof, water clogging and windproof must be checked. In the case of metal or concrete roof, then the quality of the plaster must be examined. Plaster can vary from cement to other types based on the country weather condition.
  • Floor – The floor tiles must be looked at for their anti-skid nature, the finishing, their ability to withstand pressure etc. For instance, tiles floor must be thoroughly checked for proper sealing. This can be inspected by finding the sound while walking across the floor. Improperly packed tiles will create noise.
  • Walls – Cracks in the walls can be visually checked. But whether it allows water seepage must be tested in order to prevent the devastation of the entire construction.
  • Wood – Termite is the primary challenge posed by the wood of low quality. Need to check all kind of pest and get certified for the wood quality. One termite is enough to demolish the entire system.
  • Electrical – Checking for hanging wires can be done easily. But the electrical work and their quality need to be checked by looking at the brand name and the talking to the installation provider. If it is a second-hand house, then the electrical boxes and switches must be looked at if they are in line with the latest recommendation by the power sector.
  • Plumbing – Like wires, pipelines must be checked for leak and quality. In cold countries, the pipe material should be strong enough to not burst during freezing temperature. Likewise in a very hot climate, the pipeline must not melt. Hence testing in all possible way is important.
  • Chimney – The brick inside chimney must be checked. Flue liners presence must be double checked.
  • Heating and Air conditioning – The heating and cooling time of heaters and AC must be checked. Whether they are serviced and in working condition must be ensured for a second-hand
  • Sewage System – If it is a new home, then you need to check if the flow if aligned properly to let the drain water out. Even an old house must be checked in detail for leakage and blocks if any.

Use this list and split each item for every type so that you will not miss any part of the home from getting examined.

Home inspection checklist for buyers

The template for a buyer to check the home before buying can be simple. But, must contain the basic inspection details as given below.

The buyer must check for the overall look for the house from external and internal view. This means that he/she must check for the painting, and finishing of the house through visual examination. They must get the key to check for each room and fittings. Every room door locks, windows, and taps must be checked for proper functioning. They need to check for the water flow in the sink, washbasin, washing machine and bathroom. The toilet flush should be checked. Lights and electrical connection working to be tested. Locate any obvious cracks and damages. Find if any tree is around and the roots prove to be challenging. If the terrace has proper water flow pipes and are the slopes provided correctly.

Overall, each buyer can print and carry a checklist to go through each area of the house for locating faults if any.

How do I prepare for a home inspection checklist

It’s, time to know the secret of making a template on your own. It is easy and simple. Beware, it may be time-consuming and we will recommend you to download our free template and get going. Still, read below to gain knowledge about to make the template. Also, understand the time we invested in designing several templates for your perusal under one roof.

Open a word document and save the document before you start filling details. I always suggest my clients save the document and not lose any information.

Tip1: Then start typing all details as given in the structure section. Feel free to copy paste.

You can draw a table to begin your actual checklist. Insert à Table and select the rows and columns. Inside the table, give the title starting from Item, description etc. Then press Tab to move to the next line. Fill each cell with details starting from roof inspection.

Tip2: Use the items covered section to fill all the details you want to check.

Complete the table and print the country recommended guideline and leave a place for signature.

Save the document and it is now ready for print. Print the document and carry with you to fill during the inspection.

Tip3: Fill the template on the go and you won’t miss any detail. Also, just a rating can be done on the inspection spot to avoid any missing.

How do look for in a home inspection checklist

Now, you do not want to make a checklist. Fine, no problem, download out the template and save to your PC. Double click to open the document and start click on the area you want to edit and start filling details. I understand that you want to know how to look for a home inspection checklist. There are several templates online.

  • You can use the keyword home inspection checklist and search using search engines.
  • Several results will be shown. Find the topmost links and click inside to reach the page.
  • Are you done? No, because all pages that have templates may not provide the right one.
  • How to check? Find if the page does contain education about the template. They will be the right ones.
  • Even for free if a site provides you with information, and then you can rely on them.
  • Choose the template you want and click download to save to your PC.

And, we are sure that is how you reached us. We are glad to serve you with professional home inspection checklist.

What do they look for during a home inspection

The following things are checked during the home inspection. I will not be explaining each section as already I have given the details in the items to be checked for the home inspection. Let me just recall the checklist details. They literally do the following.

Structural Components

  • Climbs on the roof
  • Nudge at the foundation
  • Crawl to the attic space
  • Inspect cracks on the floor
  • Walls are checked for mould and leakage

External Faults

  • Tread steps deterioration is checked
  • Decks status
  • Glass seals condition
  • Garage door functioning

Roof Examination

  • Flash tightness is checked
  • Shingles are tested for any gaps
  • Limbs of the tree if any touching the roof
  • Gutter debris
  • Drains are tested
  • Chimneys and skylights sealing is checked.


  • Pipelines
  • Electrical wires
  • Cabinets
  • Stairs
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Taps and all other things present inside the house is checked for proper functioning.

Five simple tips to make you win in your inspection

  1. Download our checklist template
  2. Identify a professional inspector and talk to them for their experience in the industry. You can verify their expertise as you have the checklist with you. If they speak the same message printed in the checklist, then handover your task to them.
  3. Fix a date and ask them to start their inspection. Possible accompany them and you will not lose at any cost with this one extra step. You may not be technically sound like them but it is your home so your gut feeling will help.
  4. Ask them for a detailed report of what they checked, how did they examine, and what are their observation. Just don’t go with this checklist.
  5. Read the report carefully and yes you can now invest in the home without fear of failure.


Do Home Inspections check for mold?

Mold growth checking is not part of the traditional home inspection. Specialist in mold inspection is required to check for the mold in the home. However, the home inspector must be able to highlight mold suspect and recommend a mold inspection.

What is not covered in a home inspection?        

The sprinkler system, pool, underground pipes, dish antenna, laundry appliances, free standing kitchen, smoke detectors, security alarms, speaker systems, and all other extra fittings in the home is not covered in an inspection.

Should the seller be present for a home inspection?

No, there is no compulsion for the seller to be available during the inspection. In fact, it is better if they are not around. It is because they may tend to bias the inspector. The sellers can do a basic checking them before an inspector arrives to fix minor issues and increase the chances of selling their home to the right buyer.

How do you pass a home inspection?

First of all, understand that it is not an examination to pass or fail. It is an inspection to understand the condition of the house. No house can be perfect and the inspection is not for proving any house wrong. It is for the seller to know the quality of their house and fix the issues or else accept fault and sell them at a cost accordingly.

What should I include in a home inspection?               

Include checking the roof, HVAC system, electrical, plumbing, cracks in walls, ceilings, floors etc. Functioning of doors, windows, taps etc. Basement, foundation, and structural components are tested for any issues.

Who should pay for a home inspection?

There are two ways of looking at it. In general, the buyer will appoint an inspector to check for any faults. Hence the buyer will pay for an inspection. However, it is not wrong if the seller takes an initiative to pay and get his home inspected. But, beware, the seller has a vested interest in selling so it is not appropriate for go with the inspection done by the seller.

Buyers don’t mind to spend some cents to get this done and save your peace of mind.

Do home inspectors check for appliances?

Built-in appliances like HVAC system, installed oven, dishwasher, food waste disposal, and refrigerator are included in the inspection. Only the functionality will be checked. All other extra fitting appliances need not be included in the inspection.

How do I make sure I pass my home inspection?

There are several tips to win a home inspection. Let me not grind the same story here.

Home Inspection Report Template in Excel

Let us quickly cover the home inspection report template now. Know the structure and elements used to create a home inspection report in excel.

This template is in excel and you can easily edit details by downloading it to your PC. With excel you need not to draw a table and use their cells to create rows and columns. So let us see what details are to be presented in a home inspection report.

As usual, let me show the structure in pictorial representation and explain the details.


Property Inspection Report
Inspector Address and Contact Details    Property Address
Date of Inspection    Duration
Interior Condition Exterior Condition
Kitchen Roof  
Door Lawn  
Walls Compressor Unit  
HVAC System  
Recommended / Not Recommended

Address of the property is the first important thing to be filled in the report. Next, the inspector details. This is required to know if the inspector is qualified to do the examination. Date of inspection is also mandatory to know when the inspection has happened. Duration of the inspection will give some idea about the detailing carried out during the inspection.

The picture gives you a clear understanding of the items to be checked. Fill each item and mention the condition, add all items until you’re done. Every home might vary with the items and hence you can always edit the template to customize per your need. Finally, give a brief comment about specific areas to be looked at.

Then the verdict and signature.

Can you fail a home inspection?

Yes, and No can be the answer to this question. Do you want to know how both Yes and No? Let me explain. Yes, you can fail if you do not follow the checklist. If you follow the checklist, still do not carry out a thorough check. You will fail if you do not take help from professional inspectors. There are chances to fail if you do not choose the right checklist. In summary, you will NOT fail if you choose the right checklist, follow guidelines, and take professional help for your one time home inspection.

Know the 10 ways you fail in a home inspection.

Top 5 home inspection checklist apps

  1. Inspectcheck– It works on both Apple and Android smart devices. It is a multifamily housing app that helps in inspecting and robust reporting. Make use of this app to create custom inspections. It also allows you to prioritize repairs by giving a detailed report.
  1. InspectIT– You can download this app in both iOS and Android devices. Make use of the app without an internet connection. A free trial is available to understand the features of the app. Personalize reports and match with the type of inspection performed.
  1. 3D Inspection System– It is now easy to install this building inspection app in your Android 4.4+, iOS 10.3.3+, and Windows 10 tablets. The cloud3D service saves all your report and it is easy to compare anytime. The first company to launch home inspection software and is having more than 3 decades of experience.
  1. TobTech Software – Home Inspection Checklist– Download the app and start making your own checkpoints. No monthly fees, no subscription, and no plan accounts. You can use this app checklist to inspect homes, buildings, landscape and much more. Create any number of checklists and personalize making any number of categories.
  1. Home Inspection Ready – Tucson Software LLC– Exclusive Apple device supporting app for all the home inspection needs. This app will present you with the checklist of items and allows the user to take a photo, write notes and rate each item. To do list can be quickly created to get going.

Final take away

With this enormous details and free templates, we would like to wish you good luck in conducting the right home inspection for all your clients. Help them find the right home.

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