This article will focus on giving you an insight about the interview thanks you an email. If you already have this courtesy, then I appreciate you, else understand its importance through this article. Upon attending an interview it is a good gesture to send a thank you email to the company that interviewed you. Will, that fetches you a job? May or may not but let me explain you in detail about the same and leave the decision at your end.

Hey, BTW I forgot to mention that I will not only be explaining detail about what is an interview thank you email, but also provide you with free templates. Yes, you can quickly download them and personalize with your details to extend warm thanks to your interviewer.

Let me walk you in detail through each detail about the interview thank you email template.

Interview Thank You Email Templates / Samples

Thank you email after an Administrative Assistant interview


Alison Doyle 

HR Manager

International Career Service

Toronto, USA 

Dear Mr Alison Doyle,

I appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me for the job of intern administrative assistance in your prestigious organization. With a thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office and telephone etiquettes, I am confident that I can carry out all the assigned job responsibilities. Moreover, I have excellent communication skills and an ability to pick up new skills quickly. I can assure that during the entire period of my internship, I will give try my best to complete all the work given by the executive assistant within given deadlines. As a bright student in my school, I am also aware that for an administrative assistant, it is paramount to engage in teamwork, and to work with attention to detail, which makes me an ideal candidate for an administrative assistance intern.

I would like to thank you again for the interview. If you need other details regarding academic qualifications or computer skills, please get in touch with me soon. I am eagerly looking forward to my interview results.


John Twain

+65 8xxxxxxx

Thank you email after a Business Analyst interview



Dan Mark

HR Manager

JP Morgan

Changi, Singapore

Dear Mr. Dan Mark,

Thank you for spending your time speaking with me about the internship position at the JP Morgan’s Singapore division. An opportunity to work with your talented staff will provide a wonderful experience. This will undoubtedly help me to realize my true potential and contribute to my career success in near future.

I strongly believe that my coursework has prepared me to execute all supposed responsibilities of this internship program. With a solid academic record and an impressive GPA score, I am ready to embark on a journey of entering into a professional life with your coveted program of Corporate-Human Resources. I am very enthusiastic to put my academic knowledge in the real world successfully by joining your 10-week program. Being a keen learner, I can ensure you that I will be always ready to learn all aspects of my job. In short, I am very much interested in becoming a part of your organization via this opportunity.

Please let me know if I can furnish any additional information about my academic background or my accomplishments. Thanking you for considering me for this wonderful opportunity.


John Twain

+65 8xxxxxxx

Thank you email after interview for a chemist position



Jacob Smith

HR Manager


Rochester, NY

Dear Mr. Jacob Smith,

First, I would like to thank you for offering a wonderful opportunity to present my academic qualification and skills before you in an interview. I will feel privileged if I get select for the formulation chemist internship program in your organization.  Being a bright student throughout my school days, I developed a liking for chemistry during my second year in college and become determined to become a successful formulation chemist.

As told during the interview, I have an impressive GPA score.  I am also fully aware that as an intern, I will be supposed to perform several job responsibilities such as analysis and interpretation of data, documentation of experiment details and more. I am completely prepared to do any assigned task diligently.

Thank you again for spending you valuable time in interviewing me. I am confident that the internship program will help me immensely to understand my weaknesses and will help me to overcome them to have a glorious career as a formulation chemist in near future.  I promise I will work hard and will learn new things from my supervisor. Looking forward eagerly to get a response from you.


John Twain

+65 8xxxxxxx

Thank you email after customer service representative interview



Daniel Jones

HR Manager

Fast Recruitment

Durban, South Africa

Dear Mr. Daniel Jones,

Thank you for considering my candidature for your summer internship program of customer service representative and interviewing me yesterday. It will be my honor to work in your reputed organization as an intern as I have faith that I can have ample opportunities to hone my existing skills and to develop new ones in the supportive work environment of Fast Recruitment. I am sure; the customer service internship program will help me to realize my true potential.

Although, I am fairly well in communication and analytical skills, which are significant to achieve success in rendering an excellent customer service, I do believe that there is a lot more that I could learn via your internship program. I can assure that I will put my academic knowledge into use during the entire internship tenure and will work hard to exceed the expectations of my supervisors. I am extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity.

Thank you again for spending you valuable time in interviewing me.  Please let me know if there is any need to provide academic details apart from those that I have furnished during my interview.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


John Twain

+65 8xxxxxxx

Interview Thank you email after Medical Assistant Interview



Alfred Thomson

HR Manager

Yakima Valley Farms Worker Clinic

Washington, U.S

Dear Mr. Alfred Thomson,

I would like to say thanks for interviewing me yesterday for the internship program of medical assistant in your clinic. Being a second-year student in a graduate medical assistant course, I know that there will be tremendous job responsibilities. If selected, I need to execute all of them diligently. I have a fair knowledge of health record maintenance, appointment scheduling, documentation of vital information, and collection of samples for pathological tests. However, I can assure that I will learn any new skills essential to working as a medical assistant quickly.

Being excellent in communication, I understand that as a medical assistant, I am likely required to convey messages to patients, doctors as well as my co-workers on a continual basis as a part of my administrative duties. I am confident that once given an opportunity to put my academic knowledge in a real work environment; I will excel. The internship will be a good platform to gain invaluable work experience of all administrative and clinical duties, which will help me immensely in my near future.

In case, you need any additional details about my academic qualifications or achievements; please contact me.


John Twain

What is Interview Thank You Email?

The email you to send to your interviewer after the interview is called an interview thank you email. Yes, it is the best answer I can think of this question. Indeed it is the right answer too. Now, let me tell you why you require sending this email, how to send it when to send it and even the content you need to write in that. Finally, feel free to use all the templates to make your email unique and impressive one.

Need For Sending A Interview Thank You Email

Getting a job depends on your skills, performance in the interview, the requirement of the company etc. How does sending an interview thank you email help? I never said this email will help you get a job. But, yes this will project you as a professional in front of the interviewer.

Professional – You may not possess all the skills required by the company. They may even reject you. But, before that allow them to think about you. Project yourself a professional if not this time still they may consider you in future. Send a courtesy email thanking them for spending their time with you and let them know that you look forward to a chance to work with them. People may not always look at skills but attitude also helps you land in your dream job. It shows your passion for a job and interviewer may consider.

Win the race – Does it mean only if you did fairly in the interview you must send a thank you email? No, even if you are sure of getting a job and you know you are the right candidate still send a thank you email. The interviewer will take some time to decide and might even look at many prospective candidates. Arrest that by quickly sending a thank you email and make the decision maker focus on you.

The first step to success – Sending a thank you email after an interview is your first step to succeed in the interview. In case you could not express your answers clearly during the interview due to any reasons, then you must at once pen down your thoughts and send an email. It will certainly make an impression to consider you for the job.

Make the difference and stand unique amidst the competitive world with this one email.

How To Write An Interview Thank You Letter

Now that you understand the need to write a letter, its time to know how to write an effective mail. Is it that important to learn the format to send a thank you email? Yes, it is because you are sending an email to your prospective employer and you never know. It is good to follow some steps and keep your letter professional, crisp and informative.

I have now divided the email into different sections as given below. Will explain you one about each section and help you understand how to make the best email thank you letter.

Nevertheless, I have also uploaded a variety of templates and you can download them. But this basic education of how to write an email will help you edit the template to your personal need. Remember, this template is accessible to all and you should not land in the soup by simply copying and pasting this content. Instead, use this template and still look unique by adding your thoughts to this wherever required.

  • Subject Line
  • Salutation
  • The body of the Mail
    • Introduction
    • Information
    • Conclusion
  • Signature

We will study each section in detail and after reading this you will feel like a pro to draft an interview thank you email to your hiring manager.

SUBJECT – Be clear and subject line in the key which will let the reader even open your email. Yes, the interviewer may not remember your name and might skip the email as spam. You need to catch the attention with your subject line and hence pay more attention here.

Use this format Name – Position Interviewed For – Date of Interview 

Now the choice is yours and you can decide the positioning of the above format. It can be a date, position, name or any order you prefer. Keep it short and do not write all in the capital. Let each beginning word be in the capital. Do not mention Thank you for an email as your subject even though that is what your email is about. Ask me why the interviewer might skip not reading the mail. So just kindle the curiosity and allow them to open your email.

SALUTATION – In the email, you need to start with a Hi. Yes, in this particular mail make sure you address the interviewer as Dear or Respected based on his age, experience and your position. Write their name with Mr/Ms next to the dear. You may take this lightly but trust me this is again important to further let the reader move forward.

BODY OF THE EMAIL – You first make it a point that there are going to be paragraphs. No single massive body with all the details you wanted to say. The human brain loves to read small things first and feel lazy to read a continuous big paragraph. So have minimum three paras starting with a brief intro, detailed second para and a conclusion. Do not write an intro, conclusion etc this is just for you to understand the crux of the matter.

First Paragraph – Thank the interviewer for the time and appreciate the good points you found about the person. Tell them what excited you about the interview. Try to make a connection with the interviewer to make him remember about you. Yes, you can specify some happenings or specific question during the interview. It is possible that the interviewer might meet many candidates and hence remind him about you.

Second Paragraph – Explain what your strength is in line with the position you’re applying for. Do not generalize and mention I am a good learner blah blah blah. If this requires more space then move to another paragraph.

Third Paragraph – Let them know what went wrong and how could have done better. You might have missed something due to nervousness and make a point that you know that in this mail.

Concluding Paragraph – Once again thank them and appreciate their efforts. Assure them that you can deliver your best and look forward to hearing from them.

SIGNATURE This cannot be handwritten as it is an email and hence write your name (first and last), your contact number, address and social media links. Who knows they may prevent reaching out to you because they could not locate your number.

In the end, provide a link to your resume that you submitted for the interview. They may recall you with your resume as well. Do not attach a resume as people fail to open mail with attachments from unknown recipients.

This small letter might be a turning point in your life and therefore do it with honest efforts.

Minor Areas To Focus While Writing An Impressive Thank You Letter – Small Tips With Big Impact

  • Depending on the company culture mention the date. Yes, the month date year format or date month year format. How will you know the company culture? If it is an Indian company it is the date, month and for the US it is month and date. So use your knowledge to mention here. Yes, it very crucial to give importance to such minute details.
  • Never be formal mention sir or madam in salutation. Gone are those days. Instead, use respected if you want to show your respect. Mention the last name if the interviewer is from the US and other countries as they prefer called by the second name. Use the first name for Indian nationals and that is their choice.
  • Not more than 3 lines in any para in the body of the mail. You can spilt your second para into multiple paras in case you want to discuss more details.
  • Provide some links in your mail about your works or article published related to the work you applied for.
  • Connect them to your professional social media profile in the event of you have some interesting details there.

When Should You Send An Interview Thank You Email

You may draft a great thank you email after searching across the internet and finding the best templates like the one available here. Good job. But not effective if you miss the bus. Confused about what I am conveying? Yes, the time factor is very critical to send the thank you email. It must be within 24 hours of your interview. The world is behind technology and people hang around with handheld devices. Make sure to send your thank you email quickly after the interview.

However, that does not mean you must keep these templates ready and shoot them after the interview from the cabin door. You need to invest some time and edit the content in the template to make the interviewer feel for your genuine efforts. Never, send the same template to all interviewers when you are interviewed by more than one. They always discuss. Be attentive and note each interviewer strength or manner to highlight that and send.

Both time factor and email content matters. You cannot take too much time and send a great email because it is well known that TIME AND TIDE WAIT FOR NONE. At the same time if you send a copied email on time still you won’t be seen because of the simple reason that YOU COPIED.

It is you who requires the job and you must put in honest efforts and send the email on time with genuine details. This will certainly help the interviewer take a decision when there is a cat on the wall situation.

Today there is no dearth for quality candidates in the market but you need to prove yourself best both in your knowledge and your attitude.

Top 5 Don’ts While Sending An Interview Thank You Email

So far you learnt about what must be done to show your right attitude. You got a hold on why to send a thank you email, how to send one when to do the same etc. It’s time to know what not to do. It is always said that it is better to do nothing than do a wrong thing. In the curiosity do not make the following mistakes and ruin your chances of getting a job.

  1. Slang – Never use slangs like Yep, Nope in an interview thank you email. Do not use dude, BTW, OMG etc. You need to remember that this is a formal email. No smileys strictly. Better to keep calm instead of sending a mail with such blunders. You are closing the door forever
  2. Over projecting – Do not overboard and appreciate the interviewer. Also, don’t tell too much about yourself. Quickly draft down what’s in your mind after the interview. Do not tell you to know the sky and did not have enough time to express during the interview.

Make sure not to pinpoint the mistakes of the hiring manager because that is not your business. In spite of it you want to tell, then be very subtle and tell in a positive manner.

For example, if they made you wait for long, then don’t tell them blunt but tell that it was worth waiting to meet this person and you had a great experience.

  1. Being careless – Again I remind you that it is a formal email and never make silly mistakes. Avoid spelling mistakes and check the grammar before you send. The small mistake you think might be a gaffe to the other person. It is for the first time you have met this person and hence you need to avoid being careless in your email.
  2. Misleading the interviewer – Do not give any fake input. Never ask another person draft email for you. Let the interviewer not doubt you comparing your interview performance and your email. Be genuine.
  3. Browse for details – Send the email within 24 hours after the interview is the thumb rule. Do not check for any answers on the internet after the interview and explain the same in the email. You can write in case you remembered something which you missed in the interview but do not obviously check online and send as if you know that.

These warnings may look simple at the prima face but trust me these will have their own impact. When you do something, then do it right. That is the reason why I am taking so much time in explaining these details to you instead of only loading the templates for your perusal.

Interview Thank You Email Format 

Yes, when I say formatting it is all about the font size, page margin etc. You may be a great communicator but a poor presenter, and then you lose the battle. Let us not miss out on any single detail. Here you go with the formatting details.

It is a good practice to draft your mail in the same window from where you will be sending the email. Do not write it in notepad or elsewhere and then paste it in the email window. It is not a mistake but each page will have a different alignment. For instance, you work in MS Word and Google docs both have its own size. Better to use the same page and if you’re worried about clicking on the send button before completing, then write the email id of the recipient at the end. This will avoid any confusion.

Getting into the actual business now. Write the subject line in running letters and not all capital. Do not keep a read receipt as many officials feel that annoying to be watched. Start with the salutation and do not write your details as you do in a formal letter writing. This is an email to start with a Dear / Respected.

Send personal mail to each interviewer in the panel, however, thank them all in each mail mentioning the name in the first paragraph. Let the recipient know that you have equal respect for all. For doing this you must know the name of all the interviewers. Ask them during the interview in case they fail to introduce themselves. Do not ask till the end and finally if they have not told their name, then politely request at the end of the interviewer.

Split the body of the mail into small paragraphs with a minimum of 3 and maximum 5 including the starting and the concluding para.

Choose a margin of 1 inch on all sides. Make your email left justified. Give a single spacing between each line. Leave a space after each paragraph. Fonts including Verdana, Time New Roman and Arial are suggested for their clarity. No italics and keep the font size between 10 and 12.

Tips For Making Your Thank You Email Have The Best Introduction 

  • Let your introduction of the thank you email be crisp.
  • It should precisely tell the reader that it is a mere thank you letter and not a feedback request mail. Do not ask for interview feedback anywhere.
  • Thank them for their time and the courtesy extended to you.
  • Appreciate their willingness to listen to you during the interview.
  • Do not over praise them and just be specific.
  • Highlight the points that you liked about the job.

Guidelines To End The Thank You Email In The Right Manner

Closing is important in any activity that you begin with. Many times we feel dumbfounded when a movie gets over abruptly. Yes, you realize only because people walk out of the theater room. Similarly, your email closing is also vital. Do not suddenly end the mail stating thank you.

In the last paragraph thank the interview once again and tell them that you look forward to working with them in a humble manner. At the same time don’t beg. Be firm and assure them your best service if offered a position in their company.

Use one of the closing phrases and stay professional.

  • With best regards
  • Your help is honestly appreciated
  • Many thanks
  • Thank you for your valuable time
  • With appreciation


How To Use The Interview Thank You Email Template 

We have identified the best thank you email templates and loaded them for your use in word format and PDF. But, you have a question and we understand you. Yes, you can use them for free but copying will not help you stand unique. You also want to know which template can be used for which position etc. To address all your anxiety and help you use these templates we have listed all the possible answers after talking to people. So move forward to have clarity about how to use these templates and still be unique.

First things first, and you must click the download link to save the document to your PC. Always save it to your PC and it may help you even at the time of crisis.

Next, to make life easy we have named the templates based on the usual interview positions in common. Technical interview thank you letter, HR interview thank you email, Finance Manager Interview thank you template etc. Therefore, you can filter your search and save those templates you require.

I will share a secret and do not tell anyone. Yes, you promised me to maintain the suspense and I will share this with you. If I were you, then I will download the template, not by the position I applied. You know why? Simple, because everyone will do that. I want to be unique so I will do it differently. In addition to downloading the template that is there for the position I applied, I will also download a couple of more general templates. Ask me why? Now, I will do a mix and match work. Yes, few sentences from each to make my own thank you an email.

Beware, you need to be smart enough to do this and do not mess up briefing the role of an admin when you attended an interview for an accounts receivable position. Write your skills and use these templates for the other appreciation areas.

Copy salutation from one template and closing phrase from another. There you’re done and it will make you stand unique.

So open the templates and copy the contents to a new document. Include your details in the appropriate places and then paste them in the email window. Do the necessary alignment following the tips are given above and proofread your email. You may even send the email to your email id and check how it gets displayed. Then send it to the recipient with a CC to your email id.

Thank You Email Template For The Second And Subsequent Interviews 

Till now we discussed the interview and in general, all the templates focus on the first interview. Now, we would like to get into specific information. Yes, what if you get a second interview call, video interview, HR interview etc. Should you still thank them? Of course, you must. Here you go with finer details and as usual free templates.

When you attend an interview in the same company with a different person, then you call it a next level discussion. This at times is an in-person one and other times a telephonic or video call. You can practice the habit of thanking the professional for spending time with you.

There is no major difference between a first interview and the subsequent ones except few which we will discuss. You must mention in the subject line along with the usual things about the interview round. Name – Position – Interview Date – Interview Round. This will help the deciding authority to know that you had some discussions prior. They may reach out for the papers and feedback to help them understand you better.

Salutation, Closing phrase, the Signature section will remain the same. The body of the mail will have some tweaks.

You need to start your email mentioning the name of the person and the interview date of your previous discussion(s). You need not tell this as an input but write as if you are glad that you received a call at this date which is so many days from the previous interview. Also, thank the previous interviewer mentioning his name for letting you come for the next level. By this action, you conveyed the details at the same time it did not look purposeful.

This act will help the company know that you’re serious about the job and hence you remember the details. You must copy the previous interviewer in this email and introduce both the people in case they are not connected.

For example, during your HR interview, you can write a mail to the HR person copying the technical interviewer as well. Thanking all for their time. This will also internally create a pressure on them to make a quick decision. Yes, that speeds up your interview process and selection decision.

Always make sure you talk to the point. Do mention about your previous interview in one line and continue with the current interview details. Do not repeat anything you mentioned before. Write a fresh email and do not forward that thank you email and continue. That interview is over and you got selected and hence you were called again. Don’t make their mailbox huge with your email.

Quickly reiterate your strengths, explain where you improved from the previous interview to express your interest in the company. 

Concluding Thoughts

We are glad that you will become a pro in writing a thank you email to the interviewer who took time to talk to you. Feel free to share your comments about the templates and write up and provide us with an opportunity to improve our services.

Be specific and ask us for any template you require in particular. For any unique skill or position, you may apply. We will be glad to brainstorm and arrive at a great interview thank you email template.

Happy Emailing!

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