Weather is awesome with cool breeze, the other side leaves are turning into attractive colors. That means, fall is upon us. I would say, Fall is the best time of the year and it is the time to celebrate Halloween. I know everyone is busy in shopping for Halloween decors like cobwebs and wicked hats. I don’t think you have forgotten to add jack o’ lantern in your list of Halloween decors that make your porch look attractive and extra festive.

Download our spooky and fun jack o’ lantern templates mentioned below after you have visited the pumpkin patch and select one for you to keep at your front step. Continue reading our post to learn more about spooky jack o’ lanterns.

Who is jack o’ lantern?

A jack o’ lantern is a carved turnip, or root vegetable lantern or pumpkin associated with Halloween. What Americans actually do to make jack o’ lantern!? Americans scoop out the pumpkin flesh carefully and carve a spooky and funny face into its rind and attach a candle inside it. These structures are called as jack o’ lanterns. Also, these jack o’ lanterns are proudly hanged or placed on porches and stoops. Not only Americans, jack o’ lanterns are famous all over the world.

Jack O Lantern Skull Patterns
Jack O Lantern Printable Mouth

Why is a jack o’ lantern called as jack o’ lantern?

Jack is a name commonly used to name boy children during 16th century. But in 17th century, it is referred to a night watchman, who literally carries a lantern. It is also used as a nickname for strange and flickering lights mistaken to be as ghosts. By mid of 18th century, young boys used gourds to spook people. Thus, the turnip lantern became jack o’ lantern and it has got the name after the fellow named Stingy Jack. Immigrants brought the custom of jack o’ lantern to North America. This is where pumpkins are used to for the first time in Halloween decorations.

Jack O Lantern Patterns Spider
Jack O Lantern Patterns Preschool

If you are looking for spooky decor jack-o’-lantern templates, check out our simple and fun jack-o’-lantern templates available in different designs and shapes. Have a look and download your favorite template for free.

Jack O Lantern Patterns Pokemon

Different types of Free Printable Jack-o’-Lantern Templates

Buzz Light year Jack O Lantern Template

Buzz Lightyear Jack O Lantern Template

Get into the perfect Halloween spirit using our Buzz Light year Jack O Lantern Templates. Free download and customizable. Do not forget to download the hero of the Halloween decors. These templates make your porches look spooky beyond your expectation.

Deer Jack O Lantern Template

Deer Jack O Lantern Template

Carve deer faces on your pumpkins to make an awesome looking buck Jack O Lantern. Using our free downloadable and printable fall pumpkin templates, carve a pretty harvest-themed Halloween decor.

Emoji Jack O Lantern Template

Emoji Jack O Lantern Template

As we all know, people are obsessed of emoji’s these days. Our Emoji Jack O Lantern Templates make your pumpkin carving so much fun. Have a try and you will definitely like it!

Golden Retriever Jack O Lantern Template

Golden Retriever Jack O Lantern Template

Golden Retriever is a perfect and innovative idea of carving pumpkins into beautiful jack o lanterns. No to wait or think to download it. I promise you will be amazed after downloading.

Headless Horseman Jack O Lantern Template

Headless Horseman Jack O Lantern Template
Jack O Lantern Horse Patterns

Headless Horseman Jack O Lantern Template is my personal favorite template I often use to decor my porches during Halloween. Hope it will become your favorite too! Happy downloading!

Jack O Lantern Dinosaur Patterns

Jack O Lantern Dinosaur Patterns
Jack O Lantern Dragon Templates

Jack O Lantern Dinosaur Patterns are kid’s favorite designs in Halloween decors. They love to carve the pumpkins in dinosaur shapes with full of interest and excitement. Try it once!

Jack O Lantern Letters Template

Jack O Lantern Letters Template
Jack O Lantern Printable Coloring Pages

Encourage your kids to draw and color Jack O Lantern Letters Template and it would definitely become a great craft idea. Our Jack O Lantern Letters Template provide a perfect activity to reinforce that idea.

Jack O Lantern Patterns Bat

Jack O Lantern Bat Template
Jack O Lantern Stencils Bats

Jack O Lantern Patterns in Bat shape will add an extra spooky touch to your Jack O Lanterns this Halloween. Ask your kids to trace this beginner’s bat template to make creative Jack O Lanterns.

Jurassic Park Jack O Lantern Template

Jack O Lantern Patterns Bat

Innovative and creative Jurassic Park Jack O Lantern Templates for free. Cut off the outlines and trace on the pumpkin and you are left with an awesome Jack O Lantern.

Vampire Jack O Lantern Template

Evil Jack O Lantern Template

Make your carved pumpkins look like Edward with vampire stencil. Bring the creative skill in you. Our pumpkin face template helps you to carve vampire face with spooky fangs. Give it a try.

Minion Jack O Lantern Templates

Jack O Lantern Patterns Minnie Mouse

Minions are another favorite character of kids. Add a touch of cartoon to your Halloween with our Minion Jack O Lantern Templates.

Rick and Morty Jack O Lantern Template

Jack O Lantern Patterns Frankenstein

A little inspiration to the Rick and Morty fans out there! Yes, our free Rick and Morty Jack O Lantern templates are ready to make your Halloween décor look stunning.

Mario Boo Jack O Lantern Template

Classic Jack O Lantern Template

Look at our designs and how we designed Mario Boo Jack O Lantern Templates. Bring Mario Boo into your Halloween with the help of our Mario pumpkin patterns.

Mike Wazowski Jack O Lantern Template

Elmo Jack O Lantern Template

If you need creative and innovative pumpkin carving templates and patterns, then here is a one for you. Check out our free templates and create a one for you. Let the Wazowski keep his eye on you this Halloween.

Raven Jack O Lantern Template

Jack O Lantern Patterns Spiderman

We are going to help you your jack o lantern looks at its best on your windows and doors. Use our Raven Jack O Lantern Template to create a beautiful template that watch over the neighbourhood ghosts and ghouls.

How the pumpkins are turned into jack o’ lantern

Jack O Lantern Craft Template

Be sure to simply follow the below mentioned steps before you start to decorate your porches with jack o’ lanterns.

  • Wash off the pumpkin to remove any dirt on it
  • Also remove the stem by slicing the pumpkin at the top in a circle shape
  • Clear the stuff inside the pumpkin including the seeds. You can have a protein packed treat with those pumpkin seeds. Surprising! All you need to do is bake the seeds with a little pinch of sea salt and spice it up. That’s it! Be adventurous with the food as well.
  • Now it is time to bring the spooky and fun jack o’ lantern templates into the picture. Choose your favorite template, download, print and tape it to one of pumpkin’s side where you wish to carve.
  • Take a short and sharp knife and get ready for cutting
  • After the cutting is done, place a candle inside the carved pumpkin and admire your hard work.
Jack O Lantern Patterns Lord Of The Rings

In addition, we also provide some alternatives if you and your children are not interested in carving with a knife.

  • Cover the pumpkin in gauze and turn it into a mummy
  • Use felt, glue and scissors to make cute figures
  • Paint a silly face rather than carving
  • Paint it with chalkboard paint and let your little ones color
  • Glue beads or buttons on it in spooky patterns
  • Decorate with yarn

History of jack o’ lantern

Jack O Lantern Paper Craft Template
Jack O Lantern Patterns Advanced

People across the world have been making spooky and fun jack-o’-lanterns during Halloween for centuries. As it already told it is originated from Irish myth which people believe that a boy named Stingy Jack is the reason. There is a story on Stingy Jack which tells, Jack invited the devil to have a drink with him and but he doesn’t interested in paying money for his drinks. In that process of cheating the devil, he tricked the devil and took a promise of not to bother him.

Originally, jack-o’-lanterns were carved using potatoes, turnips and some veggies. Soon after Jack died, the disappointed devil dint allow him to the hell and as a punishment they left the jack off into the dark with a burning coal to light his way. Since then people believe that Jack has put the coal into the turnip and roaming the Earth. Simply, Irish people call this ghostly figure of Jack as jack-o’-lantern. This is the very long history of jack-o’-lanterns.

Jack O Lantern Patterns Cheshire Cat
Jack O Lantern Patterns Girly

People of Ireland and Scotland started making of jack-o’-lanterns using turnips and potatoes by carving scary faces on them. Also, they display the spooky turnips near the doors and windows to frighten away the ghostly figures and any other wandering evil spirits. England people used large beets to make jack-o’-lanterns. Immigrants from these countries brought the jack-o’-lanterns custom to United States. Later they found the native fruit of America i.e. Pumpkin is perfect for jack-o’-lanterns.

Final conclusion

Our killer list of jack o lantern templates helps you to bring a new spooky touch apart from regular ones. Want to experience it in your Halloween décor. Then, what are you waiting for! Download our stunning templates and decorate your door steps beautifully. Keep the ghosts away from your Halloween celebrations by making easy, spooky and fun jack o lanterns. Happy Halloween folks out there!

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