Every individual has been showing key concerns for their health and dietary habits in the past few years. With the rise in poor dietary habits and health problems like obesity and cardiovascular disease, many healthcare professionals and government agencies are taking initiatives for introducing information about how much and what portion of food is needed and important for a person’s diet.

Labeling a food item is one of the important initiatives that help the consumer to make healthy and safe choices about the food. These Labels provide the improved knowledge necessary for consumers so that they can read and interpret these food labels to make informed choices in the context of a person’s GDA, i.e., Guideline Daily Amounts.

The Labels are found on many foods and drink packs that provide information about how much energy, fat, sugar and salt in a stated amount should be included in the portion of food and should be taken. This explanation helps the consumer to know of an adult’s GDA and how to use nutritional literacy to improve diets and health. The Label templates on food items aimed at enabling effective measures for people to take more care of their health.

Nutrition Facts Label Templates


Nutritional Facts are must when designing the labeling for a food package item. They contain information about the ingredients along with other labeling providing the contact details that are either located in the details section. Based on availability of space or no space the placeholder is placed which is clearly visible to the customer.


These Nutrition facts are wrapped inside the box with a minimum of 0.5 – point rule with a light background and dark bold text in contrast. Inside the box, no graphic is used.


In one of their examples, FDA has used Helvetica font family. It is not certain to use the same. One can use any legit font family. Condensed fonts can also be used.

Nutrition Facts Table Template 


Format type01:

Table heading contains info about the per day amount serving, % DV(Daily Value) should be approx. Of six-point type and all the necessary nutrient information should be in approx. eight-point type.

The Heading “Nutrition Text” should be most significant compared to other text may be of approx. More than eight points.

The main section is divided by three horizontal lines and no compulsion in using varying thickness size.

The size of type text should not be lesser than six points, and that of uppercase text should not be more than 0.06 inch.


Format type 02:

FDA provides a detailed example of each format in the table. Some of its details are listed below:

“Calories” are mentioned in numbers and are the largest value of information

Added Sweetening Agent namely Sugar is mentioned

The %Daily Value changed

No mention of Vitamin C & A

Potassium and Vitamin D are mentioned

For some food items, RACC is changed. First, find new values and then mention it.

Changes have been made in DV and RDI value.

Bilingual Nutrition Facts Template 


The Nutritional Facts are also mentioned in more than one language. Other than English, any regional language can also be used for labeling the packaged food item in agreement with 101.15 © (2).

Blank Nutrition Facts Template 


Many times the storage container of a food item is not created with a transparent material. Hence it prevents helping a consumer to know about the ingredients of the food item. Based on the customer and an organizational standpoint, labeling is designed in such a way that consumer can quickly get the impression of the food items.


Importance of Nutrition Facts Sheet Template 


Having a Food label is very important and is the reason is: 

With proper labeling on a packaged food item, the organizer finds easy in organizing various food items. By looking directly at the food labeling before looking inside the packaging, the consumer can get a better judgment of what ingredients they look for. For those new to the kitchen, just by looking at ingredients mentioned on the food tag, they can differentiate between what food item to be used.

Sometimes available designs and patterns are not sufficient enough to project a person’s ideas on labels. High-Quality templates designing food labels are available online and can easily be downloaded and customized. 

Nutrition Facts Simplified Format 

Tips for designing Food Labels


Certain tips and points are to be followed while projecting the ideas and creativity in designing the Food Labels for packaged food items.

The important point that should not be missed it about the nutrition fact label size.  A suitable size should be selected by taking the proper measurement of the food containers. By doing so, it gives an idea of space to be utilized and content to be used. Proper content together with an effective design helps in creating a good Food label that can draw the attention of many consumers.

Nutrition Facts Standard Format


In this section, standard to be followed while deciding and recommending the size, style, and typeface for a panel of Nutrition Fact Label is discussed.

Font Style approved by FDA for Nutrition Label

It is not necessary to follow and copy the font style of the example provided by FDA. One can use any legit Font style and Font family. Arial Font style is used for formatting of text in Food Label design by ESHA’s Genesis Research and Development program.

Font sizes and styles for FDA label

Font sizes followed by FDA for Nutrition Label

It is not necessary to indent all the contents of the label. Nutrition Facts, quantity per serving, Total Fat and Carbohydrate, etc. can be highlighted by making them bold or extra bold for more emphasis

Tips to use Nutrition Facts Template PSD 

  • If you have decided to keep a picture of a related food item in the label and you have it either of higher or lower resolution, using photoshop, the pixels of an image can set to 300 PPI.
  • If an image is placed on an apparent canvas, saved to a file, before any other element than that layer becomes the actual layer for that particular image.
  • If you use a place to call an image from a file, the image turns into Smart Object. Later, resizing it back to the original.
  • If you want to hide few parts of the image and want few visible elements as well, then use “Add Layer mask” tab from underneath the panel.

Love Nutrition Facts Template


FDA Nutrition Facts Label Template



 Nutrition Facts Template For Illustrator 

Adobe Illustrator can be used to edit and customize pdf files. Inside the Label Formats, Nutritional panel contents can quickly be pasted after copying. Check and ensure about all the label contents before taking out prints

Nutrition Facts Template For Word / Nutrition Facts Template For Excel 

Gather complete information regarding the food item for which labeling design is being created. Information about the size of the serving, nutrient information like calories, fats, proteins, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, etc.

If using Excel or Word, combine cells of rows 15, 14, 9, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 1. Outside rows 15 and 3, a thick border should be created, and at row 5, a medium size thick bottom border should be created. On others, standard line base border should be formed. At row 1, font size 13 should be used. At row 18, 6 and 4, the font size of 6 points to be used and for others use a font size of 8 points.

Cereal Nutrition Facts Template   


By looking at the food label, one can determine its nutritional value and can keep a check on their diet. These labels listed out the ingredients with their serving size, amounts of serving and percentage of daily value which helps a person in determining a balance and healthy diet. Restaurants, hotels should provide nutritional information about the food before serving.

Water Bottle Nutrition Facts Template 

Like any packaged and processed food item, water bottles, energy drinks, etc. should also contain Nutrition fact label telling about the constituents of water like fluorides, calcium, sodium ions sulfates, etc.

Unlike Food Labels, details about fats, cholesterol, calories, etc. are set at 0 in water label stickers. The details about sodium, magnesium, sugar might show some numerical value.

As per FDA rules and regulations, the bottled water label should show the important information about the packager and distributors of the, particularly bottled water.

Candy Bar Nutrition Facts Template 


Easy to edit text

Templates and wrappers for labels can easily be edited and using PDF (Adobe Reader) can easily be customized.

Open the downloaded template for the label, highlight the specific text to be edited and enter in there. No need to reset fonts as they are already set inside the template.

Easily customized





If you are looking for personalization for your business, go for Nutritional Facts. The box is present in every template and can easily be subjected to modify as per choice.

Each template comes with a customized barcode and Nutrition fact box, which can easily be modified and edited with creativity.

Baby Shower Nutrition Facts Template 









Different examples of designing a Baby-Themed Nutrition Facts Label

For any flavor of food like Packaged baby corn, popcorns, candy, etc. if you want to customize the Nutrition value in a baby-themed style, you can combine your creativity. Different type of combinations and creations like %RDA for single babies is 100% and for twin babies is 200% etc. Given below are some of the examples which can be welcome with these combinations:

  1. The rate of soiled Diapers
  2. Sleep deprived nights
  3. Proud Parents Moments
  4. Baby Fashion Sense
  5. Parent’s Unconditional Love
  6. Baby’s Sweet Smiles
  7. Dad’s great sense of humor
  8. Mother’s charming beauty

Fact related to Nutrition

The heading “Nutritional Fact” should be the text with most massive font size in the panel compared to the numeric values of calories. Always maintain the size difference between the heading and other text inside the panel. For instance, if you are following a 16 – point font style for calories then must follow the size higher than 16 points for Nutritional Facts heading.

  • Standard formats, follow at least font size 16
  • Linear and Tabular formats, follow font size 10

Servings as per container size

  • Standard formats, 10 font size
  • Linear and tabular formats, 9 font Size

Size of Servings + Amount of Servings Size

  • Standard formats, font size 10
  • Linear and tabular formats, the font size, is 9

The proper details about the size of serving should be mentioned on the label if there is ample of space. Do not use type size smaller than 8 points for any size of the package while indicating details about the size of the serving.


Amount Per Serving

  • For all formats, use 6 as font size

Number of Calories

  • Standard formats, 16 font size
  • Linear and Tabular formats, 10 font size

Numeric Calorie Value

  • Standard formats, 22 font size
  • Linear and Tabular formats, 14 font size

%DV Heading

  • For all formats, use 6 as font size

Nutrients and %DV Value

  • For all formats, use 8 as font size


  • For all formats, use 6 as font size

Every packaged food item has to be labeled, and it shall provide following information:

  1. Name of the Food
  2. List of Ingredients
  3. Nutrition Information
  4. Declaration regarding Veg, Non-Veg and Food Additives
  5. Manufacturer contact details
  6. Date of manufacturing and packaging
  7. Net Quantity
  8. Best before or Use By Date
  9. Code No./Batch No.
  10. Instruction for use

Example of details mentioned in a nutrition facts label of packaged and processed food item:

  1. Number of Calories
  2. Fat including Saturated Fat and Trans Fat Percentage
  3. Amount of Cholesterol
  4. The quantity of Salt
  5. Carbohydrate Percentage
  6. Dietary Fiber Percentage
  7. Amount of Added Sugars
  8. Percentage of Protein
  9. Amount of Minerals and Vitamins.

One can find many dummy samples for Nutritional Facts template and can customize accordingly. These downloadable templates can easily be placed on containers or storage jars of any size.

Other customizable ideas for designing a template:

Different icons and cohesive patterns can be used while designing a template. Graphics like the imagery of food item can also be placed altogether with similar pattern and logos or icons. One can have a personalized food labeling style that can become one’s signature for its food items. Different designs, textures, and fonts can create a simple yet attractive food label.

Fonts to be used for text in Label designs:

Using a proper text is important for showcasing the designs and visually attracting the customer. The overall success and effectiveness of a food item lie in the hands of the appropriate nutrition fact label.

Few ideas to be followed while selecting fonts for the text of labels:

Always keep in mind that your font should be readable. Sometimes people choose fancy fonts forgets about their readability factor and focuses more on the attractive part. Do not repeat this mistake. The customer can be impressed with the attractive font, but if it is hard to read, the consumer might not go for that particular food item. Text font should be subtle, readable and must go along with design and pattern of your food label template.

Online Nutrition Label Creator 

For quick processing of designing a food design template, FDA has approved for Online Nutrition Label generator. These are very friendly to the users, and this online software allows to design the templates quickly.  It saves time and effort and only requires creativity and ideas. You can easily create a customized template using Online Nutrition label Generator.

Following easy five easy steps, Online label generator quickly provides a high-quality food label to food manufacturers within a short span of time.

  1. Click and increase the size of the image
  2. Listed out all the Ingredients
  3. Mention the details about the serving portion and the number of portions per container
  4. Add details about the ingredient by modifying them and mention allergy statement related to any ingredient.
  5. Personalize and take a print out of the FDA approved panel of Nutritional Facts.

Last few cents,

Feel free to use the templates for making the right nutrition fact label or table and provide proper information to the user about your food product.

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