If you have the zest to offer pest control services, then we appreciate your thinking. We just don’t stop with applause but provide you with different types of the logo to choose for your business. Yes, they are indeed for free. Before you look into the logo, we would like to give you an insight about how to create a logo on your own. In case you have time and want to make one on your one follow the tips given, else directly download the logo and start branding your business.

Either way, we wish you all the best! Come let’s begin to read and select the best logo for your pest control business.

The essence of pest control logo

If you want to kill pest and protect your customer’s house, lawn, factory, office etc, then you first need a killer pest control logo

A well-designed logo is your brand ambassador. Yes, you can promote your business with your logo.

What comes to your mind, when you see this bitten apple Yes, you are right not the apple a day keeps the doctor away, but the Apple Company and their great electronic devices. Do I need to now tell you more about the essence of a logo for your business?

An effective logo must be colourful, attractive, give some message, and finally be unique. That’s exactly why we wanted to explain the secret behind designing a logo so that you can make your own and stand different in the competitive market.

Still, it’s okay when you don’t have time choose one among the free logos given and edit them to modify to make it exclusive. Save time but don’t compromise is our policy.

How to create an attractive pest control logo

There are many online logo makers which you can use to design a logo. However, this post will teach you how to design a logo using Adobe Photoshop in just 600 seconds.

  • Open a new blank document in your Photoshop of any size. For the logo, we suggest 500 x 500.
  • Next using the pen tool draw line and then drag it at the end. Enter “p” and that is the shortcut to choose pen tool. You can draw the basic form of your logo in this step.
  • Then try to layer your logo. Here you can copy paste logo and transform the shape into smaller or bigger than the original. Colour the logo with the paint bucket tool and remember to load the selection and just not fill it.
  • Repeat the above step and transform shape until you are happy with your logo.

Yes, you’re done save to preview your logo. It is ready for print or download. Take a look at this video if you need to get the look at feel of Photoshop.

With this, we would like to let you know the 20 different kinds of logos and what makes them special for your pest control business.

  1. This logo is the most simple and best one for all your roaches’ services. If you specialize in providing pest control service for cockroaches, then this logo is yours. The black ring outside the roach means that you circle every single roach with your powerful pest control method.
  1. Say no to pest by choosing this logo that slashes of any kind of pest. The strong orange colour indicates that the pest is burned with the fire.
  1. Award winning logo which looks like a crown with blue on the top and yellow colour at the bottom. The entire pest including mosquitoes is removed completely from the place.
  1. Another logo that has a 3D effect for the work pest control to strongly influence the customer. The bright blue coloured logo with a spider in black in the centre gives the client an opinion that your control service will not spare the spiders as well which often build their home without paying any rent in their custom.
  1. The apt logo for your pest control service which you just intend to start with organic ingredients. Yes, the go green says no to chemicals and provides effective pest control with this logo.
  1. The 3 coloured hexagon pest control logo will impress the client who looks for an exclusive pest control service. This logo indicates that you will eliminate all kind of pest from the root. Yes, the white in the centre is the emblem of most bothering termites.
  1. This logo shows that a man with a mask in his face and vigilant in looking at every corner to remove pest including rats, roaches, flies, and all insects.
  1. The funny frog logo green in colour with a star indicates that like a frog which swallows all pest with its sticky tongue, your service will not spare any pest and you use the stick pad to catch all pest.
  1. Not even ants are allowed and that is when this logo will play a role. The red and black crown type logo traps the ant and indicates the client your capability in pest control service.
  1. Use this logo and symbolically let know clients that you say no to roaches with your effective fumigation pest control services.
  1. You mean to the customer that you double check the pest with a red and a black ring. This logo is bright and attractive.
  1. The simple thin logo is elegant and the antenna of the ant extends till the control with an orange colour to indicate that your support reaches till the end to remove the pest.
  1. This circle pest control log with black and yellow colour catches all termites. Your specialized pest control service for termite must have this logo.
  1. The armed man with a shield in his left hand will certainly get that appealing look for your business. Choose this logo and convey to customers that you will protect them from all pest.
  1. Traditional pest control logo where a man is moving around with pest control spray across the garden to get rid of mosquitoes, ants, and termites.
  1. The bright red colour thrashing out ants is an excellent symbol for your business as it is catchy and conveys the message.
  1. Graphical cockroach on this logo looks terrific. The Red Cross on it indicates a big no to a cockroach. This is what exactly your services mean and let your logo speak your business.

18. The winner crown pest control logo that sends termites, flies, rats, and mosquitoes out of the house, office, and any kind of building. The red pest control wording adds more liveliness to the logo.

19. Simple two layered crown shaped pest control logo is the award-winning logo and also has not forgotten to convey the message. Yes, the no to roaches is the heart of your service. Choose this logo and rock your business.

20. A unique black with yellow combination logo gives a daring look. The coaches have to stay away when you step in with your service is the representation of this logo.

Feel free to choose any logo from here for free. Add them to Photoshop to edit colour, design etc. Get going with your pest control business with these logos.

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