Hey, welcome thanksgiving with all cheer in your face. Yes, every year during this time we feel to express our gratitude to all those who contributed to our life. That not only reminds us about thanking others but calls for a celebration too. I am sure guessed what I am talking about? Did you?

I will tell you and it’s all about Thanks Giving. Last week of November, every year is the right time to have fun meeting people and enjoying. At the same time, we need to engage kids in the party and make them involved too. Here comes your responsibility. Wondering what?  Engaging kids.

Stay assured that with the pilgrim hat templates you can make the event memorable and include kids to have all the cheer. This page consists of many different types of pilgrim hat templates for your perusal. Use them for free and also, we have given details about how to make one. Follow this page to learn and use templates for free.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Template DIY

How To Make A Pilgrim Hat Template (Step By Step) 

Become best-dressed person in your Thanksgiving dinner with these hats. Follow the instruction to make a simple one without much effort. You can even take help from kids to do this DIY.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Template DIY

Step1: Take a black cardstock, brown cardstock, scissors, gold glitter paper, stapler, and glue. Now print the template from this page in a regular paper to get going.

Step 2: Cut the hat and paste it in the black cardstock.

Step 3: Cut the band and paste it in the brown cardstock.


Step 4: Strip of the buckle and put them on the glitter paper. In case you cannot find the glitter paper, then you can just sprinkle glitters on the regular paper.

Step 5: Take three strips in the lengthwise direction to make the band using the brown paper. Let the length of the paper be measured based on the head circumference. Kids might find it well fitting if you can take this extra step. Attach another strip if the length is not sufficient. Paste this in front of the hat.

Step 6: Staple this with the hat on the backside giving ½ inch space.

Step 7: Paste the gold buckle in such way it covers the staple.

Step 8: Keep the long band covering the head and measure properly to staple the edges together.

Very simple right? Yes, it is and you’re done with the pilgrim hat. You’re ready for the party.

How To Make Pilgrim Hat Out Of Construction Paper 

This time let us explain how to make the pilgrim hat using construction paper. First, follow this checklist and get the items listed. Don’t panic and they are all available at your house and nothing needs to be purchased not very expensive.

Materials Required

  • Construction paper of size 12.5 x 9 in orange, gold, yellow, white and black.
  • Scissors
  • Punching machine
  • Stapler
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Lace



Cut the black paper that measures 12.5 x 9 inches. Mark 6.25 inches in the top and that becomes the centre. Now mark 2.25 inches to left and right of that centre point. So you now have the 4.5 inches top for the hat.

In the bottom take 1.25 inches on either side of the paper and draw a connecting line to the top. Also, draw connecting line to the edge of the paper and the brim of the hat.

It is ready to cut and use scissors to cut them.

Take orange paper 1.25 x 7 inches and paste using the glue to make the band. Use a yellow paper 2.5-inch square to make the buckle. Mark the centre and make 1 inch square around it. Cut it out to paste the buckle to the hat using glue.

Take the black paper and cut 2 strips 1.25 x 8 inches each and attach them on the hat. This will complete the entire process and your pilgrim hat is ready.


How To Make Pilgrim Hat Cupcakes – 6 Step Instruction

  1. From the long side of the paper measure an inch and fold and apply glue.
  2. Then measure 5/5 inches and mark, repeat again.
  3. Now measure 3 inches up.
  4. Cut along the lines and fold the flaps outside together to paste with the glue.
  5. Make holes using a punching machine on the front bottom of the hat. Match the edges to mark and punch the second hole.
  6. Tie the lace on the holes together to make knots.


Pilgrim Hat Template For Toddlers


How To Make A Pilgrim Hat For Dog 

Your little dog the most loyal pet deserves a pilgrim hat to join the party and here you go to gift your pet. You don’t need paper and cardstock but a paper cup will do. Yes, the tiny little head can get a hat with the paper cup. Turn the cup upside down and pour hot glue on its top till it overflows and occupies the sides of the cup. Allow it to cool and paint the glue portion and the cup with black paint.

To make the band for the hat cut an orange paper to 1 inch and make a strip use glue to attach it with the hat on its widest portion. Make a buckle with a 1.5-inch square yellow or gold paper to and paste it on the band and hat together.


Brim for this hat is done by cutting a black paper after measuring the head circumference of the dog and paste to the wider open side of the cup. Let the bonnet stay on your dog hat with the help of an elastic cord and tie that on either side of the brim.

You can now take your pet puppy or dog to the Thanksgiving dinner and it is ready with the theme hat.

Pilgrim Hat Template For Preschool

Let all the preschool kids have all fun on earth during this Thanksgiving wearing the pilgrim hat. You can find these readymade templates of different size to quickly cut and paste to make your little princess and prince celebrates. Suggestion: Print them on color papers to add more vibrance to the Pilgrim Hat Template For Kindergarten. 

Pilgrim Boy Hat Template 

These templates are specially designed for the naughty boys. Do not paste feathers when the little lads are going to wear the hat. These templates can be printed and are ready to use with personalization of your creativity. 

Pilgrim Hat Template Girl


Black Pilgrim Hat Template 

Black pilgrim hats make the difference as they give a magician look to you during the Thanksgiving eve. You can even arrange for some magic show to surprise your guest with the black pilgrim hats.

Pilgrim Hat With Buckle 

Pilgrim hat with buckle can be made quickly following the instructions given above. All you must do is print the template to make the hat. Use a color paper of your choice to make the buckle. Usually, it is gold or yellow color but that is not a rule. So make a buckle based on your choice with any color and check the size to fit the hat and enjoy.

Pilgrim Hat And Collar Template 

A complete pilgrim hat costume for your dog should have the hat and the collar. So you can find the pilgrim hat and collar template. Print the template and cut as per the directions were given to get a hat and a collar. Paste them with glue per specification to wear the pretty hat to your dog. The collar can be printed on a white paper for best results. Paste the white collar on a felt to give better look when used on kids.

Pilgrim Hat On Turkey 

Turkey day dinner is one of the occasions most looked at by both kids and elders during the Thanksgiving time. You can make this day a special one by turning your traditional pilgrim hat with turkey feathers to stay in line with the dinner theme.


You must get the pilgrim hat ready and then take some feathers which are readily available on stores and online shops. Decorate your pilgrim hat with these feathers and you’re done.

Alternatively, you can make turkey hat for this special day with the help of kids who would love to meddle with colors.

Things needed

  • Paper plate –White
  • Paint colors of kid’s choice
  • Scissors (help kids cut and let them not handle on the own)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Color paper
  • Glue
  • Brown craft foam
  • Stapler


Cut the paper plate into half. You can make two hats with one plate. So let’s take one half for one hat. Pain the groves with different colors by making use of the cotton swab.

Take a brown paper cut it into a circle with a diameter of 6 inches. Cut it into half and paste it on the paper plate.

Use another color preferably a light color paper to cut a circle of 3-inch diameter for the turkey head. Two small circles for eyes using black paper. Small diamond shapes cut from orange paper for the beak and use red paper for the wattle. Paste all to form the shape and its ready to wear now.

Pilgrim Hats With Peanut Butter Cups 

Here you can use the pilgrim hat template of peanut butter cup shape to make cupcakes in that shape. They will be the best dessert in your thank giving dinner.

Use the mould and tint them with frosting orange. Place a chocolate wafer in the centre and glue the peanut butter cup upside down with the wafer. Add a square buckle and sever them for dinner.

Pilgrim Hats Made With Marshmallows 

Can you imagine making pilgrim hats with marshmallows? It is very easy and has fun this time following these simple steps.


Melt the chocolate chips and allow it to cool. Then have your kids ready to take the pride of making on their own. Give them marshmallow, toothpicks, fudge striped cookies and melted chocolate.

Ask the kids to insert the toothpick in the marshmallow and then dip into the melted chocolate bowl. Let them spread the chocolate evenly using a spoon. Now they will place the coated preparation on the cookie in the centre. Removing the toothpick will now give a perfect pilgrim hat shape to the marshmallows.

Pilgrim Hat Line Drawing

If you want to make your kids more professional than ever before in making pilgrim hats, then you must take a print out of the pilgrim hat template given her and ask them to draw on them. This line drawing technique will make them a pro in mastering the shape of the hat. So use these templates to teach your kids learn making pilgrim hats.

Pilgrim Hat Coloring Page 

Don’t wait for the online provider to deliver your pilgrim hat coloring books during the festival season. It might get delayed. Alternatively, print these templates of different pilgrim hat and staple them to make a coloring book. Give it to your toddlers, kids, boys and girls to let them color to express their coloring talent.

Pilgrim Hat Printable

Female Pilgrim Hat Template

These templates differ from the usual one as they are specially designed for the girls. Yes, for all the little red riding hoods. You can make them using an 11 x 17 white paper. Also keep lace, scissors, stapler beside before starting the work.

Cut the paper along the 17-inch side for 4 inches in two places leaving 1/3 interval between the two. Fold the one inch on the other side of the 17-inch side to the back side. Staple the two outer sections together. Pull the centre cut part down and again staple. Make holes on the chin side and tie the lace. Can you believe that you’re done? Yes, you are. Feel great that your girl pilgrim hat is ready. However, if you have no time or worried about the measurement, then simply print the template given here and cut them as marked to get the hat ready within no time.

Happy Thanksgiving the year 2018 and years to come. Visit us any number of time to get these easily printable pilgrim hat templates to add spice to your celebration.

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