Irrespective of your business size you can promote your business with this one simple technique. Yes, a sure-fire approach to making people look at your store. Identifying customers is one side of the coin and retaining is another side.

The secret which I will share with you will make feel flying high as it is the cost-effective marketing idea to loyal tie-up customers with your business.

Without dragging the suspense further let me break the ice and introducing punch cards in your business will do the magic for your business growth.

Read more to not only understand the “what” and “how” about a punch card but every time you want punch cards to feel free to visit us and download punch cards for free. We have meticulously collected several models of punch card templates for your perusal.     


Punch Card Templates 

Ok, to simply describe punch card in one line it is a card printed in a chart, cardboard, or a laminated paper. This will allow customers to make an entry every time they make any purchase from your store online or in person. You will get an idea about frequent visitors to your store. By announcing some offers for such users, you can get more customers and hence expand the business.

The purpose of a punch card is to promote your business. Therefore you must call it a loyalty program card as well. This will be as small as a business card. You can design them using the following steps or quickly download the premade templates and distribute to your customer when they visit your store first time.

Details Found in Business Punch Cards 

Alternatively, online purchasers can download from the site directly. What will they do with the card will be discussed later in this article.

Now understand what details you must include in this card. You need to provide all details in short as you can visualize the business card size. All information must be present but not crowded at the same time.

Carnival Punch Card Template

Computer Punch Card Template

5 important details to be printed in your card to boost your sales 5x

  1. Company name or logo. Preferably company name as a logo in the top center must clutter your card. You can place it in the corner if you wish to on the left or right side top. However, the company name is sufficient.
  2. Enter the symbol denoting the punches. You can keep simply empty circles as well. But make sure to make a mention in the last punch that will motivate buyers to reach the goal.
  3. Under that don’t forget to give your shop, showroom address. This will help even new buyers to navigate your place quickly.
  4. Whether you run an online shop or not make sure to provide the email and phone number. In the Smartphone era, people prefer sending an enquiry via email or WhatsApp. To keep your business model on the toes, you must include these two details.
  5. Also, be creative in naming your reward program to differentiate your different punch cards and thus print that name in the card. Tip: Keep the title catchy, short and relevant to the promotional offer.

Sounds very easy right, yes it is. And, you can mention the terms and conditions of your program behind the card. This will add more professionalism to your business.

People will understand the offer details and make a purchase accordingly. 

Salon Punch Card Template

Reward Punch Card Template 

The word reward is most liked by the customers when they purchase from any shop. You can announce a reward for locking your customer with you forever. But, remember to be very constructive in announcing rewards.

Top 3 rewards to increase your sales 30x 

Link your rewards with your card and once the customer completes the punch card let them make use of the benefit. This will fetch you more business and make them feel glad to collect the reward.

  1. Let them know that they can buy for free during their last purchase from the punching card.
  2. You can also offer them free tickets. For instance, if you run a sports store, then offer them a free ticket to a sports event.
  3. Another best reward is to give an offer on another purchase to lure customer to buy one product.

These are the top 3 rewards customer prefers, and they are the sure-fire tricks to make them stick to your store.

However, other offers like buy ten get one free, discount coupons etc. can be given.

Christmas Punch Card Template

Loyalty Punch Cards 

You launch a loyalty punch card for the following 2 reasons.

  1. To express your loyalty to the customers who helped you grow your business.
  2. To appreciate your customers for being loyal to you and your business.

Even though loyalty programs are launched to share your emotional feeling with your clients, it must have some thrill and fin in it. So you can announce some games of some kind to encourage new clients to purchase your products. 

Bathroom Pass Punch Card Template

How To Make A Punch Card In Word 

Friends, I would honestly want you to use the array of punch cards lined up for you here for free. However, knowledge is wisdom and hence wanted to share the secret. DIY for making punch card in the word.

Open MS word and take a new business card template available for free. Save it first not to lose any of your hard work. Save it with the name of your loyalty program for easy identification.

Then start editing the business card with all the details you require for your reward program. Alternatively, you can also use a normal word page and draw boxes of the size you desire and print them to cut and use it as a punch card.

Inside the box first add some background colour, design etc. Then place your store logo on the corner. Select a legible font to type your company name. Do not use exceed font size 18 as it may make your card look very clumsy.

Then insert one circle inside the box from the shapes. Double click on it to change color and then copy it to paste it the number of times you desire. If you are planning to reward after 10 purchase, then paste ten circles. The choice is yours. Now, you can leave them empty, or enter numbers in them.

Fifty per cent of the task is over. There is a card with an arrangement for punches. Below that mention your contact details. You can even include the reward details in the last punch to enthuse buyers.

Save the card and its ready for printing.

Car Wash Punch Card Template

Steps To Plan Your Business Loyalty Program Using Punch Cards 

Let’s understand the details about the right way to plan the loyalty program using a punch card to make it a grand success. Every success happens only after proper planning and real hard work. So begin with a brainstorming discussion with your team and draw a plan.

Objective: Even before you plan the way to execute your loyalty program, make sure you set the goal for your reward program. Much of the research is required to set a goal for the loyalty program. You must know which product sells high and which one will bring you more profit. What is the requirement among people? Based on your business you must analyze all such details to come up with an ultimate goal that will serve the purpose.

Announce Loyalty Program: Once you decide on the product, you will have an idea about how frequently you must release the loyalty program. For instance, certain products sell seasonally, and for them, you need to have a loyalty program at those specific times. Likewise, plan your loyalty program and then issue a loyalty card.

Over a period your regular purchasers will become your brand ambassador as they know your plan and will spread the word.

Follow the timelines: After fixing the time for the loyalty programs never deviate. It is better not to launch a reward program than failing to abide by timelines.

Collect Feedback: Once to set a goal, plan and execute a punch card reward program you must not stop there. Continue to talk to your customers and collect their feedback. This will help you make corrections and revise your program in the future.

Now you are all set to go and launch a reward program to appreciate your loyal customers who support you continuously. 

Dines Punch Card Template

Benefits Of Punch Cards For Business 

Let us make you understand clearly about the real need for a punch card in business. It not only gets you customer but does more than that.

Pull up your socks to read carefully to take all the benefits offered by the punch card reward program.

  1. Every business focuses on the customer, and it is well known that customers are the kings. Especially in a business that sells consumer goods, a customer who comes to their shop on a daily basis matters. The punch card reward program helps you to retain the customer and also add more to your shop. One satisfied customer will refer your service to 10, and this number keeps growing. You get free brand ambassadors to recommend your service to others.
  2. Appreciating is the gesture to express love and gratitude. By giving small rewards via punch card, you let your customer that you care for them. This will make them emotionally attached to you. Making money is a momentary success, on the other hand, winning loyal customers is a permanent
  3. Competitors come next to the customers. Winning them and taking the lead is another milestone in your business. You can win any competition with small rewards. Thus punch card reward idea will take you to the top and hold you there for long.
  4. Cost-effective solution to drive your business to top. Yes, it does not cost you anything to initiate a punch card program. Especially with our free templates you need not spend a penny. But will get huge returns, sounds great right? Rock your business with punch cards.

Golf Punch Card Template

Let’s look at different punch card templates available and their uses.

You can get some idea about how and when to use these different punch cards.

Beer Punch Card Template

Buy 10 Get 1 Free Punch Card Template

10 is neither too small nor too big. It is the optimum number. Do want to know why it is optimum? It is because, when people purchase 10 times in your store you offer them some reward the tenth time. Which means they will come to your shop 9 times to get that free offer on the tenth time. You will get benefitted as they will make a purchase and they will also equally benefit due to your reward program.

Three might be too quick, and you may incur loss and more than 10 will not entertain customers to wait for so long to get rewarded. Does it make sense to you? Then don’t wait quickly download this buy 10 get 1 punch card template and skyrocket your business.

Orienteering Punch Card Template

Dance Punch Card Template

Frequent Buyer/Shopper Punch Card 

Indeed it is a good initiative to appreciate people who visit your store often. For achieving best results use the frequent buyer punch card. These cards will encourage those customers who visit your store frequently to purchase stuff.

Follow them for a few times to know what they purchase during every visit. Issue them with frequent buyer cards and motivate them to visit your shop several times. A token of small recognition will make them happy.

Incentive Punch Cards 

Incentive cards are given to those customers who refer your business to their friends and relatives. You can reward them with some incentive for having recommended your service even without you asking for.

Companies used to give referral bonus to employees who refer right candidates for an open position. Similarly, you can give some bonus or incentive to your regular customers who get you more clients.

Behavior Punch Card Template 

Do we really need to monitor the behavior of the customer in the shop? Yes, you need to. How does that matter? Do not feel overwhelmed by the number of times a person visits your store. But watch their action. A problem creator or a nagging customer should not be encouraged just because they pay money.

They not only irritate co-customers but also destroy your reputation. Beware of such people. You cannot stop them coming to store. Then what will you do? Don’t worry there is a quick remedy to it. Yes, you can announce punch cards for that well-behaved customer. This will self-discipline even the notorious customer.

Savings Card Template 

This is a unique idea to let customer save money for their future purchase. You can also get some fund for rotating in your business. Use the saving card template and inform your customers to save money during their purchase every time.

Let them know that you will provide interest at the end of the card based on the amount they saved. Millions of people will receive this idea well and will start saving for their purchase.

 Fitness Punch Card Template 

For all those gym owners and yoga trainers, this card is required. Did you conclude that way of looking at this template? Then you’re wrong. Not only they must offer this free template, but any entrepreneur to motivate their customers can use these punch card.

What does a fitness punch card do in a grocery shop you wonder? Let me explain. Introduce this card and tell your buyers that during their every purchase any item they buy is a healthy item them they can punch their card. Say for instance they buy shaving cream, razor, and badam. They deserve a hole for buying those nutritious nuts.

Health Fair Punch Card Template

This way at the end of the card they will get a fitness item for free. It could be anything depending on your business. We have just given an idea, and you can make use of that to let know your customer that you care about their health too.

Yoga Class Punch Card Template

Zumba Punch Card Template 

Similar to fitness you can offer Zumba punch card for those who regularly take your Zumba online classes. As a way to appreciate them, you can offer them a free session or a discounted session using the Zumba punch card.

Restaurant Punch Card Template 

Even though we all talk about fitness, eating in a restaurant once a month at least will make us feel glad. So every restaurant owners can download these punch cards to offer some accolades to your regular visitors. 

Coffee Rewards Card Template 

These cards can be used in two ways. One of the regular coffee shop owners to offer free coffee for every 10 coffee purchases. This means when you drink ten coffees in that café you get the 11th one for free. This could have a stipulated time duration etc.

Alternatively, coffee powder merchandiser also can use this reward to offer free coffee purchase to their regular customer.

Food Business Punch Cards 

When you are in the food business, then you must use these food punch cards. Whether you sell packed food, junk food, or consumer durable food items, then you need to give discounts to reach customers.

Using these punch cards let your customers that you will give an offer for every 10 purchase, 5 or 3 depending on your business model. Tip: Always try to give 3 hole punch card when you start a business. This means during the third purchase or after completing 3 purchase reward customers. Feel free to use 3 Hole Punch Paper Template. 

Once you establish, then you can give a buy 10 get 1 free punch card offers etc. To get customers attention for the first few months use this tactic of rewarding during the third purchase or at the max 5th purchase.

10th Class Punch Card Template

Poker Run Punch Card Template

Restaurant Punch Card Ideas 

You need not always give one free service as a reward, but there are more ideas to get inspired by. Find some tips to make your restaurant punch cards more effective.

Restaurant punch cards can be used as a counting card and let know your visitor know that based on a number of people they bring along can avail discount. The family of 5 can avail a discount of x% or something like that.

You can let them use the punch card any of your outlets.

Provide them offer when a new customer get introduced to an old customer name. You can keep customers informed to take a punch in their card for any of such events for records. Later they can avail the discount.

It will also be good if you give them some compliment lunch, dinner, or at least a beverage during their visit.

Unwind more ideas and increase traffic at your restaurant.

Complimentary Drink Ticket Punch Card 

These punch cards are issued as a complimentary for regular customers. Alternatively, hotels were people stay would get these punch cards to use in any of their restaurants for a free coffee, tea or any beverage.

Lunch Pass Template 

Lunch pass is used when you have customers who want to pay money on a monthly basis. They can use the pass and keep making holes against each date after they complete their meal. This will help them and you to track the number of days they had food for making payment at the end of the month.

Lunch Tickets Printable

Instead of giving a lunch pass, you can use these lunch tickets printable and issue to every customer when they visit your shop for food. Based on the number of tickets sold you can collect payment on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Punch Card Template In Publisher Format 

You can design your own punch card using Microsoft Publisher. Quick guide for your easy reference.

Open New Publication from the task pane in MS publisher. Open blank publication and double click on Business cards. If you start editing this business card, it will reflect in all the cards on the sheet. You need not manually change in each card.

Insert 1-inch margin text box and drag it to center. Click Format and choose font, style, and color. Do not use font size less than 10. Enter company name, and contact details.

Enter a circle shape for holes and choose that from the drawing toolbar. Copy the shape to paste the number of times you require.

Explore more features to add more value to your punching card.

Homework Punch Card Template

Punch 5 In 1 Home Design

Using Stamp Card Template 

Stamp card template can be given to allow customers to collect them and use as money at the end. For instance, ask the customer to collect 10 stamps and give them during their 11th purchase for the discount prize.

Custom Hole Punch For Loyalty Cards 

The traditional punch card system is the custom hole card where the customer will manually punch a hole during every purchase. They will count the number of punches and can redeem any benefit announced by you as a loyalty award.

In summary, make use of any of these punch card templates for free and promote your business across the globe.

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