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Roofing Estimate Form: 7 Examples and Samples in Word, PDF Format

Roof, the main shelter/ceiling of a house needs to be properly built for its long life. The process of constructing a roof or roofs is known as Roofing. Before constructing any roof or repairing an existing one preparing the real and accurate estimate is very important and it can be done by means of a roofing estimate form.

Are you a roofing contractor/sub-contractor? Are you an organization who work on various roofing projects? Are you looking for a roofing estimate form which has all required measures and terms to prepare an estimate? Then you are into the right page, yes, we make you work easy and make those roofing estimate form readily available for your perusal. All you have to do is to download those free printable estimates and use it as per your need.

What to include in a roofing estimate form

Preparing/Providing a roofing estimate is an important part of roofing proposal that will make the deal smooth and easy for both the client and contractor during the time of construction and even in future. Hence, it is very important to include all the required/necessary terms and conditions in the roofing estimate form. To make you aware of the things to be added/included in the form we have made your work easy by gathering all information in one place here for your reference. Without any further delay let us find below the most important items/artifacts to be included,

Company/Constructor Name

Before even starting the talk about roofing it is primary to check about the existence and roofing of the company and the contractor along with their reputation in the field like how long they are into the field and other stuffs. Hence the Company Name (if any) and the contractor who will be responsible for the work needs to be mentioned in the estimate.

Type of Roof

There are different type of roof like Flat, Hip, Shed, etc. Deciding the type of roof is an important part as the kind material required will be decided based on the type of roof.

Cost of labor and materials/components

This is the most important part of any estimate as to decide on the cost of the work and the materials required to complete the work along with the labor cost. If any sub-contractor is involved or if any spoilage/mess happens who is responsible for the compensation also needs to be included in the estimate to avoid later disputes.


The estimates needs to contain the guarantee assured to the client on the construction of the roof by the contractor, promising on the repair or replacement of the roof on any damage within the specified period of time. In case of selling the house it should also contain if the Warranty is transferable to the new buyer as well. If any other specific agreement is involved according to the company rules that may also be included.

Insurance and Licensing Information

It is good to add the Licensing details and insurance details of the roof if any, which will be helpful at later part of time like selling or during any accident and so on.

Provisions in a Roof Estimate

There might be a possibility of requirement for extra amenities during the time of construction and it is always better to have a provisioning for such add-ons.

Exit criteria

This will be helpful if in case the agreement is terminated in mid-way and to sort it out with less penalty. This should be written in such a way that it will cover all the necessary points and possibilities during the time of termination.

How much you should quote for roofing work

The quote for any roofing work is depending on the type and size of roof involved in construction. The average price would basically depend on the square feet of the house. Given below are the various roof types.
Depending on the type of material the cost may vary. Below are the different types of materials and cost gathered from various sources..

Plastic Polymer – These light weight, long lasting, fire resistant material are easy to install and maintain but has a high price range from $400 to $1,200 per square
Clay Tile – These Natural, long-lasting, heavy and fire resistant material which required little maintenance are expensive to install and the material might cost from $300 to $600 per square
Concrete Tile – Also called as cement tiles are heavier, lasts longer and does not require much maintenance. It can handle all climatic conditions and installation is expensive due to its heavy weight. This ranges from $150 to $250 per square
Slate – these are also natural and long-lasting clay that comes in variety of colors and ranges from $500 to $1,700 per square
Wood – Also gives a natural look but has a very short life span with regular maintenance, ranges from $250 to $600 per square
Asphalt – one of the commonly used roof types ranges from $70 to $160 per square. These are not good in heat is less expensive but may add expense during the time of replacement/repair
Metal – They are expensive to install but last longer and ranges $120 up to $900 per square
These are the material type cost and installation cost might add on to it.

Use Available Online Roofing Estimate Calculators

If you are interested in knowing approximate estimate for roofing without contacting any contractor, then you can utilize the roofing calculators which are available online for free, provided if you are aware of the basic details asked in it. To make your work easier we have given here few sources of Online roofing estimate calculators.
1. Roof Calculator – Estimate Re-Roofing Costs
Any roofing estimate will differ depending up on the type/size of roof, material used and it may vary even based on the location of the house. If you are aware of the Roof size, roof type, roof slope, complexity, tear-off, roofing material and based out in US region, then you can use this roofing calculator to estimate the price range for replacement/reconstruction of your roof. Here you can check the price for 10 discrete materials at three different ranges – low, medium and high based on the standards.
2. New Roofing Estimate Calculator
If you are looking for an online roofing calculator to estimate the cost for installing a new roof, then you can use this Roofing Estimate Calculator to estimate the cost by just providing the size of the house, roof slope, tear-off, material that will be used, number of floors in the house, difficulty of the roof(like simple, medium .. etc). This will result you with the installation cost including the material/labor and even warranty if any at three different slabs – low, medium and high based on the standards.

3. Roofing Estimator
Here is another roofing calculator to help you estimate the approximate cost of replacement of your roof. By just plugging in the roof dimensions, slope, and material type this Roofing estimator will provide a rough estimate with three different slabs, low, average and hid. This would include the removal of the old roofing material along with the clean-up and installation costs.
4. Roofing Material Calculator
If you are interested in knowing only the amount of materials needed for your roof then you can calculate it using this Roofing Material Calculator. By entering the length, width and roof pitch you can calculate the roof’s area and the material you would require for construction.
5. Roof replacement Calculator
Here is yet another roofing calculator to help you immediately get your roofing estimate with the installation cost of the roof, depending on the dimensions, roof type, material and other few inputs, entering which it will result you with your ballpark pricing for the new roof installation.
6. Roofing calculator
If you are not aware of the Area of your roof but still you would like to calculate the estimation for the installation of your roof. Then you can make you of this roofing calculator, were in by just entering the roof size, pitch and material it will provide you a rough estimate with the roof area, total material required and the installation cost.
Though we have provided here few roofing calculators for your reference, always note that these will provide only a rough estimate and to get an exact pricing it is advised to contact a roofing contractor.

Estimating guide

How to use Excel for Roofing Estimate

Though preparing an estimate will help us know the actual cost for roofing. It is also important to know how to prepare it and what are the factors that needs to be considered while preparing a roofing estimate. In order to make you aware of those factor for consideration and help you with the guidelines of roofing estimate we have gathered below the information from various sources and providing you with the important things to be considered while preparing an roofing estimate.
If it is re-roofing cost estimate first thing to consider is the cost of removal of the old roof, which demands on the type/size of roof being removed.
• Next is the material cost, this will vary depending on the location, transportation of the material based on the availability and all these needs to be considered while selecting the type of material
Labor/Sub-contractor cost – Not all contractors will have the same pricing and this needs to be decided and fixed during the time of estimate.
Installation – An finally the roofing installation cost again considering the size/type of roof with the material and few other factors like number of stories/floors, roof slope etc.
Completion time – Completion time for every service need to be included in order to complete the job on time with any delay. If in case of delay the estimate should contain the information on who will bear the charges to maintain a smoother deal.
Given above are the most important factors that needs to be considered at the time of preparing the roofing estimate. Apart from these if any highlighted by the contractor during the estimate needs to be checked.

Roofing cost estimate template

Having described about the roofing estimate and its uses. If you would like to get an roofing estimate form for free? If you are an individual/organization who are into the field of roofing construction/ replacement or restoration of roofs? Are you looking forward for a beautiful, simple at the same time a roofing cost estimate template that will provide all necessary information to provide your client? Then here you go without any further delay you can download these free printable simple and elegant roofing cost estimate template and share it with your client. You are also free to make any changes or customize it according to your need post downloading from our website.

Roofing contractor estimate template

Are you into roofing construction business? Are you a roofing contractor who prepare estimates for bids? Are you looking for roofing contractor estimate template that you can use to fill in you detailed information and pricing details to provide your clients/customer? Here are such free printable roofing contract estimate templates which you can download for free and use it as per your need. These can also be modified and used as per your/client’s requirement

Roofing repair estimate template

Imagine you roof is damaged or it has leaks or the material used has crossed its durability or it has any cracks. Then it is high time to repair/replace the roof and the price estimation for that can be done through roofing repair estimate forms. Here we need to note that the roofing repair and New roofing estimates are different. Because the roofing repair estimate needs to include the removal of old roof, clean-up of it and repair. Also it is not necessary to entirely change the roof, the existing roof can also be repaired and used based on its condition. Where as in a new roofing estimate we need to consider everything right from the scratch, starting from the roofing area to type etc. If you are into roof re-construction or re-roofing and looking for roofing repair estimation templates. You can download these simple and elegant free printable roofing repair estimates from our website and provide it to your buyer. Post downloading it from here if you feel this needs to be modified according to your customer needs you are free to even customize these templates accordingly.


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