Every construction requires a roof as it protects the occupants from heat, and rain. The roof can be made of wood, brick, cement, and asbestos sheets. If you are in the roofing business, then you will know the process of providing roofing service to people. We understand your concern and that’s exactly why we are here.

Yes, you are a pro in providing roofing to any kind of construction we agree. Your concern is not about that but about preparing a document called roofing quotation. That is where we would like to help you with free roof quote templates.

We don’t stop with that but also explain components present in the template, its need, the right way to design and much more. So let us start with the basics and understand in detail about roofing quote template.

Use our array of templates for free and make the best quote to win any contract.

What is roofing quote template and where all it is used

Ok, you know the business and the nuances in roofing work. There are raw materials required and laborers to work on them as well. People who look for your service must know you and your work. But, how can this happen when you haven’t worked with them in the past. Roofing is not a job required often by the same client as it is a one-time task that lasts for many years.

Therefore the challenge is to attract clients and get business. You can advertise, and try all marketing methods to reach out. But, there is one document that will help you win any deal. This document is called the roofing quote template.

Before moving forward, understand that this is a quotation document and you need to provide details about the cost of materials and service. Only when you know the business thoroughly and have prior experience, then you can give the best quotation. People will go for many quotes and you will win the deal only when you are the real pro. However, we will not only give you quotes but also tips to make the contract winning estimation. Feel glad.


Make use of this roofing quote in all places that require your service. It could be office, hospital, house, schools and any building for that matter. Remember this is a quotation and not a bill and hence you need to prepare this after visiting the client place and give an estimate.

What to include in roofing quote template


Let us get into the actual detail, the quote template not only consist of the cost but other details including contact, payment method, the time required to complete the task, and services description. So we will go through one by one and understand them.

Contact Details: Yes, every quote template will contain the heading at the top centre and followed by the date in the right side top corner. Then the contact details. You need to mention your address, number, email, and website URL. Also, to make it a personalized one you can enter the address of your prospective client. It will create a good impression on you as you are have taken time to prepare a quote specific to that client and not presenting a generalized one.

Duration: It is a fact that roofing cannot happen overnight. There are a few steps involved and sometimes it requires few weeks to leave the weathering course to dry etc. So based on the client requirement you need to provide a realistic start and end date for completing the task. Make sure you don’t goof up with this detail and give a genuine time frame.

Materials Required and Service Description  


This detail can be provided as a table and list one below the other with the cost as given below.

You can write each material and its cost. Also, state the service description and the cost. Find the total in the last column by adding both the cost. Finally, make a total to give a rough estimate. Here the materials and their size mentioned may vary from the actual because it is an estimation. So mention that at the end as subject to the actual the bill value will differ from the quotation.

Payment Terms

Next, give details about the payment terms. This will depend on the work and you can ask for part payment in percentage. Mention mode of payment and make sure you communicate clearly to avoid any hassles.

You must visit the site and then download the template from here to edit and customize per client basis. 

What to quote for what works to win any roofing contract (give individual work type and typical average quote)


Now, let us find another interesting section in which we will help you make the best quote for different roofing work. This will certainly get you more customers.

Depending on the location you need to charge – You must understand your business location. For instance, in North ($5 – 7) of the US, it cost more for roofing than in the South ($ 2.5 -3). So do some homework to get your quotation competitive based on the region you provide services.

Based on the roof material the charges will vary – Again talk to the client to know what material they look for. The table gives you an idea about a few materials and their cost per 100 sq feet. There are also other materials like shingles, wood etc. You need to evaluate the material required and the grading to make a quotation.

Reference: Angieslist.com 

Roof size will determine the actual cost  

Usual roof size will be 2500 square foot on an average. This is equal to 25 square as 10 foot by 10 foot is 100 sq foot which is one square. Decide to give your estimate after looking at the client place and the size of the roof. You can offer a discount for larger sized roofs and yes based on your convenience and customer expectation.

Pitch of the roof again decides on the price

Let us take an example for this 7:12. 7 is the height and 12 is the length. So this will help you know the pitch of the roof. Greater the pitch more is the work required to be done and hence you

need to work hard. So the service charge will be greater for greater pitch.

Understand all these details from the client and give a professional quote. Do not be in a hurry to make any wrong estimate and burn your fingers.


Online Roofing quotation generators 


We would like to brief you about the online roofing quotation generators and link to their sites to help you do the right calculation and win many roofing contracts.

Roofing Estimator – Use this online cost generator to know the rates per square foot on different materials. You can find 3 quotations including the cost for high, average, and low estimator. Also, the figure includes clean up and installation charges.

Improveit360 – Apart from providing the usual roofing quotation this software will help you with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and hence you can understand the analytics and the business insights easily. Use this to get ahead of your competition.

Roofr – Do you want to make a quotation in 26 seconds? No, I am not joking but this tool can do that magic. Just enter the address and begin to select home or office in USA or Canada and get the roofing quotation for free.

Minera – Click on the material you want to use for roofing and follow instructions to get the quote within no time.

Roofing Calculator – This tool will help you get a quotation for roofing and roof repair. Visit the client place and make a note of the following and switch on your PC to get the estimate in a click.

You can choose all as there is a drop out option and get the quote based on the above-mentioned criteria.

Roofing quote guidelines/standards specific to the following Countries  


Every country will have some unique standards other than the usual tax differences in making calculations. Let us explore such exceptional standards for the countries mentioned below. Given a link for your reference to all the standards. Recommending the same to you, go through them to make your business in line with the country roofing standards.

USRoofing license requirement across the state in the US.


AustraliaExtensive list of roof type material in Australia that will help you decide on fixing the appropriate cost. 

These links will provide complete details about roofing business and you can understand the cost to create an estimate. Depending on the country you provide service you can make a quotation.

Roof repair quote template Vs for new roofing quote template 

It is important to know that roofing repair quotation and new roofing estimate differs for the following reasons.

Roof Repair New Roof
Replace few damaged shingles Replace the entire roofing
Work involved in less but utmost attention to be given not damaging the other tiles. Can remove all and replace but time consumption is more.
Cost depends on the level of damage Standard cost based on the area
Need more expertise Basic experience will help


When you opt for roofing repair and then provide a roof repair quotation template to the client. It will require the same details as the new roofing, but you don’t need to mention any choice of material, size, and pitch as they are already in place. Your quotation will include the number of tiles to be replaced and charges for the same. Labor cost to be added.


Concluding thoughts

While heading the end of the article, we are glad that we shared many details that help you grow your business. Feel free to use our templates for free and suggest us for improvement if any.

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