Are you in business? Do you want to keep your files organized on your desk? Is there a need for you to make notations? We have a simple solution to all the questions. Yes, we offer you with round label template for free. You can use them for different purposes.

We will handhold you to understand how to design a round label using MS word and Paint software. Also, we will help you with the detailed steps involved to print the label in the right way.

When we offer free templates, then why should you learn to design one on your own? Your question is valid. However, if you know the steps involved in designing, then you can edit the ready-made template in any section you desire and make it a unique label.

Let’s become professional even when we decide to download free templates.

Specification for the below templates provided in the table for your reference

  1. Round Label Templates 24 Per Sheet
  2. Round Label Template 12 Per Sheet
  3. Round Label Template 15 Per Sheet
Top and Bottom Margin (mm) Left and Right Margin (mm)
Round Label Templates 24 Per Sheet


45 8.5 12
Round Label Template 12 Per Sheet


64 14.5 5
Round Label Template 15 Per Sheet


51 17 26.5


Round Label Template 6 Per Sheet

 For round labels to be printed 6 in a sheet remember each label size will have width and height of 88mm. In an A4 sheet, you will have 2 labels across and 2 labels around. With a top and bottom margin of 14.5mm and both left, right margin of 16mm you will have gap across and around each label as 2 mm. This will help you to cut the labels without damaging any after printing them on an A4 sheet.

Round Label Template 12 Per Sheet

Round Label Template 15 per sheet

Round Label Template 20 Per Sheet 

Use this template to print 20 labels/sheet in a sheet size of 8.5” x 11” sheet. Arrange the paper setting to print without losing the labels. Width and height of 2 inches. Top and bottom margin of 0.375”. Left and right margin, horizontal spacing, pitch 0.1562”, 0.0625”, and 2.0625” respectively.

Round Label Template 24 per sheet

Round Label Template 9 Per Sheet 

You can find this template will give you 9 round labels in a sheet with different dimensions. Bigger the circle lesser is the space between each circle. Decide on the size and click on these templates to download.

Round Label Template 2.5 

2.5-inch round label will be present in a cluster of 12 labels per sheet. So based on the number of labels required you can print these templates in a number of sheets. For instance, five sheets will offer you with 60 labels.

2 Inch Round Label Template Avery 

Avery round labels are a good fit to be printed on glossy white sheets. Make sure to use a laser printer to print these templates and you can progress in your business with these shining labels. Be creative to edit the label details to add more vibrancy.

Avery Round Label Template 20 Per Sheet        

20 per sheet Avery round labels will have 1” diameter. Click on download and edit the color of the circle or even use pictures to make these small round labels cute.

Blank Round Label Template 

Blank round labels are the best for your business needs. You can download the template and quickly fill details instead of editing the pre-made templates. When it is blank, it saves your time and also you can select all in one to write uniform information.

Round Lip Balm Label Template 

Lip balm templates are available in pink color. Also, you can find rounds with two layered to represent the lip and that makes your label sexy. Improve your business 100x just with these carefully designed labels.

Baby Shower Round Label Template 

Baby shower celebration is fun, excitement and even more pride. Make sure you use these specially designed round labels of different size to decorate your baby shower party. It could be the invite, or the baby boy or girl badge all should be possible to be printed with the round label.

Round Canning Jar Label Template 

Usually, canning jar needs 1.5 inch round labels. You can find these templates that will accommodate close to 15 labels in one sheet.

Avery Round Cd Label Template 

Avery 5931 CD/DVD label templates are available for free. These are compatible with both inkjet and laser printer. Looks and feel like white, matte finish. Feel free to download them.

Round Food Label Template 

Food industry purely depends on the packaging and that adds value to the sales of their product. You must wisely choose the labels. Here you go with the best food label templates for your perusal.

Round Jar Label Template 

Do you have jars of different sizes? Then don’t worry as you can find these jar labels suiting any kind of jars. You can select the size and print on both laser and inkjet printers.

Round Jam Label Template 

These templates are custom made jam labels round in shape. You can download these labels to paste on the lid of your jam bottle.

Round Return Address Label Template 

During holiday time always make some difference. Choose round return address label and feel glad about the graphics. 

Staples Round Label Template 

These labels are custom designed for any staple product. If you decide to give staple products and make it look uniform, then choose these labels and move forward confidently.

Apart from that, you can also find

Polaroid Round Label Template 20 Per Sheet and Vintage Round Label Template which will allow you to choose from the many collections.

Steps involved in creating a round label using Paint

Those who know to use paint must excuse us as we have shared the detailed procedure of making round label template which will help even an amateur learner to get a firm grip in fool-proof designing.

#1 Click on start menu on your PC and open Paint from the ACCESSORIES folder.

#2 First, set the height and width of the box by reaching the PROPERTY BUTTON based on the size of the label you require.

#3 From the COLORS section choose the color.

#4 Now click on the SHAPES area to choose the Shape of your label Round, Oval etc. Here again, fix the size of the template border from the four available.

#5 Place the cursor on the paint workspace and press to hold the mouse left button to drag and draw a circle. The size and shape of the circle will look perfect depending on how you drag the mouse.

#6 Choose the text box and place it inside the circle and choose the size of the font to begin typing the content.

#7 Once your done you can save the image clicking on Save-as button. Save as JPEG for a smaller size. PNG or GIF for higher resolution.

You can edit the free template given here after downloading in your PC. Right click on the template and open with Paint to edit.

How to design Round Label Template Word Document

If you are comfortable with paint or when you want to make life easy still design an effective round label with more volume, then you must opt for MS word. So let’s walk you through the way to design a round label template using MS word.

Open MS word and begin your journey making great labels within no time. You don’t need to be a pro in using MS word but trust me you can design great templates.

Save the Word document as step one from the main menu save as with a file name. This will help you save your hard work.

Now, get going.

Shape Selection – Of course it is round shape but still you can choose between round and oval. So click on the Insert à Shapes à Click on the shape

Shape Setting – The shape you selected will be placed on the word document and you must

Click on it to adjust the size setting.  Usual size preferred is 2.5 x 2.5 inches.  Then click Shape Outline à Format tab and from Weight chose the thickness of the round label border. Change color as well based on your choice or requirement from the Shape Fill preference. Instead of filling with the solid color you can choose Picture option and fix a shape background design. All these are found under the FORMAT tab and make changes based on your wish.

Text Addition – Click Insert tab à Textbox à Draw Text box.  This will place a text box on the circle and you can adjust its size by dragging it inside the circle. Then choose the font size, color, and style to type the wordings inside.

Label Grouping – This feature will let you group the labels and you can make changes in one go and move along instead of moving each piece individually. Hold on the Ctrl key à Click on every component of the label to make sure they are selected then from below grouping select Group.

You now got to save all your changes and your template is ready for printing.

Smart Tips To Print on Round Label 

Choose the Printer Wisely

Go for laser and not inkjet as they may not suit to print waterproof labels, metallic and fluorescent labels.

Quickly Print from MS word 

Go to Tools à Letters and Mailings.

Go to Options à Label Layout

Printer Settings for Default 1.5 Round Label Template Word Printing

  • Place the paper on the printer and test printing until you get optimum results. In laser printer set 80 gsm which is default in general. Then
  • Goto Printer Settings – Properties à Settings à Select Material as Label. (This will adjust the printer temperature and hence enable better bonding)
  • Click print to get round labels and use them for all your business purposes.

In the below section we would like to give you some specifications about different types of round label. Trust this will help you to decide the best template to suit your business need.

Wishing good luck to enhance your business with these round labels template.

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