Celebrate this fall season with an adorable piece of art and craft activity i.e. Scarecrow Craft. This is the perfect activity for fall kids and harvest kids craft. It is so much fun to do paper crafts for little ones. Here is a fun and simple scarecrow craft with free printable and downloadable scarecrow templates to add to your must-dos this fall.

Kids are so excited about watching and creating distinctive scarecrow templates but what about farmers!? Are farmers also related to this scarecrows!? I would like to answer, yes. Of course, any farmer would say ‘yes’ as they know the importance of scarecrows. Scarecrows in the fields ensure the crops grow strong and nice by keeping the prey’s away. Do you think the scarecrows occupy a lot of space in the crop fields!? Absolutely No. Scarecrow is also a great décor for your indoor and outdoor home decorations.

What is a Scarecrow?

Sparklebox Scarecrow Template
Template For Scarecrow Clothes

A scarecrow is a mannequin mostly in the shape of a human body. Scarecrows are often dressed up in old clothes and placed in open crop fields to protect the fields from preys. They are the notable symbol of farms used all over the world by farmers. Mostly, we see scarecrows in countryside.

Making scarecrows is popular in doing paper crafts. The common shape of a scarecrow is a humanoid figure made of different craft things. Kids love to do scarecrows in their craft classes.

How to create a Scarecrow Template?

Scarecrow Writing Template
Scarecrow Template For Toddlers

Scarecrows are meant to help keep birds and predators away from the crop fields as a tradition but now they are in wide use as a Halloween and Fall-themed decoration. Are you thinking of creating scarecrow templates? Here you go. We are here to guide you to create unique and distinctive scarecrow templates.

Materials required:

We require very simple and few things to create beautiful and attractive scarecrow templates. Let us see what they are!

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Some colors

Instructions to do:

Below are the few important steps to be followed to create your own desired scarecrow templates. It is not so hard to create a scarecrow template for yourself. Just simply follow the instructions.

  • Browse our post and get free scarecrow templates compiled for various purposes. You will find different templates easily without any hassle.
  • Take the print out of your favourite or desired scarecrow template. You can select different color options like black and white or colored one.
  • If you are choosing the black and white template, color the template pieces. Use different materials for coloring like markers, crayons, pencils, and paint. Feel free to put your creativity skills in order to make your template look beautiful and attractive.
  • Cut out the template pieces after coloring. Here kids need help from an adult.
  • Glue the scarecrow template pieces together: Here is the order of things to do while attaching the template pieces.
  • Glue the neck ruffle to the body
  • Glue the head onto the body right above the neck ruffle
  • Glue the hair onto the head
  • Glue the hat onto the back of the head
  • Glue the arms onto either side of the body
  • Glue the hands/mittens onto the ends of the arms
  • Glue the legs underneath of the body so the feet are sticking out
  • Glue the patches and buttons onto the body
  • Glue the sunflower and the crow on to decorate
  • Now close the template window once the printing is done.

Different Types of Scarecrow Templates

Free printable scarecrow templates is an amazing addition to your fall themed decorations or crafts. Find various scarecrow templates for free. Have a look!

Cute Scarecrow Template

Cute Scarecrow Template

Create some cute scarecrow crafts using our templates available readily to download. Check out our scarecrow templates selection to download the best, unique, and custom-made template of your wish.

Free Scarecrow Face Template Printable

Free Scarecrow Face Template Printable
Scarecrow Face Template

Download a variety of scarecrow face templates that are perfect for your autumn and Halloween celebrations or decorations. Happy fall season printable!

Mini Scarecrow Template

Mini Scarecrow Template
Scarecrow Template For Preschool

Are you looking for creating mini scarecrow templates!? Use our scarecrow template formats and pattern to print out and cut out. Make your Halloween or fall season crafts for preschoolers a memorable one!

Scarecrow Coloring Template

Scarecrow Coloring Template

Halloween themed coloring pages are highly searched by the parents of preschoolers and kindergarten. We offer free and premium scarecrow coloring templates for kids to print and color. Let your child hooked on these free and attractive scarecrow coloring pages this holiday season.

Scarecrow Cut and Paste Template

Scarecrow Cut And Paste Template

Are you working with small children!? You can make use of our fun scarecrow cut and paste craft along with free printable template. Fall is a season for indoor activities and our templates are perfect to keep your children engaged with the shapes to make a scarecrow.

Scarecrow Glyph Template

Scarecrow Glyph Template

Glyphs are the pictures that covey some information about themselves. Kids love to create glyphs and making scarecrow glyphs is especially fun for young children. Our customizable scarecrow glyph templates help kids to create unique scarecrows in an easy and fun way.

Scarecrow Hat Template

Scarecrow Hat Template

Whether it is a finishing touch to your amazing scarecrow costume or to keep your children engaged, creating your scarecrow hat is fuss-free with our free printable scarecrow hat templates. Browse, download and try it once!

Scarecrow Pattern Block Template

Scarecrow Pattern Block Template

Have fun with our simple and cutest scarecrow pattern block templates. All our templates are readily available and instant downloadable.

Scarecrow Puppet Template

Scarecrow Puppet Template

Finally, our harvest and fall season is upon us and we get to share or offer free downloadable and printable scarecrow puppet templates. Here is our happy scarecrow puppet template for kids who loves to wave hello!!

Scarecrow Split pin Template

Scarecrow Split pin Template

Celebrate the fun of fall by allowing your young kids to make their own split pin scarecrows. Free templates available. Save your time and energy by downloading our free templates.

Scarecrow Template for Pumpkin

Scarecrow Template For Pumpkin

 Can you imagine a Halloween decor without a pumpkin!? Definitely no! Just click on the template and download Scarecrow Template for Pumpkin on your desktop. Let your scarecrow wear this expression of pumpkin face and see how the kids enjoy watching it.

Sparkle box Scarecrow Template

Scarecrow Template Craft

Our Sparkle box Scarecrow Template allows you to add extra text to a scarecrow character. Sounds interesting right! What are you waiting for! Download and edit to add your desired text and make the template look unique and fun.

Template for Scarecrow Clothes

Making clothes for scarecrow is as important as other essential parts of the scarecrow. Scarecrow clothes making is a simple fun craft for kids. Use this scarecrow clothes template for kids craft project on scarecrows.

How does scarecrow become scarecrow?

In general, scarecrow is meant to be an object representing a humanoid figure set up to frighten birds away from crop fields. Or a skinny and ragged person meant frighten but harmless Or Scarecrow is a character first introduced as Jonathan Crane, a psychology professor in Golden Age of Comic Books. This is his first appearance later turns the story into crime by firing a gun in the classroom full of students in order to illustrate a point.

Does a scarecrow really work?

Using scarecrows is a traditional method of keeping away the predators from crop fields. People believe that scarecrows work when they are motionless. But overtime birds got used to stationery dummies. However, moving a scarecrow every fortnight often helps.

What do scarecrows scare away?

The scariest part of scarecrows is its humanoid shape. Usually, the scarecrows dressed up in old clothes and placed in open crop fields to discourage predators like birds (crows and sparrows) from disturbing and feeding the growing crops. Some uses inflatable tube men to scare away birds.

What do you stuff scarecrow with?

The traditional way of stuffing a scarecrow is with hay, straw, grass, wood chips, rags, and clippings. Try to avoid using newspapers to stuff your scarecrow because rains cause the stuff soggy and shapeless.

Are scarecrows scary?

There is no doubt to answer straight away that ‘Scary’. Because scarecrows look like a corpse and human but in fact they don’t look very human at all.

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