YouTube is a free to use video sharing service and quite popular nowadays among social media vloggers, marketers, and regular users. When compared to traditional channels of video distributors, YouTube marketers and influencers are now able to reach more people especially youngsters since they use and spend more time on this social platform.

Are you a business owner, Vlogger, or planning to share videos on YouTube? If your answer is yes, then the first thing you need to concentrate on is the YouTube banner. You might be thinking why? Because youtube banner is the first thing your viewers come in contact when they visit youtube channel.

A strong, good-looking, and stunning youtube banner helps a Youtuber a great deal. But, now you are in confusion about how to create a great youtube banner. Let us discuss on what makes or contributes for a banner’s greatness. Check this article out to get the best information on YouTube Banner Template.

What Is YouTube Banner?

First of all, you need to know what exactly a banner is before you start to develop your banner artwork. Here are your cues…

YouTube banner’s nearest equivalent is the Facebook cover image. It is located on the top of your YouTube channel. It is distinctly one of the most significant features of your YouTube channel.

The Role of YouTube Banner

The banner is the first and foremost thing that grabs the viewer’s attention when they visit your YouTube channel or page. That is the one simple reason why banner is important. Having a high-quality, well-designed and attractive banner for your YouTube channel will definitely help your YouTube page or channel look more professional, credible, and trustworthy.

As we all know, encouraging people to subscribe, follow, or spend more time on your channel is a lengthy process and a long way to make them spend more time on your page. Here comes the role of banner’s that convey the content of your channel or page in a short and sweetest way.

How to make a great and attractive youtube banner

Main Elements to include

YouTube banners are the first thing that represents your business as well as reflects your personality and other kinds of videos that you made. So, it should include:

Photo- You can build up a connection between you and your viewer’s by using your own pictures on the banner.

Name- The second thing is adding proper and catchy Name of yours and your channel’s.

Upload Schedule- Updating the details of uploading your videos time to time will help to inform viewers how often you are issuing content.

How to create YouTube banners

As we all know, YouTube is a free and powerful social media content sharing and delivery channel. However, presenting a channel in an attractive way is equally important the way the content decides the channel good or bad.

At this point, your channel’s logo must be already available before you start to create a banner for your page. Let us start discussing a few important and necessary steps to be taken to create an awesome YouTube banner appropriate for your business or brand before setting up the channel.

First Step- Define the purpose and select the audience

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to decide what exactly you want to achieve through your channel.

  • What will your channel be about
  • What are your goals

By knowing what you want to achieve or what you want to address through your vlog or video, you can brainstorm for a strong and cool banner that suits your brand or business and at the same time, it is useful to convince your audience or viewers.

Second Step- Choosing the perfect banner size

Well, you all have to understand that youtube banner will take different sizes and dimensions based on what platform is being used in your channel. In the same way, you cannot design or create a banner without considering its size or dimensions. Here are some recommendations from the Google that directs you to adapt your banner size according to the following numbers:

  • Consider that the minimum dimensions for banner upload are 2048 x 1152 pixels
  • The maximum width you can choose is 2560 pixels
  • The minimum area considered to be safe, where text and logos are not to be cut off is 1546 x 423 pixels
  • The recommended height of the banner is no less than 423 pixels
  • The uploaded banner should be 4MB or smaller

Step 3- Select the design for your banner

As we are done with selecting the important aspect of creating banners, now let us move on to another aspect i.e. Design. Selecting the design is also another important aspect in creating banners.

Consider the following important things in order to complete the process of creating banners successfully.

  • Be consistent with your brand and/or company values
  • Use high-resolution images
  • The banner should also represent what your company does or what your channel is about.

Step4- Make the design

Now that you know what you want, you decided what the size of your banner should be as well as what designs to select and how to adjust them to suit to your brand or company, let’s talk a bit about the creation process.

Here you can have two options in creating the process of making a design.

  • Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign– Buy and install this professional design software and learn how to use it if you are not a pro in using such tools to make a design for your banner.
  • If you want to go based on your budget and do not want to waste time on a dedicated design program, then you have an option of an online professional design platform.

Main Elements to consider at this point

  • Buy professional stock images
  • If you are working on a budget, the online Bannersnack tool provides you with a full set of templates and backgrounds to choose from.
  • Adjust your banner
  • Come back to your banner and re-customize it once again if you are not content with the finite product.
  • Verify that the banner is mobile friendly

Add a banner to your YouTube Channel

Do you want to add the professionally designed banner by you on YouTube channel or change an existing YouTube banner? Then just follow our directions.

  • Go to your channel, select Change Layout button
  • Click Add Channel Art (helps you to upload your own banner or to change the existing banner)

Final Conclusion

In this document, we have tried to tell you the most important key points before you start creating a YouTube banner. We hope this will help you in creating more and more stunning youtube banner templates that will impress everyone.

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