We have seen many bright, smart and hard-working students honored with academic awards and titles. Do you want to know about valedictorian award!? Or Are you looking for professional looking great valedictorian award certificates!? Today in this article, I will give you the details about valedictorian and valedictorian award. Also, we offer you free downloadable and printable valedictorian award certificate templates absolutely for free. Make the event of valedictorian ceremony more professional and memorable with our ready to use valedictorian award certificate templates.

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Details on Valedictorian

Valedictorian is a student who ranks first or scores highest marks in a graduation class. It is basically an academic title of success used in Canada, United States, Armenia, and Philippines. Traditionally, the student who is selected as a valedictorian delivers the farewell or closing statement at a graduation ceremony, Valediction. That means valedictorian will be the last speaker at the graduation ceremony before the other students receive diplomas. And the valedictory speech given by the valedictorian is traditionally considered as the final farewell to the classmates and other students before they disperse to pursue their individual paths after graduation.

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The word “Valedictorian” derives from the Latin phrase vale dicere, meaning to say farewell. In some nations, the student with the highest grade or score of a graduation class accepts the role and delivers the final goodbye speech at the graduation ceremony, the valedictorian address.

The honor of making final speech by the valedictorian during graduation ceremony is not a universal custom.  Some schools allow either the teacher or student body to select the graduation speaker based on voting process.

High School Valedictorian Standards

Valedictorian Gold Foil Certificate

Traditionally, a valedictorian is a student who has the best school record among a group of students and makes a final speech at the valediction (a graduation ceremony to recognize that the studies of the students are completed).

Mostly, people think becoming high school valedictorian also follows the same rule like being smart and getting the top grades in the graduation class. Though the basic criteria is same as part of becoming a valedictorian, there is more to consider to being called as high school valedictorian. Let us see those high school valedictorian standards.

The process of selecting a valedictorian varies from school to school. So it is important to check with the guidance counsellor about your school’s requirement to become a valedictorian. Many schools generally rank the students purely based on the GPA whereas in high schools, students who pursue higher grade courses are ranked first as they get bonus points by the school management for pursuing higher courses.

New Trend in Selecting Valedictorians

Selecting multiple valedictorians in a single school has become a trend these days. Many schools are selecting multiple valedictorians like 10-20 students are announced as valedictorians in order to reduce the competition and pressure among the students. To highlight the dedication of hard-working students, more high schools are choosing multiple valedictorians. The new trend of selecting multiple valedictorians in high schools has been criticized but also heartily welcomed by the smart and high-performing students who benefit from the recognition.

How to address the Valedictorian Speech

Being a class valedictorian or a high school valedictorian is a great honor and achievement. Giving a final farewell speech by the valedictorian is like a challenge. Typically, in the graduation ceremony the final speech by valedictorian starts with a few formal lines saying ‘thanks’ to the faculty and administrators, celebrating and sharing experiences with fellow classmates, and ending with few inspiring lines to encourage graduates to excel in their future. Once the valedictorian speech is done, the school officials distribute the diplomas to the students and reward the valedictorian with a beautiful and stunning valedictorian award certificate. Here are the important things to remember about giving a valedictory graduation speech are that:

  • it doesn’t have to be lengthy to be memorable
  • It should connect with your fellow students in an inspiring way.
  • it should honor the school and its officials

Tips to write a Good Valediction Speech

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Giving a great and inspirational farewell speech is a task for any valedictorian. Read and follow the below mentioned tips in order to give the listeners a fond farewell to high school, and also inspire them to go out and achieve greatness.

  • Read other graduation speeches to plan your farewell speech
  • Consider following a theme in your speech. It could be a “Find and follow your passion”, “Try selflessness and give back”, “You do not need to be perfect” etc.
  • Include some space for jokes and stories as well in your speech
  • Focus on the audience and give speech according to their mood. Your sense of humor plays an important role here.
  • Farewell speech is just one part of the big valediction ceremony. So, please try to make it short and simple.
  • Your message can be humorous and put your important message at the last.
  • Tell your personal experiences and discuss about the future.
  • Practice your speech before the graduation ceremony day.
  • Enjoy yourself while giving speech.

We have had a brief explanation about the valediction ceremony. Now, if you are interested I am gonna tell you right wordings to create your own valedictorian award certificates. Continue reading if yes. J

Recognize the hard work and high performance with the right certificate wording

Valedictorian student award certificate

There is no any fixed set of rules on how to word an award certificate. But yes, I agree that right wording for an award certificate is a key to properly recognize the recipient’s achievements. Therefore, we have listed few points or best practices you can follow to make sure your valedictorian award certificates look professional and polished.

Here is the valedictorian award certificate format example: It has total seven parts. Excited to know what they are! Follow me!

  • Title or Heading
  • Presentation Line
  • Recipient’s Name
  • From Line
  • Description
  • Date
  • Signature


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What is the valedictorian award?

Valedictorian is an academic title of success given to the students who scores highest level of academic achievement out of all students in a class.A valedictorian is
allowed to deliver some valedictorian speech at a graduation ceremony. Valedictory honors are determined based on the GPA, which in turn varies from school to school.
In some schools, multiple students are selected as valedictorians.

What is the average GPA of a valedictorian?

The average GPA of a valedictorian varies incredibly since each school and university has it’s own grading scale, ranking and grading criteria. I personally feel that
the culture of competition at the schools gives an intense impact on ‘race for valeditorian’. Mostly, valedictorians are selected based on weighted GPA of atleast 3.9/4.0.

Do you get a scholarship for being valedictorian?

Are you a Valedictorian!? Then you are eligible for financial rewards like college scholarships. Most of the high school valedictorians obtain scholarships by a particular
college or university. A high-grade point average (GPA) is also responsible for earning financial rewards. Some scholarships are only offered to valedictorians from a
high school within the same country where college is located. No national corporations or competitions offer any scholarships to students just for being a

Can I still become valedictorian if I don’t take the most AP/honor classes?

Yes, there are some schools that allow adjusted GPA’s where there is no need to take advanced classes like AP or Honor classes. But this is not an as impressive as the
advanced student who took all the advanced classes and earned all A’s and B’s. Because your classes are easy to take easy A’s and does not give you any credit on weighted
GPA scale compared to an advanced student. However, you need to focus on college admissions as well. No college is impressed with the kid taking easy challenges to score a
perfect weighted GPA.

What are the benefits of being a valedictorian?

There are a lot of benefits to the honor of valedictorian. Let us know what they are!
1) High school valedictorians are offered to take college scholarship opportunities
2) May be given access to do some internships either before the summer vacation or during the college
3) Academic wise, a valedictorian taking challenging courses develop some good study habits, learns how to confront challenges and become a hard working person.

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