Contrary to traditional beliefs, offering money isn’t the best or most effective way to honor the longtime service of a person. Numerous studies conducted on subjects have shown that simply offering financial rewards for the work performed, demeans the person as well as their efforts. Be it honoring a second-grade school teacher for her commitment or a highly-distinguished personnel of the army, offering financial rewards as a token for their longtime services, is bound to be a let down for the people.

10 Years Service Award Certificate

However, what may very well be the best alternative for thanking people for their dedicated services are service award certificates. Service award certificates are the best when it comes to expressing their gratitude towards people in a sincere and heartfelt way.

The 10 years of service award is one of the most reputed recognition programs to help acknowledge and bring the most loyal of employees to light. A lot of organizations employ the program to honor the commitments of people towards their organization in numerous ways.

10 Years Service Award Wordings

Writing a 10 years service award certificate is quite simple if one knows of the apt wordings to be involved in the award service certificate. Almost all award Service Awards have one thing in common. This refers to the 5 W’s which stands for who, what, where, when and why.

The 5 W’s help to answer the most crucial of questions relating to the Service Award Certificate.

  1. Who – Mention the name of the person who is going to be receiving the award.
  2. What – The ‘what’ section contains the name of the name of the award. In this case, the name of the award will be the 10 Years Service Award Certificate.
  3. Where – In the ‘Where’ section, you need to provide the details of the organization that is offering the award to the person. Since it is a service award, it will be the organization where the person works at.
  4. When – In this section, you need to mention the time-frame in which the person was or will be felicitated with the award.
  5. Why – The ‘why’ section contains the reason for which the person is presented with the award. For a person being awarded the Service Award, this section will contain ’10 years with the company’.

Ways To Appreciate 10 Years of Service

Apart from felicitating people with a certificate, there are many other ways in which you as an organization can commend the service period of your employees. These include:

  1. Felicitating an Award – Provide your valued employees with an award acknowledging their efforts with an award. Make sure that you include a message appreciating their efforts along with the award.
  2. Acknowledge and Appreciate Their Years of Service – As the person reaches completes 10 years of service of working in your organization, he or she will complete a milestone in his career. Make sure that you appreciate their efforts for this dedicated period of service.

Associate the award with this appreciation and let them know that their dedicated years of service is symbolic of their achievements.

  1. Make Them Aware That They Are Your Biggest Asset – It is not unknown that manpower is the greatest asset of any organization. And manpower arises from the employees working in your organization. Make your employees aware of this. Let them know that they are the reason for the reason for your organization’s success. Make them aware that their abilities and contributions have been a part of the organization’s success and that they always will be.

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