National Bring Your Child to Work Day is recognized and celebrated every year on 4th April. It is an annual event where kids step into the working world for a day. Irrespective of the name, it’s all about teaching your kids about life at work. Though it is celebrated annually on April 4th, some companies follow their own rules and traditions and host this event when convenient for the company’s schedule.

Make this wonderful event memorable using a certificate that can be a fun way to remember the event. Also, bring your child to work day certificates are used to excuse an absence from school.

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How to engage younger kids when you bring to work day?

Here are few ideas to keep younger kids busy. Have a look!

Logo Coloring: Create coloring sheets with your company logo. Ask the children to color it with vivid colors or else ask them to match the colors exactly to the original company logo.

Yummy or Yucky: As the name suggests, kids can have a taste-testing play. This activity is applicable for the children whose parents are working in the company that sells food products. Let your kids taste a variety of flavors and focus on the variations of the product.

Build it: Are you in the construction or engineering industry!? If so, you can purchase a LEGO building set and ask your children build along with their parents. Parents can have a discussion with the kids about their jobs and role in the building process.

Coffee Delivery: In this activity, children acts as parents. Ask the children to distribute sealed coffee to each employee. Later, children are also offered hot chocolate from the company mugs.

My Resume: Here children will get to create their own resume. Let each kid prepare a list of their skills and talents along with favorite subjects. Parents can include their interests into a resume template. So, kids can take their resume home.

Teach Business Etiquette: it is a great opportunity for parents and kids to teach and learn about the work place etiquette. Spend some time with the kids how to give a handshake, introduce themselves, great someone properly, and make eye contact.

Make the Rounds

Make a round around your office and let your kids meet your co-workers and boss especially those who have different roles than you. Also, explain their roles and what they does in the office. This helps them to understand different roles and open their eyes to choose their career paths.

Don’t just make it About Today

Do not confine your conversation with your kids about their careers to one day. Keep talking to your kids on their aptitudes and natural interests and help them find ways to explore them.

Stick to your normal Routine

It is important to make sure your kids get a real sense of what is your role in the office. To achieve this, just follow your normal routine in the office as much as possible.

Talk about your career

It is a great idea to discuss about your career path, the struggle you had taken to reach your goal, what you love about your job, challenges you take in your job, pros and cons of your career path with your kids. Then, as a jumping off point ask the kids about their own career goals and their interests regarding different jobs. This helps to guide the kids in the right path and get a chance to clear their doubts if any.

Rules of bringing your child to a work day

Rules of bringing your child to a work day varies from work place to work place environments and attitudes of managements. Let us discuss a few and common rules that most of the companies follow.


Make sure that your work place is child-friendly and the children visiting are always supervised as well as have limited access to the more dangerous areas of the work place. Because, unsupervised children are more likely to find dangers that you may not have considered.


Have a proper etiquette and schedule child visits with the employees and supervisor of the company. Most employees may not have any idea about the etiquette. So, let them know clearly about the etiquette before they bring the children to work day.


Design work place rules and regulations when the employees decided to bring their kids on a work day. For example: designate a quiet area for diaper changes, managing disruptive children and breast feeding etc.

Laws and insurance

Consider the laws and regulations that govern your company or business before you open the doors of your office for your children. Because it is stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that there are 17 occupations that are hazardous and not safe for minors. Hence, consider the conditions that may also be harmful for minor visitors.

Do you have any question like “can I invite everyone to participate in bring your child to work day”!? If yes, you may find the answer here! This is an all or nothing national event. You can invite all your co-workers to participate in bring your child to work day event. If there are any employees who doesn’t have children are also invited to the event if they are fine to attend. People who don’t want to participate in bring your child to work day event are not required to participate compulsorily. People are hired to fulfill their responsibilities in their job not to entertain visiting children.

Final words

Bring your child to work day is not only an opportunity to teach kids about your work place but also provides a lot of fun and builds some good relationships. It can be beneficial to both you and your child. Just do a little planning to make your child comfortable in your work place which may also inspire them to decide their desired destination.

To have a successful and fun filled event, design some work place inspired activities that explains and makes your child understand easily about the staff, work and business etiquette. Take the lead and initiative to build the healthy bridges between the school curriculum and real-life experiences that shape the ambition and vision of our future leaders.

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What is Bring Your Child to Work Day?

Bring Your Child to Work day is a National event recognized on the fourth thursday in April every year. This is a kind of educational program in the Canada and
United States. On this annual event, parents are allowed to bring their children to work place along with them for one day. At first, only girl children are allowed
to this event but in 2003 boys are also included and most comapnies renamed the event as ‘Bring Your Children to Work Day’. It is an unofficial National holiday.

What is the purpose of Take Your Child to Work Day?

National Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day was founded by Gloria Steinem and the MS Foundation for Women in 1993. Employers are encouraged to invite employees
to bring their children to work. The main purpose of the day revolves around parents taking their children to work in order to expose the little ones to future job
possibilities and the value of education. The event’s official website states that the program was changed in 2003 (for the purpose of including boys) in order to
provide both boys and girls with equal opportunities to explore job careers at an age when they are more flexible in terms of gender roles.

Is Bring Your Child to Work Day an excused absence?

As this annual event is an unofficial National holiday, legally schools are not required to consider students excuse on this day. But there are some schools do offer
excused absenses to the participated children in Bring Your Child to Work Day event. The Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation offers a sample excused absence
form that workplaces and parents can give to school officials to sign.The district would excuse the absence if the parent submits the required form.

Is it legal to bring children to work?

Consider the rules and regulations and laws that govern one’s work place or business. Some work places are not safe for minor children and please check the company’s
work policies and insurance that prohibits minors from being on work place during working hours. For instance, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration identifies
17 hazardous occupations for minors.

Does Take Your Kid to Work Day still exist?

On 4th Thurday in April each year, all the offices around the country open the doors for youngsters of their employees to give the glimpse of the world. Firstly, it began
with a focus on girl empowerment, but now most work places welcome boys and girls equally. If your employer has an official “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” program, it
can be a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your children. The program is still exists in many offices and the employers make it a great success with a little planning.

What is the age limit for Bring Your Child to Work Day?

According to Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Foundation (TODASTW), the program is recommended for girls and boys ages 8 to 18. Children of 12 years age are benefited
mainly through this program. Ultimately, the decision is up to an individual workplace, especially if safety is a concern.

Is Take Your Kid to Work Day Mandatory?

Take Your Child to Work Day is not mandatory. Parents and employers can participate at their own choosing. Some workplaces may not be good for ‘bringing your
child to work’. For example, parents working in laboratories probably don’t want their children in potentially hazardous conditions. Likewise, parents who see
patients, such as therapists and physicians, would be unable to have their children observe confidential sessions and meetings.

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