Looking for a gift that is something unique, modern and different from routine to your dear ones!? Then you are at the right place to find such an efficient gift. You and your dear one who receives the gift will be amazed after knowing about the unique gift! Excited to know what it is!? Here we go! I.e. nothing but ‘Auto detailing Gift Certificate’. Absolutely yes, give the gift of a shiny and clean car! This would be a perfect gift for the people who are extra busy during this holiday season which can throw off the schedule especially when it comes to taking care of one’s automobile. Also we provide free auto detailing gift certificate templates with great designs and ideas. Continue reading this article to download for free.

Unproductive auto detailing on a regular basis makes your car loses its beautiful and shiny appearance, reduces the performance even further falls in the less valued category when you put it for resale in the market. On the other hand, I don’t think you would like to drive in a car which is dirty, with full of scratches, stains, or the messiness that comes from the unproductive auto detailing.

Fortunately, we have come up with an ideal solution of gifting someone (who owns a car) with a good and professional auto detailing services in the form of certificates. We are pleased to tell that we offer high quality and professional looking auto detailing gift certificates which are perfect as a holiday gift for the car lovers in your life.

Gifting your friend, co-worker, or relative with this amazing gift not only give him or her a long overdue car but also makes the car look like a beautiful million bucks worth car. Therefore, look no further to gift someone special in a special way! Since everyone loves to have a clean and good conditioned car, gifting an auto detailing certificate makes sense around this busy time of the year. In fact, it is such a kind of gift you can give year around.

What is an auto detailing?

Template auto detailing certificate
Gift template car detail certificate

The physical condition of a car plays major role to enjoy the overall driving enjoyment. At the same time, it is easy to form clutter and debris inside the vehicles. An auto detailing is the process thorough cleaning that completely restores the interior and exterior of the vehicle and makes it look completely in a new conditioned ones. A professional auto detailing requires deep technical expertise, as well as special supplies and equipment. All these add up potentially valued benefits to the vehicle. Are you ready to understand the process!? Here we go.

What to Expect During Your Auto Detailing Appointment

Firstly, when the car is arrived for the auto detailing appointment, the technically expertise team thoroughly inspect the vehicle. The main goal of auto detailing is to condition each every single inch of the vehicle. In that process, they start cleaning inside parts of the vehicle like cloth, leather upholstery, interior panels, and protectants. Next move onto clean and wipe down all the doorjambs, vents, and crevices.

Coming to the exterior auto detailing includes removing all the contaminants from the surface, removing minor scratches, and washing and drying.

Finally, the treatment concludes giving the vehicle a shiny look. Before that the technical team removes buffing swirls and applies glaze and final layer of protection to give it a beautiful and shiny appearance.

Purpose of auto detailing gift certificate

Gift certificate template auto detailing
Gift certificate car detail template

An auto detailing gift certificate is a fantastic and easy way to convey your feelings towards someone. For example:

  • Happy Birthday to the hard to buy for person on your list who drives!’
  • Thank you, to your hard working employees’
  • ‘I love you, to that special someone who loves their car’

Auto detailing is typically performed by a professional automotive technician and following are the some auto detailing services they does by applying a proven system including specialized equipment and cleaning agents.

  • Seat and upholstery shampoo
  • Floor carpet and mat shampoo
  • Fabric protection and Leather treatment
  • Custom wheel cleaning
  • Headlight restoration
  • Interior and trunk vacuuming
  • Engine cleaning and Glass Treatment
  • Exterior polish and wax protection
  • Tire dressing

Benefits of Auto Detailing

Free gift certificate car detailing
Free gift auto detailing certificate
Free car detail gift certificate

If a person opting for his/her vehicle’s auto detailing means that the person is very much tend to have a deep concern and caring towards the vehicle. The benefits of auto detailing include:

Restores Value- Protecting your vehicle before it totally gets unconditioned is a fantastic way to protect your investment and time into your vehicle. You can achieve this through regular auto detailing which further also increases the resale value of the vehicle when it is put in the market.

Attention to Detail

An auto detailing is an act of cleaning performance using professional tools and products. The systematic approach of the professional technician helps to clean the nooks and crannies which you dint even notice.

Car detail gift certificate template
Auto detailing gift certificate template

Value for Money

A good and professional car auto detailing will tackle each and every detail of the vehicle and removes the contaminants that damages the vehicle. Regular and professional detailing leaves you very least pleased about your vehicle since it is got rid of unexpected repairs and issues.


Safety is something that doesn’t come into our minds immediately. But there are some safety benefits in auto detailing. The glass coatings with water will bead off the glass at speed which in turn makes visibility much clearer and higher. Head lights tend to wear off overtime causing the lenses become cloudy. A head light coating or restoration during a professional auto detailing makes the night time driving safety.

Auto detailing free gift certificate

Prevent interior odors

This is also a considerable issue since it puts you at highest potential of risk of being attacked by dust and smell allergies. Most of the times controlling interior odours is not possible and unavoidable as well. Regular auto detailing help you getting these remnants and odours out of the car as soon as possible before it becomes hard to remove. Regular vacuuming and fabric coatings from auto detailing can aid in preserving interior atmosphere of the vehicle.

Free auto detailing gift certificate template

Professional use

If you are into automobile industry or business, then maintaining a clean car is a must. A well maintained and good looking car gives the first impression to your customers when they first time board your car. Also, your clean car makes the customers think that you are a professional person and gives the confidence that you will give professional service when they are in your car.

Mental clarity

A neat and clear car is like a well-organized work place. Your mind will be so clear and stress out when there is nothing to bother about when you step into the vehicle like clutter, debris, unpleasant odours etc. This way you can make more productive time when you are in a detailed car.

Car detailing free gift certificate


Wondering why!? But yes, bacteria builds up in the undetailed and untidy car which is not at all good for your health. Every person who step into the car carry germs and bacteria in some way. If you are the person who spends much of your time in the car must definitely opt for regular detailing of the vehicle.

Increases Longevity

Regular and every day usage of the vehicle will obviously results in damaged condition. Understand the importance of protecting your vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces to make your car look at its best for the long term use.

Better Fuel Economy

Thorough and regular cleaning of car’s engine and other parts helps to improve gas mileage to your surprise. This is because a cleaned vehicle offers less wind resistance and less power requirement for the operation. A dust and sludge free engine gives the performance at peak levels.

Auto free detailing gift certificate
Auto detailing gift free certificate

Final words

The results of an auto detailing also varies depending on the current condition of the car and the level of service provided. You must expect that every minute detail of your vehicle is inspected and treated well including crevices and cracks.

Whether you are getting ready to resale your car or want to have a clean and neat car or simply wanting to make your car look like new one by restoring its original beauty or you just have purchased a previously owned car, auto detailing is a must and immediate action plan you must take in regular intervals without fail. A professional auto detailing makes your car look extraordinary from an ordinary look.

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