Celebrating the birth of a baby is the most joyful event in every individual’s life. Right from conception till delivery both the mother and the father feels excited about the baby. Soon after the baby is born the joy multiples and knew no bounds. Everyone calls the baby with so many pet names and finally the elders and parents decide to name the baby.

So, if you are in such a situation, then you will organize for a baby blessing ceremony and greet all people to bless the child during its naming ceremony. Usually, when this happens in a church the recording happens and the priest will name your child.

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Welcoming a new baby into your family!!! There is no other such a wonderful moment rather than having a new baby in the family. it is also the most pleasurable moment for the parents to welcome the new comer into their extended families as well…

Parents feel like becoming a parent is a Gift from God. In order to show their appreciation to God and everlasting love and care towards their baby and their role at the church, parents plan for a spiritual aspect, i.e. Baby Dedication Ceremony.


Baby Dedication Ceremony is also represented by the word ‘Dry Baptism’. The main purpose of this ceremony is ‘the parents acceptance of their child’s dedication to the God and the church’.


Need For Baby Blessing Certificate

Now, I agree that you want to know the purpose of this article. Yes, this is to provide you with free baby blessing certificate template. You may wonder why you need this? It is because the recording in the church will last for a few days and it will be removed. The baby blessing certificate will have all details of the ceremony and will act as a birth certificate of the baby.

We are sure that now you will be clear with the need for the certificate. You don’t need to search for the same but you can find them here for free. All you need to do is to print this and get it signed from the church authorities.

Let’s get along to understand the basic components of the baby blessing document and the best way to design one to make your certificate unique.

Basic Elements of Baby Blessing Certificate  

The components include the name if the child, parents name, date of birth, date of the event, ordinance person name, and the officiated signature.

You can add few wordings of your choice like, for the special baby (name of the baby) born on (DOB) is blessed by all elders and god on Date of Celebration. Then mention parents name and signature of the officiator.

Now, its up to you decorate the certificate with images, watermark, photo etc. You can use toys pictures to the certificate as it is a lifetime memory for your child and will feel glad to look at it when grown. Alternatively, you can include the photo of your baby to make it grander. The creativity is yours only the basic components must be there to make sure that it is a document representing the baby blessing details.

Why do you need the basic details? Top 5 reasons

  1. It is needless to say that the name of the child is mandatory because the purpose of the celebration is to name the child and seek blessing from God and all elders. The child’s parents will assure in front of Jesus Christ to bring up the child as a good citizen.
  2. The date of the birth is again an important component that confirms the day when the child came into this world to live a disciplined life fearing conscious and following good deeds.
  3. Date of the event is again required to let know the world the day the baby was blessed with a name.
  4. Parents name is written to authorize the father and the mother nominated by god as caretakers to the newborn to teach good deeds to the budding little one.
  5. The officiated signature stands a proof to confirm that the child is blessed as per the Christian ordinance under the supervision of the pastor.

How to Edit, design and Customize the baby dedication certificate and Print  

At this time you know the need for the baby blessing certificate and to where to get the template. Now, we understand that you are eager to know the right way to use the certificate and personalize the same before printing. Follow the steps given below which will make your life easy.

Download the certificate template of your choice from the array of certificates given to your PC. Right click on the certificate and save it to your system. Then double-click on the saved document to open it in the word.

You can see all the details in the word and that is absolutely editable. Start from the title. Baby Blessing Certificate is the normal title which you can personalize by click on it. You can feel free to add details like your family name and mention blessing certificate. For eg – Write John’s Family Blessing Certificate for the New Born, or Baby Blessing Certificate – Paul Family etc.

Then in the wordings area you can simply write the baby name, born on or you can choose wordings based on your wish like welcoming the god’s child (Child Name) to this world. Blessing the Child by naming him/her as (Child Name). You can choose your own writings. Alternatively, find many templates with different wordings which you can mix and match with the certificate design you like and make your certificate look exceptionally good.

Edit the details of the officiator and accord the date of the event. Now, the document is ready to print. Before that, you can insert image including the child’s photo, family photo, or some toys etc. Check the spelling of the parent’s name, and now print the certificate.

Soon after printing, remember to get it signed by the officiator. This is one important action without which your certificate is not original. Mention the church details and possible obtain a seal as well.

Final Thoughts

This certificate confirms that you have taken an oath in front of God and the ministry to grow your child-directed by God. It is in the righteous path and make the baby a good human being with love, care and responsibility to be concerned about the elders and all in the society.

Finally, we would request you to share your thoughts for any improvement you feel is required in our certificate collections. We would be glad to make changes and feel proud of our small contribution to the community.

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