One of the best ways to acknowledge other’s success in recognition of their efforts, talent, and talent is by presenting an elegant award. Awards are always welcomed by the recipients as they make them feel appreciated and recognised for their tremendous service. Our blank award certificate templates are useful in any field wherever the honesty and talent takes the priority role in one’s service. These award certificate templates are a convenient way to recognize someone’s talent or show appreciation for their service. Most importantly, rewarding an award certificate is a personalized way of saying ‘Thank You’.

Receiving an award is like a great accomplishment. Money is not always the most effective award. Sometimes, certificates do serve the purpose in a personalized way and for those who receive the certificate feel like a memory bank. It is like a boost up keepsake certificate. Also, the award certificate enhances the receiver’s confidence and encourages him/her to do wonders in future endeavors.

Award Certificate

Want to cheer your employee with a medal for his/her exceptional performance in their job role!? Or Looking for professional award certificates to make someone feel that they are well-recognized for their talent!? Our award certificate templates are useful to recognize the employees, students, and volunteers. Create a one of a kind unique to serve your purpose. Let us know what an award certificate is!?

Blank Scholarship Award Certificates

An award certificate is a small piece of paper or an official document given to someone in recognition of their achievements, talent, knowledge, and hard work in any particular field. There is usually a title along with the recipient’s name in the certificate but there are a lot many include in the certificate which are discussed below in detail.

Necessary Text Elements

Blank Scholarship Award Certificate Template

A right wording makes a regular certificate look professional and meaningful. Here are few suggestion over necessary text elements to be included in order to create a good award certificate.

Title: ‘Title’ is the foremost part known as ‘main headline’ of any certificate generally placed at the top of the certificate. It usually reflects the subject of the document. So I personally suggest to select some catchy and descriptive title that tells the type of the document.

Presentation Line: This is the simple and short descriptive line that comes after the title. The right wording or phrases can be like ‘is awarded to’, is hereby presented to, etc. followed by the name of the recipient. The other alternative variation of presenting line could be ‘This certificate is presented on’. Choose the right phrase according to your choice.

Recipient: The name of the recipient should be highlighted in bold letters. Sometimes, it is highlighted bolder than the title.

From: Of course, there is no certificate without the name of the company or organizations who is giving the award. It is explicitly implied by incorporating company’s logo or signature at the bottom of the certificate.

Blank Award Certificates Template Printable

Description: This area should be little descriptive and in detail because here we are going to discuss the reason for the certificate given. The description could be simple or lengthier outlining the achievements of the award recipient. The best award certificate reflects the exact reason why the recipient is receiving the certificate of award.

Date: Hope you got the point and include the date when the award certificate is presented to the recipient.

Signature: End the award certificate with signature where the certificate is signed by the head of the organization handing out the award certificate.

Important graphic elements

Blank Award Certificates Template For Students
Blank Award Certificates For Students

Logo: Some company’s include their company’s logo that visually communicates the unique identity of the company. Here we can use any image related to the subject of the certificate.

Lines: This part is completely depends on your choice. Some certificates include blank spaces while others include lines like a fill in the blank form where the information is either filled handwritten or typed.

Border: It is a common component of a certificate but not necessarily included in all the certificates. Simple and elegant borders are used for a typical traditional type looking award certificates. Whereas current certificates use overall background patterns.

Seal: An award certificate can also include a seal affixed or an image as a seal printed directly on the certificate.

Good times to give award certificates include:

Blank Award Certificates Template For Elementary Students
Blank Award Certificates Printable

Award certificates are the powerful tools when used at the right time and presented at the right way. I have included some right times to give award certificates. Have a look!

Community service award: Are you running any school or corporate organization!? Then the work teams often conduct community service event. These awards are the great way to say ‘Thank You’ and build team unity.

Good Behaviour: Good behaviour plays important role in a person’s success career wise. Even the children love to receive awards. Award certificates can be given to the school children for their good behaviour as an encouragement. You might be thinking award for good behaviour!!? Yes, even the smallest achievements can be celebrates through award certificates.

Blank Award Certificate Paper Template
Blank Award Certificates For Elementary Students

Great Job: Talent, efforts, hard work, and sincerity leads to a success. Why don’t we celebrate for the great job given by a person or a work team? Team lunches as a appreciation party may be forgotten but an award certificate lasts forever for their achievement.

Course Completion: Encourage a person for his/her successful completion of a course without fail. Any employee should keep on updating in their field to stay in the game proudly and to compete in this competitive world. So, a trainee can proudly display his/her award certificates for completing a course for their accomplishments.

Blank Award Certificate Template
Blank Award Certificate Paper

How to give a good speech while presenting an award certificate in the ceremony?

Don’t know where to begin!? Then follow these tips along with the prepared script that help you out to get started.

  • The Opening: Start with a funny anecdote regarding the event or about the award recipient. Make sure, it is not too personal or potentially embarrassing.
  • Talk about Why: Discuss about the recipient’s accomplishments and achievements in his/her role and also explain the reason why the recipient is receiving the award.
  • Look Outside of Work: Give a small description about the recipient apart from his/her work. This should be simple, short and warm.
  • Finishing: Finish it up with a presentation and lead the applause.

Some tips to make the event memorable

  • Match the message on the award to your introduction
  • Plan your thoughts in advance, and write them down
  • Gather others around the recipient to help celebrate
  • Shake hands, and personally congratulate the recipient
  • Add a coordinating certificate cover
  • Pop on an inexpensive gold, silver, or brightly colored seal, or the other alternative is to use gold-foil certificate paper
  • Have someone take a quick picture of the moment, and share it on internal bulletin boards or social media
Blank Award Certificate Border Template
Blank Award Certificate

Awards may be complemented in the form of medals, team lunches, prizes, money, badge, trophy, title, commemorative plaque, property, pin or ribbon, and many other things. Among all these forms of awarding, a certificate is something different, unique, and creative way of rewarding a person for his/her accomplishments.

Types of Award Certificates

Blank Award Border Template

We all know that a person can be awarded in every possible way in his/her job role. There are a lot many types of awards in which certificates are being given. Here we have categorized the most popular and common awards as follows:

  • Business: In business field, the awards commonly given as Employee of the Year Award, Perfect Attendance Award, Best Employee Award, Excellence Award, Most Productive Award, etc.
  • Sports: Awards are very common in the sports field. They come in different types for different categories like Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player (MVP), Individual Sports Awards, Placement—1st, 2nd, 3rd, among others, Team Sports Awards, Coaching Success etc.
  • Academic Award: there are several types of academic awards granted to the deserved students in the schools and colleges. They include: Best All-Round Student, Education – behaviour and academic, Academic Achievement Award, Certificate of Graduation, Researcher Award, Teacher Award, Spelling Achievement, Most Improved Student, and Mathematics Awards etc.
  • General Awards: Here are the general awards apart from specific awards that are granted in schools, offices, churches, and other occasions. They are: Certificate of Appreciation, Certificate of Attendance, Citizenship Award, Community Service Award, Certificate of Completion, Church – Sunday school, Music Achievement, Special Events – Science Competition, Fairs, Exhibit, among others, etc.

Final Say

Hand out the personalised certificate of awards that comes in different styles. You will find traditional, classic, and modern templates with illustrated designs. If you want to create your own award certificates, tweak every detail and edit right from colors and font styles to backgrounds and borders. Feel free to explore our stunning collection award certificate templates and save your favourite template by downloading for free. It is easy to acknowledge other’s success at your best with our templates. Have a try!

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