How many times you have admired the beautiful words on advertisement display boards or display panels? Well, maybe umpteen times. These words look beautiful more because of the way they have been written or engraved. If you are a calligraphy tutor or a guardian who want to encourage the efforts of a child in improving his or her handwriting by awarding a calligraphy certificate, you may surely need help!

After all, creating beautiful calligraphy certificates is not an easy task and you may get pretty confused about the kind of words or design that you must include. However, there is no need to worry as I am here to help you with my calligraphy certificate templates, but before that if you had no idea what is calligraphy and you are a parent who had just enrolled his or her child in a calligraphy class or course, it is important to know that the word ‘calligraphy’ has a Greek origin. It is in fact derived from two Greek words-‘Kallos’ which means beauty and ‘Graphein’ which means to write.

Calligraphy Certificate Templates

In ancient times, the art of calligraphy was highly valued in China and the Middle East. In fact, it was considered superior to any other form of art. In Europe, the art was introduced much later during the 15th century. It was till then considered just good handwriting, but with the advent of printing press in Europe, Europeans start to understand the significance of calligraphy as art that demands immense skill and creativity. So, let’s go back to our main discussion about how to create beautiful calligraphy certificate templates. To create such certificates, you must have knowledge of the best calligraphy certificate fonts that you must consider. Here, have a look.

Calligraphy certificate wordings

In a calligraphy certificate, not much is written as text. You can be creative while writing the wordings. The common wordings are however those that can convey a header, the name of the award recipient, the date on which the certificate was given or presented and the place or venue where it was presented. So, you can include words like the following ones:

Header or title

Main text

  • This certificate is presented to
  • This certificate is awarded to
  • This certifies that
  • Presented to followed by the recipient’s name

Well, these words are just for the header and the main text, but remember you have to also include the date and venue at the bottom or after including the name of the person to whom you are going to present that certificate.

As if this is not enough

I am also going to present here some calligraphy award certificate templates that you can download for free! Yes, you read it right because I know that even if you have ample knowledge about the best calligraphy fonts and the kind of the right calligraphy wordings, it is actually a time-consuming task to create such certificates from scratch. Remember, as it is about designing a calligraphy achievement certificate, you also have to incorporate some really elegant borders and scrolls. So, you don’t have to look any further because I know you may be too eager to unleash your creative skills and create a couple of calligraphy award certificates with your existing computer skills. In such a case, a calligraphy certificate borders and scrolls template comes handy. Here, you will also get those templates for free download.

Best calligraphy certificate fonts

I know that for someone who is not a calligrapher, choosing good fonts for calligraphy certificates is a tough task, but isn’t a calligraphy certificate must have the best fonts? The best fonts will be the ones that exhibit a sense of beauty, harmony, and rhythm in the arrangement of letters or alphabets. It can vastly improve the appearance of a certificate even if you have not designed it in a very appealing manner. Today, there are many fonts that are available for download over the web which are considered the best for calligraphy certificates. Let’s have a look.

Alex Brush

This is a classic brush style which is clear enough to read with its dramatic capital letters and short descenders as well as ascenders. Today, this font is most widely used on invitation cards and is perceived as a formal calligraphy font with an excellent flow.



If you want to include a font that exhibits simplicity and yet adds a personal touch without any formality, this calligraphy font scores some brownie points. With the use of varying strokes, this font seems ideal for a calligraphy award certificate.



This font is not only realistic and charming but also features a unique effect that adds a feminine character.


Argor Got Scaqh

You must have noticed that some of the fonts used in earlier award or graduation certificates were very ornamental. Yes, it was the gothic Argor Got Scaqh font invented during the medieval times. This font is still very much in use by calligraphers across the world.



If you are looking for a calligraphy font which is decorative and at the same time formal, this font is just the one that you should give consideration. It is best to use this calligraphy font for titles, invitations, and so on.

Now that you know what type of fonts you must use in designing a calligraphy award certificate, I guess this is the right time to develop a fair understanding about the kind of wordings that you must include. So, here we go.

So, whether you are calligraphy professional, a calligraphy tutor or a parent eager to present a certificate in calligraphy for the efforts of your pupil or kid, make sure to have the help of my free templates which are just a click away! Today even after the advent of the computer, many advertising agencies and tattoo artists prefer to value artists having outstanding calligraphy skills. It demands a certain kind of precision and hard work to master this skill. So, just go through my calligraphy certificate of honor templates and borders or scroll templates and download the one that you think is most suitable. Bye-bye.


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