You all might have seen a seal like kind of small sticker on some specified brands of t-shirts, or on a proprietary computer program, or on any art work! Do you ever think of what it is!? I know that some may have noticed it and some may not. Today, I thought to discuss about an important topic i.e. Certificate of Authenticity which is been ignored more often. Let us learn something about the authentication certificate and get free certificate of authenticity templates. Continue reading!

A certificate of authenticity takes many forms depending on the field it applies. It is a proof of authenticity on a piece of work art work. In simple words, it is a small sticker generally found on a computer program, branded t-shirts or jersey, any other kinds of memorabilia, and especially in the world of art work, computers, and sports. The major purpose of certificate of authenticity is to have the record of the work done as one’s own. A Certificate of Authenticity is abbreviated in the form of COA.

Fine art certificate of authenticity template free

Generally, the information or details in the certificate of authenticity can potentially make a buyer more confident and rely in purchasing the piece of art work. Let us see how a certificate of authenticity works in different fields which I mentioned in the above paragraph. There are different forms for a certificate of authenticity. Now, we learn about what they are!

In the computer world, a license number is the most essential part of COA. The buyers commonly verify whether the program designed is authentic and is legalized or not.

In the art world, COA’s are very commonly used by the artist’s as way to add some important information regarding the art work done in order to prove its authenticity. It is a document provided by the art collector to prove that the art work done by him/her is genuine and reliable. They does this solely because the art work looks more appealing to the buyers.

If you are creating your own certificate of authenticity for your art work, make sure to include the following important details on the certificate. Or you can simply download our blank templates and personalize according to your own text and other requirements. The information on the COA must include:

  • Name of Artwork
  • Medium
  • Dimensions of artwork
  • Limited Edition # of # (if this applies to your work),
  • The Date/Month/Year the artwork was purchased
  • Your (the artist’s) hand-written signature
Limited edition certificate of authenticity template

On the other hand, COA’s are most often used on internet online auctions as a proof for a signature that is provided on an item is genuine. However, there is more potential risks as well because it is been acknowledged that the fake COA’s are available. Fraudulent sellers have been creating fake COA’s in order to sell the fake and duplicate items that are not genuine. It is been proved that 90% of these fake COA’s issued by the fraudulent sellers does not have even a correct contact information or address etc. How to identify these fake COA’s? Here are some tips that might help you to realize fake COA’s.

  • They don’t contain any details about the person or group selling the artwork
  • It doesn’t have enough information about the artwork it’s supposed to authenticate
  • You cannot trace fake COAs and so they are totally worthless
  • The contact information provided isn’t updated or is false
Memorabilia certificate of authenticity template

Because of forgeries, COA’s are always been in the controversial issues. The fraudulent online auction sellers do these dishonest activities only to encourage the buyers to sell their duplicate merchandise. Hence, it is import to be able to know a genuine one from a fake one.

Create a Certificate of Authenticity in Simple Steps

At this point, you might have some knowledge about certificate of authenticity. Now, let us get into some other important details that should be included in the certificate of authenticity. In one way, it is useful information for you to make out which is fake and which is original. Create professional and stunning COA’s by following the simple steps.

Name of the Artist

The first and foremost step of creating a COA is adding an attractive headline to the document. It includes the basic information like name of the artist or organization, why the COA is for, and who is it for. The name of the person and the title of the work done are the mandatory details in the headline of the document.

Details of the COA Author

Include the details of the COA author like location and website, product type, year of completion, etc. should be mentioned clearly. Since the COA is given for many reasons like for a product, art work, jewellery etc. it is important to mention these details in the certificate so that people feels more appealing towards the product. Also, these details are helpful to easily trace out the item if needed. The author can be the dealer, agent, publisher, or an expert in the field.

Materials utilized in the Art Work

Include the detailed information about the medium and materials used for the creation of the art work. It will help owner to preserve the original work’s information. Also, add an image or logo of the product or program for the purpose of comparison.

Statement of Authenticity

Generally, it is a one or two sentence statement declaring the authenticity of work and also tells that the work done is copyrighted. Find the professionally designed templates as well.

Signature and Stamp

Certificate of authenticity limited edition prints template

A copyright statement should follow this last and final step. This step should contain the details like applicable laws, reproduction rights, and holder of the copyright information. Once all the above steps are clear and genuine, then the owner of the product or some other person who is responsible for the work or product would sign the document and give it a seal or a small sticker or a stamp. The stamp should be of the organization he/she is working for. If it is not an organization, then the stamp should be approved by the government.

So, these are the most important information which must be the part of your COA. Without all these basic information, the certificate of authenticity can be a fake one. So think twice before you go ahead while buying any product or artwork. In addition, you will also get the useful information to create a well-designed and informational certificate of authenticity. If you know how to do it properly and what to include in the certificate, then it would be very easy to create a COA one for you.

Different Types of Certificate of Authenticity

Make sure you enter the most recent genuine information in the certificate of authenticity. It is a good idea of verifying all the information given in the certificate is genuine. After perfect verification, hand out the certificate to the buyer along with the product or artwork you are selling. Here are few types of certificate of authenticity available in this article.

American flag certificate of authenticity template

American flag certificate of authenticity template

Get the certificate of authenticity templates for American flag. We provide all the templates with patriotic designs and official formats. Each template is free to download, edit, and print.

Blank certificate of authenticity template

Blank certificate of authenticity template

We offer an amazing collection of blank certificate of authenticity template package suitable for all your business needs. Just fill in the certificate with your own information and personalize with your own images and illustrations.

Certificate of authenticity template for artwork

Certificate of authenticity template for artwork

Download the artwork COA templates that contain all the necessary information about the artwork. These may include title of the piece of artwork, name of the artist, and completion date.

Certificate of authenticity template for autograph

Certificate of authenticity template for autograph

We have prepared the most common certificate of authenticity templates that are used for the authenticity of autographs. Personalize it to your choices with your chosen software program, so that you will get the one you think of.

Certificate of authenticity template photography

Certificate of authenticity template photography

Are you in photography business and want to gain the trust of your customers!? Then download our simple yet professional certificate of authenticity templates that contain the name of the photographer, title, and name of the company working for.

Diamond certificate of authenticity template

Diamond certificate of authenticity template

Are you wondering how to get a certificate of authenticity for your diamond jewellery!? We will help you in this article by providing free diamond certificate of authenticity templates which can be used for your reference.

Certificate of authenticity template for fine art

Certificate of authenticity template for fine art

Create a certificate of authenticity for your fine artwork in an easy and simple way. All you need to do is click on the particular template, download, edit, and print. You can do all this for free!

Memorabilia certificate of authenticity template

Memorabilia certificate of authenticity template

Are you in the field of sports and wanting to create a certificate of authenticity for your sports memorabilia? Then you are in right place to download a memorabilia certificate of authenticity template absolutely for free.

Painting certificate of authenticity template

Painting certificate of authenticity template

Painting is also a kind of artwork. And each artwork should accompany a certificate of authenticity. Download our free templates with just one click. You will have many options to personalize the templates according to your needs.

Rolex certificate of authenticity Template

Rolex certificate of authenticity template

Rolex is the widely known popular brand in watches that are symbols of elegance and refinement. Do you want to know whether the certificate of authenticity is fake or real!? Then just download our Rolex certificate of authenticity template for your reference.

Final Say

All our COA templates are available in word and pdf formats with organized layers and are used for both commercial and personal purpose. Each template is easily customizable as you can edit the text and images with your own choice of fonts, colors etc. Also, they are available in vertical and horizontal form for printouts. Give it a try!

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