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Certificate of Reconciliation: 10+ Free Templates (Understand the significance of Reconciliation)

Certificate of reconciliation is basically a certificate that is presented to children when they are successfully introduced to their first sacrament after baptism. One of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church is reconciliation, also known as confession. So, it is nice to prepare the certificate of reconciliation for children as it makes their journey to primary school more beautiful. Are you eager to create the same? Are you a priest who wants to encourage kids when they confess to their sins for the very first time in their life? If yes, we are here to help you with each and every step, but you have to understand the enormous significance of such a certificate. It is mainly presented by a priest to school going kids after their introduction to a sacrament, but such a certificate is also presented on various other occasions too that we will surely discuss in some time. Right now you must know the kind of words that are generally included in such a certificate of reconciliation. So, here we go…

Types of certificate of reconciliation

Certificate of reconciliation for divorce– Also known as a ‘statement of reconciliation’; this certificate is not a conventional one in terms of design and wordings. Prepared by legal professionals, the certificate basically declares that they had a word with their client or petitioner seeking a divorce from his or partner about the availability of reconciliation services or a possibility of reconciliation.

Reconciliation of share certificate-This certificate is widely known as ‘Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Certificate’. This certificate is popular in India. It is created by a practicing company secretary as per the regulation 55A of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). This is too technical and I am summing that definitely, you are not going to create one. So, have a look at the next one!

Bank reconciliation certificate-To develop a comprehensive understanding of what is this certificate all about, you have to first know that a company accountant prepares a bank reconciliation certificate on a monthly basis to check that whether the company’s cash account balance is matching with its bank account balance.  It is also popularly known as a bank reconciliation statement.

Certificate of reconciliation studies– Proposed by the First Nations University of Canada, the certificate is also known as CRS. This focuses on giving recognition to the shared history of native and non-indigenous people.

Apart from all the above ones, there is also a type of certificate of reconciliation which is used in India for a declaration of difference in name of a deceased depositor.

Certificate of reconciliation wordings

Well, there is no fixed wording for a certificate of reconciliation. If you are creative, channelize it into churning out some interesting and thought-provoking sub-header because details like header, date, name of the church, priest name, and name of the recipient are some of the elements that you need to include without any fail. For including the priest name, you can use the word ‘celebrant’ or ‘pastor’. Here, I am giving you some wordings for the header and sub-header to include so that you can have a fair idea.


  • Reconciliation
  • First Reconciliation
  • Certificate of Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation Certificate
  • Certificate of First Reconciliation
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation


  • Received for the first time
  • Celebrated for the first time
  • According to the rite of the Roman Catholic Church
  • I am the good shepherd

And so on

If you are still not sure what to include, take a clue from readymade certificate of reconciliation templates that you can download without paying anything! Now hold on the excitement because as I have told you earlier that there are various other occasions when these certificates are awarded.

As if this is not enough

I am also guiding you so that you can create your own certificate of reconciliation in a DIY manner. I am assuming here that you are going to create the certificate that we have discussed at the beginning. As told earlier, you can download our free certificate of reconciliation templates to create a certificate as per your need. So, here are the steps to create a certificate of reconciliation by using our ready-made and free to download templates.

Step 1: Have a thorough look at all of the templates that we are providing for free on our website.

Step 2: Select any one template that seems most appropriate to you and download it by a few clicks.

Step 3: Save the template on your desktop or in a folder as per your convenience and name it as certificate of reconciliation1.

Step 4: Now open that file and customize it to suit your need. By customization, I mean that you can not only edit the header and sub-header but can also add a relevant background color or image in your certificate. Remember, our templates are entirely editable. It is also possible to edit the existing text if you want something else.

Step 5: Save the customized file and print multiple copies of the same. You can then write the text in the blank areas or fill the details by a ball pen or an ink pen in your beautiful handwriting.

So, for now, browse happily through all of our templates and create your own certificate of reconciliation within a matter of few minutes. The best thing about our templates is that you don’t have to spend even a single penny for downloading them and this makes the entire process quite effortless. If you wish to create other types of reconciliation certificates, the process of using our templates is the same. So, as for now stay tuned for my next post!

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