In this article, we provide you all kinds of employee certificate of service templates that can be used instantly. To help you out, we have compiled a stunning collection of templates by wracking our brains to give most creative templates at our best. Have a look to download for free!

Do you remember the last time when someone told you ‘what a great job you were doing’!!? Employee service attracts not only appreciation but something more than that. That is why it is so important to take time and reward employees for their great service.  As per the latest trend, rewarding an employee’s service is done in a special way and however differs in the way of appreciating. The systematic and professional way of appreciating the employee service is through offering a certificates. Receiving a certificate of service is a great accomplishment for any employee as a token of their hard work and commitment towards their responsibility in their role of employment.

The role each employee plays to get the reward and recognition in a successful way is significant and unexplained. So, make some time to reward your employees in a respectable way with our certificate of service templates. A good certificate of service should be flexible, significant, timely, and genuine.

Certificate of Service

Rewarding an employee with a Certificate of Service is a great opportunity for an organization or company to recognize an experienced employee for his/her longevity of service with the organization.

End Of Service Certificate Template

The major aim of rewarding employees with a certificate is to attract and retain the best talent. Recognize the service of the employee in terms of attitude, performance, and achievements. All the regular employees of the company are eligible to receive a certificate of service for their efforts put in. the sole purpose of rewarding an employee’s service is to establish an organizational culture through which the efficient work done by longevity employees is valued and their tremendous efforts to give a successful service are recognized.

Employee Years Of Service Certificate Template
Certificate Of Service PA Template

In the employment context, certificate of service is a document that provides the information about the employee’s duration of employment plus pay scale. In legal proceedings, a service certificate is generally required to be filed with the court clerks.

Certificate Of Outstanding Service Template

Officially, a certificate of service includes the details of parties served like the name and address etc. and the signature of serving party or an attorney.

Different Types of Certificate of Service

Certificate for 10 years of service template

Certificate For 10 Years Of Service Template
Certificate For Years Of Service Template
Certificate Of Outstanding Services Template

Honor your employees outstanding 10 years’ service performance with our amazing certificate for 10 years of service templates available in word and pdf formats. Our templates are easily editable and printable. Give it a try!

Certificate of appreciation for patriotic civilian service template

Certificate Of Appreciation For Patriotic Civilian Service Template
Certificate Of Appreciation For Long Service Template

Browse our free downloadable certificate of appreciation for patriotic civilian service templates to use instantly as a token of appreciation and in recognition of patriotic civilian service. Easily editable and professional templates are available.

Certificate of community service template

Certificate Of Community Service Template
Certificate Of Volunteer Service Template

Certificate of community service is important for those who provides volunteer work and free community service. Create your own certificates that can easily editable and customize in minutes. These templates are also useful when applied to charitable and community projects.

Certificate of long service award template

Certificate Of Long Service Template
Certificate Of Long Service Award Template

Instantly download our wide range of certificate of long service award templates available in word and pdf formats. Rewarding an employee with certificate of long service award for his long service is something so special for an employee. It is a kind of appreciation and motivation to that employee. So, create beautiful certificates to increase their happiness for the long service.

Certificate of meritorious service template

Certificate Of Meritorious Service Template
Certificate Of Appreciation For Service Template

A free printable certificate honoring meritorious service available if you want to recognize someone for distinguished service to the company. Try it once!

Certificate of military service template

Certificate Of Military Service Template

Best way to commemorate someone who is given exceptional service to the military is through your own creative certificates. We have a variety of certificate templates that help you to craft one for you. I am sure you will like it!

Certificate of service excellence template

Certificate Of Service Excellence Template

Reward your employee’s service for his/her excellence in a different way i.e. with a professional and attractive certificate. This is like boosting an employee’s confidence in an easy way. Download our best and pre-made certificate templates that serves your purpose in every aspect.

Certificate of service template for domestic worker

Certificate Of Service Template For Domestic Worker

Domestic workers offer valuable services to their employers. In return, they also require some recognition for their service. In fact, they are deserved to receive a service certificate as a token of appreciation.

Certificate of service texas template

Certificate Of Service Texas Template
Federal Certificate Of Service Template

Create a certificate of service texas hassle-free using our free printable templates. This is a legal document provided for attesting the service of specified court documents. It is often required in state and federal courts when there is exchange of important documents between the parties.

 Recognition of service certificate template

Recognition Of Service Certificate Template

Recognize the service provided by an employee as a part of company’s growth with a certificate from our great collection of service certificate templates. Great designs, customizable, add decorations to create your own certificate with your own styles.

What are the uses of certificate of service?

Certificate Of Service Template

Wondering about the uses of a service certificate! Yes, we do have many uses for certificate of service. Now I am going to tell you some amazing uses of a certificate of service. Take a look!

  • To motivate the employees towards their efforts in the process of enhancing company’s productivity and fame. It is one way of wishing them to achieve many more and continue to put in efforts for company’s future.
  • Easy to download and save the document for further use. It can be used for in future for other companies and institutions.
  • It is a great memory bank and is considered as a token of appreciation that celebrates the employee service and his/her efforts, talent, and success in performance.
  • Certificate service plays a vital role in the employee’s future plans.
  • It is a kind of gratitude certificate which makes the employee feel proud and increases the confidence in their job profile.

Sample format for certificate of service





To whom it may concern:

[XXX Company] certifies that [Mr. XXX] was/has been working with us from [start date] till [end date]. [Mr. XXX] has put tremendous efforts in his service and demonstrated great understandings of the requirements of his job and was always on top of his responsibilities.

This letter has been given upon his request without any liability from our side.





Ref. No. ________                                                                                                             Date: ____________


This is to certify that Mr/Mrs. _______________ son/daughter of Mr. _________________ worked as _________________ in our company from ____________ to ___________ with our entire satisfaction. During his working period, we hound him a sincere, hardworking, dedicated, and honest with a very good knowledge and professional attitude. He is amiable in nature and character as well. We have no objection to allow him in any better position and have no liabilities in our company. His basic pay is ________only.

We wish him every success in life.






[Company Name]

Tips to keep in mind while writing a good certificate of service

The service certificate is a document certifies that the person has given his service successfully in the company and appreciates the duties and responsibilities performed with a good attitude and knowledge. The certificate of service format should be in a polite way or language and must contain the following key points.

  • Date of issue of the certificate
  • Must be on Company’s Letterhead
  • Salutation or Declaration “To Whomsoever it May Concern”
  • Full Name of the Employee as per the official Record.
  • Designation or position
  • Period of Employment
  • Description & Performance
  • Best Wishes  at the end
  • Signed by the Director / HOD / Manager / HR Department Head / Authorised Signatory
  • Should have Company’s Seal or Stamp

Sample Example 3:

Date ________


This is to Certify that Mr. /Ms. __________, worked in our organization _________ as designation _____________in our _________ Department at ________from __________.

She/he has done a great job during his tenure. He/she was a friendly person with good humour. She/he has always been on time and was very professional.

We thank him/her for his/her contribution and wish him /her success in his/her future endeavours

For XYZ Co
Manager HR



Certificate of service templates are ready to use and easy to download in pdf and word documents. Since we also provide blank ones, you can edit the templates as per your requirements to create your own certificate with your own text and formats. Changes like background, text, design, font style, and everything which can be personalised. Adding name, changing date, remark and signature can be changed using the available tools in your computer. Download free templates which are also free to edit and print.

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