Is it really worth to have a college degree certificate in your hand after completion of your graduation!? If you ask me, I would definitely say ‘Yes’. Do you want to explore more about the college degree certificates, continue reading! Also get high quality free editable and printable college degree certificate templates.

A college degree certificate is more valued in anybody’s career right from pursuing higher education to seeking a job opportunity. In fact, it is been reported that people with a genuine college degree certificate have more job opportunities. Earlier it is consider as the degree certificate is a most traditional way to start a career.

There are many college degree certificate programs that are been organized in order to prepare the students obtain the professional certifications. These professional certificates are highly useful to gain employment or advance in their careers. Well in brief, degree certifications are designed for those who hold bachelor’s degrees and show keen interest in advancing their careers through obtaining in-depth knowledge in any specific area related to their career path or profession. Whereas some students opt to pursue post-baccalaureate college certificates because they are not eligible for entrance to master’s degree programs.

College Degree Certificate

What is a Degree?

An advanced and higher education course where one can pick any area of particular subject to be as major study. In addition to these majors, there are some other minors as well to complete the course. Minors include English, math, history, and some other subjects. This full set of majors and minors form a particular course and is generally known as ‘degree’.

Template for college degree
Sample college degree template

Benefits of earning a degree

Let us know how important a ‘degree’ is.

  • More marketable and desirable for jobs beyond entry level
  • Networking opportunities for future career options
  • Better potential for earning higher salaries
  • Better job benefits like insurance, retirement, and possibly even travel
  • Learning additional skills like critical thinking and analysis

Very few disadvantages are found when you consider a degree program to complete. The couple of disadvantages are time taken to complete the course and the cost. Yes, degree is a most expensive form of higher education though many institutions provide financial aid to the needy. Also, the minimum time investment to complete a degree course successfully is 3 years and the maximum may extend to 7-8 years. So, it requires a significant time investment.

Free printable college degree template
Fake college degree template

What is a degree certificate?

A college degree certificate is an academic credential awarded by the universities upon completion of a specialized course of study at the college or university level. This certificate makes the students qualified at college and university level and also eligible for pursuing higher education.

In simple words, a college degree certificate is an official piece of paper looks like a certificate which is granted by any kind of educational institution like college, university, or a high school which states that the student or recipient has been successfully completed the whole study course.

An official college degree certificate contains a lot of relevant information that includes student’s name, type of degree awarded to him/her, and all his majors along with minors. It would also contains any optional or applicable honors like name of the institute, date of completion of college, head of the department etc. An official signature of the head of the panel along with the institute’s seal is a must in a degree certificate.

College degree template free
College degree plan template

The official degree certificates come from universities while the informal ones come from the teachers. Creating such a professional degree certificate is easy when you plan to make for your institute. In addition, you can use your creativity to go all out and design a stunning document for your students.

Generally, college degree certificates are distributed or awarded to the recipient’s in a grand ceremony conducted by the college management at the end of the year. It is a prestigious event for the recipient’s as it represents the person’s accomplishment of specialized training at the college or university.

College degree diploma template
College degree certificate template

So for educational institutions, it is very important to have good and professional looking college degree certificate templates on hand. In this article, you will find different types of college degree certificate templates absolutely for free. Each and every template is designed with utmost care featuring all important information with well-designed borders and classic font styles. Do have a look and download your favourite template to create your own degree certificates on your own.

Advantages of a degree certificate

Degree certificates at your college or university level are always advantageous while looking to change your career path or opt for higher education. The other advantages include:

  • To build on your current career or enter a different part of your industry
  • No waiting list for admission
  • Very helpful to upgrade your career to master’s degree

Coming to disadvantages, limited career options based on the particular certification. To your surprise, there are no other disadvantages of degree certification.

Blank college degree template

Uses of Degree Certificate in other fields

Many professions ask for a degree certificate. They may include:

  • Personal Training- Any personal regimen requires a set of goals which are decided by the client and the trainer. Both the client and trainer works hard to accomplish their goals in certain period of time which may take years to achieve. So, these accomplishments should be celebrated and inclusion of a degree certificate looks great and serves as a memento that tells all the required information.
  • Novelty Diplomas- Whether it is a prank or want to give a novelty gift, an original degree certificate template is very much helpful for your imaginary diploma program. For example: high school in Hong Kong, a master degree in Europe, courses completed in New England’s finest universities etc.
  • Business- Training programs are an essential part of today’s business world. Sometimes, both employees and employers doesn’t take the training program seriously. A training course with a degree certificate for completion of entire training course shows that company values both employee’s time and the company’s own training.

Types of Degrees

College degree template word

Get an idea of degree titles and different types of degrees available at university level. Students can consider which type of degree course best suits to their career path while comparing different degrees. Four different types of degrees available for a variety of careers. Each degree to earn may take 2-8 years depending on the field of study and level of the degree chosen.

  • Associates Degree– These are 2 year associate level programs provide required training to students for entry level positions in some vocational fields like nursing and graphic designing. Different types of associate degrees available at associate level are Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.), Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
  • Bachelor’s Degree– An undergraduate program takes 4 years to complete and students are required to choose a major subject or stream and minors. Most common bachelor’s degrees include Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)
  • Master’s Degree– This is a form of graduate program that lets students to get specialized in an area of study. This typically requires 2 years of time to complete. Different master’s degree programs available are Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA) etc.
  • Doctoral Degree– This is the highest college degree also known as Ph. D. program. Common types of doctoral degrees include Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Juris Doctor (J.D.), Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) etc.

Fake Degree Certificates

Now-a-days, degree certificate fraud has become common and easy. But it is illegal to present fake degree certificates as genuine documents. I don’t want you all to fall as a prey for the ill effects of fake documents. So, here are the few important things to keep in mind while checking for fake certificates.

Certificate Designs: Many of the fake certificates makers choose ornate and gothic styles to represent tradition and prestige.

Certificate Components: Though the universities take utmost care to protect the integrity of documents, fake certificate maker’s catch-up and develop their own versions of holograms. Check for the authenticity of the degree certificate with the university.

Certificate Language: There won’t be any use of cod-medieval lingo on degree certificate templates. Definitely, it is to be suspicious if you come across.

The other components need to be checked for fake degree certificate are order of words, domain usage, university authentication, university location etc.

Final Conclusion

When you take the time to make degree college certificates for your students, it clearly shows that you value them. You are in need of creating personalized certificates unofficially. Whether it is for high school or college students, you get high quality and personalised degree college certificate templates absolutely for free. We offer each and every template for free. Download, edit, and print completely for free! Amazing right! What are you waiting for!? Download our templates and keep check to the regular and old fashioned certificates. Happy downloading!


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