This article provides a collection of free college scholarship certificate templates in word format. You can download and customize it suiting your need. 

Do you wonder how a piece of paper can help college students for a better future?

These certificates are acknowledgement for their good work in academics, sports or in other categories during their education. You must understand the fact that the college scholarship certificate is a feather on their cap which adds weight to their portfolio.

College Scholarship Certificate Templates


If you want to honor a student with a scholarship, then we can help you in two ways. One is educating you on the best way to make a certificate. Next is to provide you with different college scholarship certificate template for free and allowing you to download them and personalize for your need.

Now, its time to talk about the actual subject in detail, than beating around the bush.


Components of Certificate Of Scholarship Grant

Ok, you have made up your mind to appreciate the students for their good work and hence going to offer a scholarship certificate. But, you want to know about the basic details that must be present in a certificate. Therefore we have listed down those details quickly as bullet points to help you take a look.

  • Provide a title as scholarship certificate, or even mention in detail as Merit Scholarship Certificate, Sports Scholarship Certificate etc.
  • Irrespective of any reason you award the student a scholarship be it athletic skills, studies, creativity etc. You must include the NAME of the student. Full name with initial is a must.
  • Name of the institution.
  • Date of issue.
  • Type of Scholarship – Career Based, Merit Specific, Sports, Creativity, Project Work etc.
  • The purpose of issuing the scholarship – For the job, higher education and others.
  • Scholarship Name.
  • A person or the organization that offers the scholarship.
  • Signature with Name and Seal of the concerned authority.
  • You may also mention a few wordings about the good work to make it more specific and to add a professional touch.

These elements will make your certificate look professional and will carry value to the students who would like to use it for their future prospects.

Formats For Scholarship Certificates


There are several formats in which you can design a certificate. Every format can also have different design, structure, and style. However, the following two formats are used predominantly.

Word Format

PDF Scholarship Certificate Template

Let’s walk you through why these two formats have caught the attention of the majority of people.

Top 5 Reasons That Makes a Word Format 50x Better  

  1. Word format certificates can be designed even by an amateur who has only basic computer skills.
  2. Editing the template per your wish can happen within no time and you can just download the free template from us and customize to make it unique.
  • There are varieties of options in a word document to choose color, font, style, background etc.
  1. Does not occupy more space and hence you can have umpteen number of certificates in your system.
  2. MS office is default software available on all PC and hence you can access these templates from anywhere.

PDF Formats 

Does that mean PDF format does have only less advantage? No, PDF formats are helpful in its own way. You can use PDF for keeping your design intact. It is not possible for others to edit your work as PDF editor is not available for free.

PDF format templates will make a superior print quality and will suit the best for certificates. Also, data security is better with PDF templates.

However, we have collected both formats and presented for your use. Feel free to download scholarship certificates and get going.

Scholarship Award Letter Template 


Scholarship certificates are issued to students for making use of them for their career prospects. Sometimes there needs to be a detailed letter given stating the purpose of the scholarship. At those times a letter makes a better bet. You can write in detail about why the award is given using the letter template. Still, you can make it an award and thus solve both the purpose of writing details as well as issuing a certificate in the scholarship award letter template.

You must mention the title, from the address at the beginning of the award letter. Then start with Dear (so and so) which means you address the person to whom you award the letter. Now mention the scholarship details like the amount given, for how many semesters, and other details that will help the student to have clarity on what wills the scholarship cover.


Few scholarships can be one time and others may be recurring like semester fees etc so you must be very clear while drafting the letter.

Finally, attest to the approving authority signature with seal and you are ready to print the letter template.


Documents Required to Apply for College Scholarship Certificate


It is a good thought to provide a scholarship to your students and motivate them to continue to do their best in their studies.

We would like to emphasize the importance of the scholarship certificate by letting you know what documents need to be collected from students to make them eligible for the scholarship. Let students understand the seriousness of the scholarship and get ready with the following documents.

  • Copy of the test score you conducted to test their skills in the particular area of interest.
  • Filled scholarship application form.
  • Medical fitness record.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Finally, a self-written statement of purpose letter. This is important to understand their need and fitment for the scholarship.

Upon scrutinizing these documents you can decide to offer a scholarship to the deserving student.

Final words, it is a good gesture to help the students with a scholarship certificate to nurture their interest and hence support them to find the right career after their college education.

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