Beauty is a Power! Beauty is a Confidence! Beauty is a boost to one’s self-esteem! There are many definitions for beauty like this but whatever is the case cosmetic work do wonders for a person’s self-esteem when approached in a right way. Cosmetologists instill the sense of confidence and pride. In today’s world, focused with diversified people cosmetology plays an important role in bringing glory in him/her. The demand for cosmetology is increasing day by day with the growing importance of beauty care. Also, cosmetology creating a lot of opportunities in the field of beauty care as well.

In this article, you will find a brief description about cosmetology and its certification programs. Free cosmetology templates are also available to download instantly useful for those who run this business, beauty schools and cosmetology certification programs.

What is cosmetology?        

 Cosmetology is a study of cosmetics and applying the skill to beautify the face, skin, hair and nails in a non-surgical way. A cosmetologist is a person licensed to provide safe cosmetic treatments to the skin, hair, and nails. Actually, it might be a surprise for you to know how much they do to beautify a person in safe methods. In fast growing countries, cosmetology is uprising and has huge impact with the growing IT sector.

Cosmetology Certificate
Cosmetology Certificate Frame

History and future of Cosmetology

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Cosmetology School Certificate

The word cosmetology comes from a Greek word “Kosmetikos”, which means the skilled or well-practiced in use of cosmetics. The history of cosmetology can be traced from many important cultures.

Cosmetologists and hair stylists are equally respected and considered important the society across many cultures since very long years ago. Still today both the fields are sharing same platform of exploring beauty areas as they continue to train to learn various styles and styling methods in order to improve the beauty of a normal individual person. They are trained specially for a number of styles and looks which the normal average person may not be able to perform him/herself.

Many states tell that a cosmetologist require licenses along with extensive training before performing cosmetic treatments like sculpting nails and cutting hair. In addition to hair styling, a cosmetologist of current generation also specializes in nail designs, skin care, and make up application.

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Cosmetology Certificate Of Completion

In future, cosmetology will become more specialised. As aesthetics keep on changing, cosmetologists continually learn new techniques and procedures. I can explain this with a simple example i.e. many cosmetologists have added spray tanning to their treatments as a substitute to skin damaging standard tanning techniques. Sounds wow right!? Like this, we have so many new techniques to protect our skin from old damaging procedures. Also, the cosmetologists require additional licenses for extended services.

Why is Cosmetology important?

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  • Trendy Appearance and gains Self Confidence
  • Improves hygiene in the body and hair
  • A solution for Skin/Hair related problems/diseases

Cosmetology Certification

Cosmetology Operator Certificate
Cosmetology Instructor Training Certificate

A cosmetology certification curriculum is generally a combination of lectures and laboratory sessions specially designed to prepare the graduates for licensing in the duration of 2 years. In this two year program, students enrolled in cosmetology certification program learn about beauty techniques including manicure, hair and skin care, facials, coloring, personal hygiene, grooming as well as business courses specific to clinics. The business course work covers basic business principles like salon operation, antisepsis, salesmanship, and safety requirements.

Cosmetology certificate includes the common topics like:

  • Salon Concepts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Aesthetics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

Degrees Offered in Cosmetology with eligibility and duration

You will find various degrees and diplomas in cosmetology field. Let us know what they are in short.

Cosmetology Facial Specialist Certificate
Cosmetology Education And Training Certificate

Diploma in Cosmetology

Minimum eligibility is 10th Standard. The course duration will be varying minimum of 6 months to maximum of 1 year.

B.Tech in Cosmetology

Any student with PUC or 12th equivalent is eligible for this course and the course duration is typically for 4 years.

M.Tech in Cosmetology

Graduation from a recognized university by local Government. The course duration is for 2 years.

M.Sc in Cosmetology

Same as M.Tech, M.Sc also requires a completion of graduation in any discipline from a recognized university. The course duration is also same i.e. 2 years.

Certificate Courses

As this is a certification course program, there is no any age limit. The course duration is 6 months.

Typical cosmetology classes include hair cutting and styling, make-up application, nail and skin care, state regulations, salon management, and health and safety.

How to become a cosmetologist?

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The profession, Cosmetology is dynamic and growing at the rate of 20% through 2020with a good reason. It requires an eye on the beauty care along with great social skills. The primary focus of a cosmetologist is generally on coloring, cutting, and styling. Now-a-days, many cosmetologists also performing cosmetic treatments like skin treatments, manicure and pedicures, massage services and make up to their clients. Continue reading the post if you want to know what it takes to become a licensed cosmetologist.

  • Meet the basic age and educational requirements
  • Enrol in Cosmetology School
  • Complete the cosmetology school certification program and courses
  • Consider learning specialised courses to beat the current competition in beauty care field
  • Pass you licensing exam conducted by the cosmetology school
  • Participate in an apprenticeship program to gain more valuable experience
  • Find the best location for your work
  • Apply for cosmetology openings in and around your community
  • Develop the skills you need to be a great cosmetologist
  • If you want to succeed in your profession, then you have to keep your skills up to date 
  • Develop a strong client base if you want to be a great cosmetologist
  • Once you gain enough experience by working for someone else, you can now establish your own beauty salon.
Cosmetology Certification
Certificate Of Cosmetology

Certificate in Cosmetology: Who Should Opt?

The certified cosmetology course is usually taken up by students:

  • Who have a personal passion for making other people look beautiful!!
  • Who desire to attain basic knowledge of Cosmetology before advancing to a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Cosmetology!!
  • Who wish to start working at an early age of life!!

Final conclusion

A career in cosmetology can lead to a wide variety of professions in the beauty industry including: nail technician, hair stylist, and salon or spa manager. Find free cosmetology certificate templates in different designs and styles that best suits your needs. We offer each and every template for free. Free to download and print! You are just a simple step away to make use of cosmetology templates that helps you in search of professional templates. Also, learn more about the worthwhile opportunities as a cosmetologist that are waiting you. Feel free to browse our amazing list of cosmetology certificate templates to create a unique template one for you.

Can you become a cosmetologist online?

Cosmetology diploma and certification programs take 6 months to 1 year to complete whereas the associate courses take longer time. Cosmetology training programs are offered at some beauty schools, trade schools, and at community colleges where students get a great hands-on practice, interactive learning, and in-person observation. Cosmetology certificate programs are not commonly offered online. But some schools offer online courses to study in your free time and provide the education needed to become a cosmetology professional.

Where can a cosmetologist find work?

A certified and licensed cosmetologist can find work as per the specialization and in areas like parlors, salons, spas and massage
parlors, fashion industry, hotels and resorts, and TV and Film industry. The growth in the career or profession depends on the qualification and experience, job location, skills and expertise, and reputation of the employer.

Is a cosmetologist a doctor?

Cosmetologists are not the physicians but they specialize in hair styling, hair cutting, skin care, and other beauty treatments or services. According to references, a cosmetologist is considered as a doctor in US and UK countries. However, do not confuse a cosmetologist with a doctor as he/she deals with beauty in non-surgical

Is cosmetology a good career?

Cosmetology is the field where your creativity and skills are used to help people look their best. If you have enough hands-on experience, enjoys papering others, and passionate about the field, then you can opt cosmetology as your career. To enjoy the career, you must also be aware of disadvantages. Population growth will result in great demand for cosmetology career.

Why do cosmetologists wear black?

The reasons why a cosmetologist wear black color uniforms are:
1) Black helps stylists to see the exact color and to avoid
disturbances causing by refraction of color under light.
2) Black is always in style
3) Black stays stain free
4) Black makes hair easy to see
5) Black has most options as the clothing options are abundantly available in black

Do cosmetology students get paid?

In beauty and cosmetology schools, the students are not actually paid. But when the students work on clinical floor, they offer salon services at discounted prices but that money will not go to the students. Sometimes, the clients do offer tips as a token of appreciation for good beauty service. Again, accepting the tips is illegal.

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