Hello friends, welcome again to my blog post. This time, I am bringing for you district award of merit certificate templates. Those who for years have filled the district award of merit nomination form must be aware of what I am talking about. Well, there is no need to get disappointed. If you know the art of making use of ready-made templates, you can create your very own certificate and can hang it on the wall to boast about yourself. But for those who had never heard about the award, please read the post to know more.

District award of merit


This is a prestigious annual award presented by the district to scouters who had done an outstanding service to youth at the district level. Only registered scouters are eligible to apply for the award. As it is organized by the local council service centers under the Boys Scout of America (BSA) which is also the largest youth and scouting organization in the USA, the award is also known as the BSA district award of merit certificate.

It is similar to the Silver Beaver presented by a council to scouters for their distinguished service. Now, you may be wondering what on earth the silver beaver award is. Let us find out the same below.

BSA Silver Beaver Award 


Established in 1931, the BSA Silver Beaver Award is a distinguished service award presented to registered scouters for their outstanding service by the local scout council. Here, BSA is an abbreviated form of Boy Scouts of America. Initially, the award was presented only to men, but from 1974 onward, even female scouters become eligible to receive this prestigious award. The award consists of a certificate, as well as, a beautiful pendant which is suspended from a ribbon in blue and white. This pendant featuring a beaver is also popular as the district award of merit medal. Some scouters who have received the merit medal also prefer to wear the district award of merit knot on their scout uniform. The merit knot comprises of a square knot made up of white and blue strands. The district award of merit knot placement is always above the left pocket of the uniform.


Certificate of Merit


The word ‘merit’ means excellence, and hence, it is easy to understand that it is a certificate that recognizes your service at an organization which can be a school, army, company, and so on. There exists also a certificate of merit in medical malpractice that you must know. Medical malpractices are rampant like never before. Having the knowledge that such a certificate exist can prove helpful to you in near future to take necessary action.

Certificate of merit in medical malpractice


This certificate is usually filed against a healthcare provider by any individual who has been subjected to medical malpractices by his or her healthcare provider. In such a certificate, the attorney of the person seeking justice will clarify that he or she has thoroughly reviewed the facts of his or her client’s case and that has also consulted a medical expert before arriving at the conclusion that his or her client’s or plaintiff’s action has ample merit. Even the help of another medical practitioner is sought for the same. This certificate is also popularly known as the certificate of merit in law.

As if this is not enough

I am going to explain you the use of a merit certificate. See, irrespective of the field or purpose, having a merit certificate from an organization establishes the fact that you are a deserving one in your chosen field or you have done a good job that is worthy of receiving recognition. So, even if you have done nothing exemplary, you can always create a merit certificate by using one of the templates which I am going to offer here to just encourage yourself to work more hard to pursue your goal. You can also create such a certificate of merit for your friends or loved ones to encourage them to continue their good work in their respective field.

Now that you know that you can create such a certificate with my templates which you can download for free, it is best to know the elements included in the certificate so that even if you try to create one with your basic computer skills, you can do the same successfully!

Elements to Be Included In a District Award of Merit

Some of the elements that you have to include in the certificate are as follows:Header-This can be only ‘Award of Merit’ or “Certificate of Merit’ as you are presenting these certificates to your loved ones or kids or employees for recognizing their hard work or good work in any task. Since these are not awarded to the recipients by a local council, it is best to avoid the term ‘district’ from the certificate.

  • Sub-header- Here, you can include words like “Presented to”, “Awarded to”, “for” or “Presented by the organization name or individual’s name”.
  • Name of the recipient
  • His or her accomplishment or achievement
  • Signature
  • Date


There is no need to get exhausted due to creating a district award of merit certificate from scratch because as promised I am offering you here templates for free that you can download, customize and print as per your requirement. Feel free to change the background image or even the text font and color if you feel you need a little different one than what our skilled designers have prepared for you. Also, spare some time to give me your valuable feedback in the comment box below.

Thank you


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