A doctor’s note is simply a written statement from a medically qualified personnel, providing evidence to employers and educational institutions for individuals that miss out on work or school due to medical reasons. Also referred to as a doctor’s certificate or medical certificate, a doctor’s note serves as documentation to show that a particular employee or student is currently unfit for attending their jobs or their school respectively. Components of a Doctor’s Note A doctor’s note differs widely depending on the doctor in-charge of designing it. As a result, there are various differences regarding the format and the style involved in it. In spite of this, there are certain components that you will find common in all doctor’s notes. Here are those components:
  1. Title – The title contains text used for making the document appear official. The title could range from anything such as the name of the doctor’s organization, or Authorization for Leave, Certification of Medical Record, etc.
Student Doctor Note Template
Sample Doctor Note For Stomach Flu
  • Facility Information – Facility information provides details regarding the doctor’s facility. These include the name of the doctor, address, contact information, etc.
  • Date – Date refers to the appointment date (and time, if applicable) of the patient.
  • Patient Information – Patient information contains details regarding the patient. This includes the name of the patient, age, gender, date of birth, etc.
  • Appointment Goal – Appointment goal refers to the reason behind the medical visit.
  • Certificate of Condition – The Certificate of Condition is a statement from the doctor certifying that the patient has a specific illness, injury or health condition.
  • Leave Authorization – This section approves the leave for the patient. Various details such as the number of days absent, type of work, work that should and shouldn’t be done, etc.
  • Signature – Finally, the note concludes with the doctor’s signature at the bottom of the page. The signature is mentioned above the full name and title of the doctor.
Doctors Release to Return to Work Form
Doctors Note For Return To Work
Common Terminologies Used in a Doctor’s Note There are various common terminologies that you might frequently find in a doctor’s note.  A few of these include:
  • a.c. – Before meals. This means taking a medicine before meals.
  • a/g ratio – Albumin to globulin ratio
  • Ad lib – At liberty. The patient can move out of bed freely for certain activities.
  • b.i.d – Twice daily. The medicines administered should be taken twice daily.
  • bld – Blood
  • BP – Blood pressure.
  • C/O – Complaint of.
  • cap – Capsule
  • cc – Cubic centimeters. Used for recording the volume of a liquid.
  • D/C or DC – Refers to discontinue or discharge.
  • FX – Fractures
  • g – Gram
  • h.s. – At bedtime. This means taking medicine before bedtime.
  • JT – Joint
  • K – Potassium
  • mg – Milligrams
  • ml – Milliliters
  • N/V – Nausea or vomiting
  • Na – Sodium
  • O.D. – Refers to the right eye
  • O.S. – Refers to the left eye
  • O.U. – Refers to both eyes
  • p¯ – After meals. This means taking medicines after meals.
  • PT – Physical therapy.
  • q.d. – Every day. Medicines should be taken every day.
  • q.i.d – Four times daily. Medicines should be taken four times daily.
  • q.h.s – At bedtimes. Medicines should be taken at bedtime.
  • R/O – Rule out. To rule out possible diseases.
  • SOB – Shortness of breath.
  • T – Temperature
  • tab – Tablet
  • U – Unit
  • ut dict – As directed. The medicines are to be taken as directed.
  • VSS – Stable vital signs
  • Wt – Weight
Doctor’s Note For A Stomach Flu
Doctors Excuse For School
Doctor Note for Work
There are various diseases that humans are inflicted with. Amongst all these, stomach flu is one of the most common diseases with which people are affected. Scientifically referred to as viral gastroenteritis, stomach flu is essentially an intestinal infection. Common symptoms that are determinant factors of stomach flu include watery diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, and in certain cases, fever also accompanies the infection. There are various tracts through which stomach flu finds its way within our bodies. The most common means amongst all these include physical contact with an infected person or by ingesting contaminated food or water. In a majority of cases, the patient afflicted with the disease doesn’t actually require the aid of a doctor. However, individuals such as older adults and even people with compromised immune systems can be severely bedridden with stomach flu. And they are bound to require a doctor’s note in such a case.
Doctor Note Template For Stomach Flu
Doctor Note Template
There are two types of doctor’s note which can be obtained in such cases:
  1. Doctor’s Note for Work
  2. Doctor’s Note for School

Doctor’s Note for Stomach Flu for Work

Doctor Note For Travel

A doctor’s note for stomach flu is basically a documentation that allows a patient to be excused for a certain number of days. The patient is exempted from attending his work owing to the stomach flu. In keeping with this, the doctor’s note is designed in such a way that contains various generic factors, most of which you have already encountered above. However, a lot of doctors prefer to keep their notes short and to the point. Such notes include components, such as:
  • Name of the institution
  • The person to whom it concerns or the patient’s employee
  • Appointment details
  • An exemption application granting a few days of leave
  • Signature of the doctor

Doctor’s Note for School

Doctor Note For Stomach Flu

Quite similarly, a doctor’s note is also designed to exempt the student from attending his school or other educational institution. And the components involved in this are quite similar as well, barring a few factors. Within this, there are various factors that include:
  • Name of the educational organization
  • The concerning health official at school
  • Appointment details regarding the student
  • An exemption application granting the days of leave
  • Signature of the doctor
Steps For Getting A Doctor’s Note
Doctor Note For Flu
Once you have completed the consultation process with your doctor for your stomach, you might be anxious about obtaining that doctor’s note for your work or your school. A lot of people are. Don’t. You might be worried about your employee and the authorities and how they might perceive your condition without a doctor’s note. But you don’t have to worry about obtaining one.
Doctor Note
Once your doctor provides you with the required treatment for your ailment, he or she will unhesitatingly provide the required certificate that can exempt you from your work for a few days. In, in any case, the doctor forgets to perform the deed, you can always check up with them later-on to procure one. When diagnosed with a disease such as a stomach flu, it is more important that you focus on yourself and your treatment, rather than about obtaining the doctor’s note.

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