Fake marriage licenses are festive documents for the couples to celebrate their nuptials without the complying the requirements of the particular state/city law. Since they are fake, they are not born into legal life. In this article, we offer you 10+ free printable and fancy fake marriage certificate templates in a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Marriage is a relationship between people generally called spouses which establishes obligations and rights between them. Actually, marriages are legally and socially sanctioned union between a man and woman. While referred to a ‘fake marriage’, it is a civil partnership which is not genuine and is no subsisting relationship or dependency to live as civil partners.

Many companies work illegally to turn the illegal marriage relationship between the couple realistic. Fake marriage definitions may vary by jurisdiction. Let us know a few of them.

‘Marriage of convenience without intending to create a real marital relationship and is established mainly for the purpose of getting benefited from the marriage.’

‘A fake marriage showing a fake relationship between the couple to deceive public officials which is a violation of law strictly followed in some states.’

‘Fake marriages are usually distinct from marriage fraud in which one spouse takes advantage of his/her foreign spouse typically in order to obtain money in huge lumps or for residence permit.’

The above mentioned definitions are a few versions of fake or sham marriages which we need to know first and foremost before we get into the topic in detail. Now let us know what the reasons for the fake marriages are.

Reasons for Fake Marriages

Realistic fake marriage certificate template
Printable fake marriage certificate template

The common reasons for fake marriages are the following:

  • Residency
  • Citizenship right for one of the spouses
  • Money
  • Immigration
  • Green card
  • Work rights to one of the spouses

There are also some other reasons for which people enter into fake relationship of sham marriages but are not common. They are to avoid suspicion of bisexuality or homosexuality.

Uses for Fake Marriage Licenses

A pretend fake marriage licenses can be used in a variety of ways. The below mentioned are not related to legal laws or acts but in an informal way they are used to serve some purposes.

Proposal Prop

To propose in a new and creative way, some men find different ways to propose their significant partner. Fake marriage license is the one among them. Instead of traditional marriage proposal, he can make use of fake marriage license which appears to be a card with a gift certificate. The certificate tells the opposite partner about his feelings and proposal. Mailing the fake marriage license is also a great way to propose for lovers who are far away from each other.

Bridal Shower game

Using a fake marriage license is a great way to include as a prop in a bridal shower game. Sounds exciting right!? But how does it works!? Simple! Just create a word game and ask your guests to fill out papers with different nouns, adjectives, verbs, and other describing words describing the groom and the bride. Each and every work corresponds to a particular point in the license wording. For more humorous results, make subtle changes to the traditional license. Once everyone is finished, ask the guests to stand up and read out their versions of marriage license louder.

Free Fake marriage certificate template


Fake marriage licenses are used very commonly as a wedding save the date card or wedding announcement. The card can be mailed through a business standard envelope in the tri folded form.

The other significant uses may include:

  • Wedding Photo Display
  • Newsletter Extra
  • Thank you Notes
  • Guest book table addition

Fake marriage licenses are an amusing addition to the wedding preparations but never ever use for the legal purposes. However, the fake marriage licenses or certificates are only used for the personal or fun purposes only.

Preventing Fake Marriages

Fake marriage license template
Fake marriage certificate template maker

If the fake marriages or fake marriage licenses are used for legal purposes, then it comes under illegal act and be punished according to the state or city laws. In that process, the government will take appropriate action plan to investigate on fake or sham marriages in order to undesirable consequences of fake marriages. What are those undesirable consequences that come from fake marriages!? Here we go.

Since fake marriages or entering into a fake marriage is completely a criminal offence, it often gets associated with the following undesirable consequences like:

  • Criminal Activity
  • People who are gained from fake marriages legally are responsible for exploiting social services as well as unlawfully gaining access to the local labor market.

What if the government investigation confirms the unlawful marriage!?

The government works more closely to investigate the fake marriages. Once they are confirmed, then they interview the partners separately about their relationship and also inquire about how and why the couple entered into this fake marriage. The same protocol is followed in case of suspicious cases of fake marriages as well. If the special investigation team founds too many discrepancies during their investigation between the partners, then the couple right away loses their right to reside in the local state or city.

The investigation team may include ‘The Military and Border Police’, ‘The Public Prosecution Service’, ‘The Local Police’, ‘The Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate’, ‘The Municipalities’ etc.

Fake marriage certificate template free
Fake marriage certificate

Coming to our fun and personal use purpose, we do offer fake marriage certificate templates absolutely for free. With a variety of designs, texts, images, and font styles we offer you different kinds of fake marriage certificate templates. We always have a stunning compilation of free templates that has something suiting for every personality. Free to download, edit, and print.

How to create a fake marriage certificate

Fake marriage certificate template Online

Usually, creating a fake marriage certificate is a challenging task. But we are with you to help creating a perfect and stunning fake marriage certificate with ease. Excited to know! Come let us get started! Just follow the steps mentioned below and become a professional to create fake marriage certificates within minutes.

  • Select your favorite template: There are many options for you to choose from a wide variety of fake marriage certificate templates. Select the one that suits perfectly to your special day or occasion. Download it to your desktop for free.
  • Create your own designs: Now your favorite template is with you and is ready to edit. You can use the available software in your computer to edit the template with your own text, font style, design, and border styles. You can also attach images of your choice. Find free editable templates in this article.
  • Printing: You are in this step means you have kept your fake marriage certificate template ready with all the required elements. Now it’s time to print your certificate. I suggest printing always should be done on a heavy card stock or matte photo paper.
  • Once your marriage certificate is done, make an envelope using the blank sheet of same material. Make an envelope by making a slit in the side of the paper and folding over the edges.
  • Now insert the fake marriage certificate created by you inside the envelope seal it with clear glue. A small tip: To make your envelope look classier, seal it with a gold sticker.

As these certificates are completely printable, you can alter any of the features like size style etc. but the overall outline you gave to your certificate cannot be changed.

Are fake marriage certificate templates editable?

Fake marriage certificate template
Create fake marriage certificate template

All the fake marriage certificate templates available in this article are completely editable and customizable to make sure our clients should end up with a professional and stunning certificate to propose one’s partners. Of course, you are the ones who knows the appropriate elements and wordings that should go inside the certificate to make it as per your wish. You can customize the certificate size by expanding or shrinking the measurements to ensure your certificate fit into your custom envelope. To give a personal touch to your certificate, you can attach images and photographs of yours and your significant partner. Text and font styles changing option is also available feature to change the elegance of the certificate.

In this way, you will get to customize your own fake marriage certificate using different kinds of editable options.

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