Saying goodbye is never an easy task. More so, if we’re saying our goodbyes to the ones that matter the most to us. It is one of hardest changes that one has to endure. However, it is one of the most important changes as well. For, it allows people to grow by allowing them to do what they love.

Often, it so happens that the people we care about, need to leave due to unavoidable circumstances. And in most of the times, there is nothing that we can do to prevent it. Such a situation more saddening than any other.

However, what we can do for the person is organize a farewell party, where we can pour out the emotions going on within us. A farewell dinner is one of the best ways of honoring the years of service of a person.

One of the most important aspects of the focus of a farewell party is the party invitation. Drafting a party invitation isn’t as easy as a lot of people suppose. It is due to this that you can refer to our farewell party invitation template for help with your farewell party invitation.

The Contents of a Farewell Party Invitation Template

Creating a farewell party invitation template is all about including the right things to make the party invitation impactful. It should really hit people to compel them to attend the party.

A few mandatory aspects which a farewell party should always include are:

  1. An Elegant Quote – It is all about the quote. The quote affects and compels the invitee to join his or her co-worker/friend with whom he/she has worked all these years, for one last time.
  2. The Date, Time and Venue – The quote in the invitation makes it elegant. The date, time and address make it relevant and provide the required information. An invitation without these required details is absolutely of no use.

Due to this, you need to make sure that your card contains all the relevant information required by the invitees.

  1. Decorations – It is the farewell party of your loved one. You surely don’t want him/her to be invited to a party with a dull invitation, do you? Of course not. Let your imagination flow while you are working on the card decorations. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Farewell Party Invitation for a Colleague at your Office

Many people say that saying goodbye to our loved ones is the hardest thing to do. And they are right as well, in a lot of situations.

However, saying goodbyes to our colleagues could also be the happiest moment of our lives if celebrated in the right manner in the company of the right people. A farewell party organized in the company of great friends could be one of the fondest memory of the person leaving.

However, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind while creating a farewell party invitation. These are:

  1. Never forget to make the card as good as you can.
  2. Make use of the ideal words to mesmerize the people and make sure that they attend the party. A good set of words will certainly be good enough for your guests to make their presence known in the party.
  3. Do not forget to mention the time, date and venue of the party in the party invitation. You certainly do not want your party to be deserted when you turn up.
  4. Keep in mind that you’re organizing the farewell party on the behalf of the entire department or company. Do not limit your guest list only to the people who are close friends. Invite as many people as you can who have interacted with the guest of honor.
  5. In the party invitation, ask the guests to RSVP prior to attending the party. Make sure that they confirm as early as possible regarding their invitations so that you are able to make arrangements accordingly.
  6. Only after a substantial number of guests have confirmed to your invitation, send the invitation to your guest of honor. However, this invitation should not be similar to the ones that you have sent to the other guests. Craft a special invitation for him/her.

Funny Going Away Party Invitation Wording

Farewells are hard and often sad. However, the party invitations do not need to be so. Funny invitations reserve a special place for you in the hearts of the people who are leaving. They certainly show your creativity and elegance in drafting out invitation wordings. Due to this, a lot of people prefer funny messages on their farewell party invitation.

A few samples for funny party invitation are:

  1. [The person’s name] is standing at the crossroads, breathless, as the winds blow eerily around him. Our time with him has come to an end. Join us, before he departs on the road leading to [their destination].
  2. They are packing up and are getting ready to go. We’re sure that you don’t want to miss them before they leave. Drop in and join us as we wish [the person’s name], our goodbye’s as they travel on their way to [their destination name].
  3. Y’all talk a lot in your office hours. So, all of you chatterboxes are invited to talk to your heart’s content. As we find ourselves in the midst of [the person’s name] for one last time, we wish them All The Best for all their future endeavors. The party is going to be jam-packed with all form of food, games, and fun. So make sure that you don’t miss the farewell party.

Following the suit, there are tons of templates which you can craft from your imagination. There are no ends to what you can craft with the help of funny templates.

Party Invitation for Senior Students

School life is probably the most glorious phase of our lives. For, in this period, we live a carefree life, our lives devoid any worries or problems. We make innumerous friends in this period of our lives, some of whom turn out to be friends for a lifetime.

Therefore, it certainly does not come as a surprise that the end of this period is saddening for a lot of us. Same is the case with our senior who graduated before us. In order to make sure that they reminisce this day forever, you need craft out the perfect farewell party and farewell party invitation for them. Things to remember while crafting a party invitation for seniors are:

  1. Mention the batch of the seniors on the invitation. Chances are that a lot of seniors are going to keep this invitation with them until the end of their lives. Write down their year during which the batch graduated so that they forever remember the day that they went out to conquer the world.
  2. Normally, a farewell party invitation for grown-ups consists of some jokes or some random message asking others to join their party. However, a party invitation for seniors should always include containing an inspirational or motivational message giving way to their glorious future. If you want to take it a step ahead, include a message from a known author or poet.

A few examples of party invitation for seniors are:

  1. Maya Angelou once said that the horizon leans forward to offer you space to place new steps of change. As you go out into the real world, we hope that the horizon offers you space as well to place your steps of success. To celebrate all these years at school, do attend the farewell party in honor of the class of [the year in which the batch graduates].
  2. Graduation party for batch [the year in which the batch graduates]. This is not a Goodbye. This is not a Farewell. This is just a see you soon.
  3. You are cordially invited to join us as we bid adieu to class [the year in which the batch graduates].
  4. Wow. It’s been some quite fun-filled years. Even though they end, they should not bring forward tears. For one last time, let us celebrate and reminisce all the times that we’ve had. Remember all the good that happened and forget all the bad.

Farewell Party Invitation Email

Sometimes in colleges or even in schools, it is not possible to create party invitations for a whole lot of students who are graduating. Even in large organizations when a lot of people need to be invited for the farewell, creating a hard copy of the farewell party certainly isn’t feasible.

In such cases, the people in charge of creating the party invitations employ the means of emails to send out invitations to the people.

Usually, the invitations created by the means of emails aren’t all that different from traditional farewell party invitations. All that they differ in are the means in which the invitations are deployed.

Farewell Party Invitation for Teachers

During our time in schools or colleges, students are not the only ones who graduate and leave school.  Our teachers too leave the institution to take a step ahead. This could be due to numerous cases such as retirement, resignation, relocation to foreign countries etc.

Whatever the occasion may be, it is a very emotional and sentimental period of time. Due to this, our teachers should be treated to the best farewell party that they deserve with the best farewell party invitation.

A few examples of farewell party invitation wordings for teachers are:

  1. The time has come for us to finally bid Mr./Mrs./Ms. [teacher’s name] goodbye and au revoir. Let us get together for us last evening to remember all the times that we have spent together.
  2. Change is hard. Bidding goodbye is a form of change which is the hardest of all. But time does not stand still for us and we can either appreciate the change or remain stuck in our past. Let us appreciate this change as Mr./Mrs./Ms. [teacher’s name] leaves this institution and wish her the best of lucks for her future endeavors.
  3. During all the years of his service at our institution, Mr./Mrs./Ms. [teacher’s name] has been an irreplaceable person at our school. Be it at educating students or taking part in extra-curricular activities, Mr./Mrs./Ms./ [teacher’s name] has been always found in every aspect of our school. However, that changes from now on, as he/she is leaving our school to follow his/her dream to follow her dreams. Join us, as we celebrate his time at school at his farewell party for one last time.

Impactful Ideas for a Farewell Party Invitation

Farewell parties aren’t something which occurs every now-and-then. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to refer to them as a special breed of parties. Due to this, they demand due diligence while being crafted.

A few impactful ideas that you should always keep in mind while organizing farewell parties are:

  1. The Essence of Upbeatness – Even though the circumstance of a farewell demands some form of sorrow, a farewell party is all about being upbeat and cheerful. Acknowledge that you will miss the person after he or she is gone. But make sure that you don’t turn the party so sour, that it turns into a funeral. Set a positive tone so that the party is all about having fun for the last time with the person leaving.
  2. A Theme – Make sure that you employ a party theme. Themes have the power to elevate a party’s standards. To make it more impactful, try choosing a theme which matches the destination where the guest of honor is moving to. For example, if the person is going away to school or college to pursue further education or to teach, try using images of their school or incorporate their new school colors. If they’re relocating overseas, perhaps to another country, perhaps use an airline theme.
  3. Etch the “No-Gifts” Policy in Stone – Chances are that, if your guest of honor is leaving, he or she is leaving to another state, if not, country. Therefore, he already has to pack a lot of utilities. In such a case, he could really do with no gifts.

Due to this, you should make sure that your party invitation discourages invitees from bringing any form of gifts to the party. Instead, of bringing a material object, why not make a few more memories? So, in the place of gifts, make memories. Click pictures, have invaluable conversations, eat loads of food. All of these wouldn’t cost your guest any physical space.

If the co-workers really want to gift the guest of honor something, ask them to contribute pictures. Beautifully decorate a scrapbook with all the pictures and gift it as a single group gift.

  1. Choose Your Guests with Utmost Scrutiny – Make sure that you check your guest list time and again. Choose the guests, not according to your preference, but according to the guest of honor. Invite everyone who has worked closely or has been in close contact with him or her. The party shouldn’t be concerned with just a single group of friends.

If you’re not planning for a party with just a few people, make sure that your identify and invite as many close acquaintances of the guest as possible.

  1. The Date – Finally, take care to choose an appropriate date which does not become a problem for your guest of honor. Try to hold the party close to the departure date but not so close that attending it becomes troublesome and hectic for the person who is leaving. A lot of people choose to hold the party a weekend before the actual departure date of the guest of honor. In that way, the guest or honor can easily attend the party as well as the invitees who don’t want to attend their offices sleep-deprived.

Farewell Party Invitation Wordings

As aforementioned, crafting a farewell party invitation isn’t easy all the time. Sometimes, you fall for a loss of words. However, with the help of sample farewell party invitation wordings, you will never short of ideas for your invitation. 

A few of these wordings that you can use are:

  1. Join us as we bid adieu to [the person’s name]. As they journey to [their destination], we wish them all the best in this Farewell Party.
  2. [The person’s name] is out! Join us as we say our last farewells as she moves to [their destination] to pursue her dreams!
  3. Please join us as we wish Bon Voyage to [the person’s name] on an evening full of cherished friendships and merriment.
  4. As [the person’s name] steps into a new world full of new beginnings, we wish our dearest friend All The Best for her future endeavors. Join us as we get together to celebrate all our fond memories with them.
  5. Come and join for an evening of BBQ and bonfire as we wish [the person’s name], good luck with her job in [the destination name].
  6. Pack your picnic bag and join us for an afternoon of a fun-filled scavenger hunt. As [the person’s name] joins us for a scavenger hunt for One Last Time, we bid adieu to him/her for her future endeavors.
  7. As we happily lounge by the lake, we take the moment to happily say goodbye to [the person’s name] and cherish all the memories that we made.
  8. [The person’s name] is leaving on a jet plane… To [the destination name]! Please join us as we wish them the good luck in the new chapter of their lives.
  9. In the honor of [the person’s name] long commitment to the company, we are organizing a farewell party to wish him/her All The Best and express our best wishes.
  10. Colleagues and valued clients. [The person’s name] is leaving our company after [the number of years] of service. Please join us as we express our best wishes for their future.

Prior to this, mention the date and time at which they have to attend the party. Make sure that they RSVP and confirm before attending the party.

How To Hold A Farewell Party

Holding a farewell party for your loved ones sounds great till the time that you’re drafting the party invitations. However, it all starts to fall apart as soon as you enter the realm wherein you have to actually plan for the party and make sure of its success. It is at this point that the farewell party becomes a nightmare for the people holding the party.

However, with the help of the steps mentioned by us, you can hold the best farewell party ever without having to worry about the elements at all. These are the steps that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Focus on The Theme – The theme can be considered as the main aspect of any party as it governs all the elements around it. Everything starting from the food, the decorations, and even the party invitations are created on the basis of the theme. So make sure that you put your best thinking caps when it comes to planning a theme.
  2. Location – Having figured out the theme, you need to find a location that suits your theme. Make sure that you choose a location which is accessible by all the members at the party. You can choose from a variety of places such as your office, a restaurant or even your own home.
  3. Send Out the Party Invitations – By this point you should be done with the party invitations. Now that you’ve figured out a location and a date, send out the invites to the members.
  4. Focus on the Decorations – As the day begins to arrive closer, focus on decorating your location. Try to decorate according to the theme.
  5. Organize the Food – Make sure that you organize the food according to the type of party that you’re holding. If you’ve planned a meet-and-greet party and plan to dine out at another restaurant, keep in mind to organize appetizers such as finger foods or other small snacks. Consider arranging for your guest of honor’s favorite cuisine. If you’re old enough, you could also consider getting them drinks.

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