Kind attention all forklift operators and forklift operation training providers! You have a good to news to hear from you. It is a fact that fork lifting operation needs expertise.

We agree that you have the proficiency as you have got trained. Alternatively, we see that you offer training to several newcomers. But without a certification, your work won’t be trusted.

Wondering why? It is because your work involves a lot of risk and every company before employing you or using your service will look for certification.

That’s precisely where we pitch in. We don’t charge any money to you for providing a certificate. But offer free Forklift Certification Card Templates. Yes, now you can download and edit the template with the necessary details and become a licensed forklift operator.

Remember to check the law of the country you reside and take it forward. All the best. 

Forklift Certification Card Templates

Essential Components of Forklift Certification Card Template 

Before you move into the certification template components section, understand the job role of a forklift operator. Do not think it is a waste of time to know these details. Trust me; when you know what the actual function is, then you can edit the information based on your need.

A forklift operator loads and unloads using a forklift or other heavy machinery in a construction site, warehouse, factory etc. They offer support in moving heavy equipment from one place to another. It many ranges from loading to moving to stacking etc.

Therefore the certificate confirms that they are physically and mentally able to handle the load. Also, they must know some basics of the inventory management and warehouse management with administration experience. These qualities confirm a forklift operator eligible to work with any private or government projects.

Coming to the actual point, the certificate you design must include the following details.

6 essential components that will make your certificate look 6x professional

  • Name of the academy that offered training
  • Heading – Forklift Certificate
  • Date when the certificate is issued
  • Wordings – Name of the forklift operator has completed successful training in handling forklift and other equivalent machines. He underwent training for a particular duration. This is to certify that the above-said is eligible to work as a forklift operator.
  • Signature and Name of the Signing authority.
  • Seal of the training academy.

Why is Forklift Certification Wallet Card Template Required? 

A certificate authorizes an individual to work as a forklift operator. But, do you think it is possible to carry the certificate to all places? Ok, we agree that for interview and verification purpose you can take this document. But it is mandatory to hold the certificate handy as a driver’s license.

Forklift operators job is really risky and good that he can hold a forklift license with him in hand. This will not only validate his expertise but also helps him to get first aid to incase of an accident as this card will contain the address and contact details of the operator.

Forklift License Wallet Card Template 

The wallet card template contains the following details

Front Side

  • Operator’s Name – Name of the person who got trained and capable of handling the forklift machine.
  • Date of Expiry of the License (One cannot obtain a lifetime license but must understand the advancement in operating the equipment and renew the license periodically.) Therefore expiry date is mandatory on the card.
  • List the different types of equipment – This will list down the equipment name that can be operated by the person. There is a huge list, and no one can master all the machines Hence this section is a must.
  • Successful completion of training date must be mentioned.
  • Sign and Seal of the academy.

Back Side

  • Behind the front page write the contact details of the forklift operator.
  • Also, mention the safety rules for reference.

Safety Rules Include  

  • Do not exceed the load limit
  • Do not start the operation before the checking the checklist
  • Check the horn and brakes before starting
  • Do not engage in horseplay
  • Stay within the speed limit
  • Prohibit smoking when on the job

These details must be printed, and now you got a handy license card which you can laminate and put it in your wallet.

You can feel safe with the card in your wallet as that is your identity card as an eligible forklift operator card.

Significance Forklift Operator Certification Card Template 

It is needless to say the importance of a forklift operator certification card as it provides authentication, safety, uniformity to all forklift operators as the jurisdiction of the country you work as an operator.

But, why do you need a template and that we will explain here?

You now understood the need for a certification. As an employee, your expertise is approved with the certificate. Also, every employer must follow some rules before appointing a forklift operator. Both the parties must count on the safety and abide by rules.

Here comes the need for a template. Whether you are an individual, company, training academy, or even a government organization, it is required to print a certificate with some ground rules. This certificate is different from usual ones as this confirms the expertise of a person to operate heavy machinery.

The purpose of the templates given here is to simplify your job, and we have carefully studied the law of each country and made a custom forklift certificate template. You can quickly download them and edit it with only the name and date. You saved time and also follow a standard format widely used across countries.

Does this sound convince to use our template? I am sure it is. Also, such a professional template designed with care is given for free, and that is the catch. We have taken utmost care to make one and still charge you nothing. We would like to help you train the people in fork lifting operation. In turn, support the society with the best operators.

What is offered in Forklift Training Program? 

Forklift training certification cards can be downloaded by you to provide the same to the person who graduates by completing the following activities in training.

The right way to operate to the equipment is taught. Individual are allowed to operate the machines in real and understand the difficulties.

Practical sessions are included in the training module to let them know the actual job as a forklift operator.

Education on the safety rules and do’s and don’t are provided in training. They will be aware of the load capacity, the right way to start the operation or the machine and personal discipline.

Inventory management classes and warehouse management will also be trained during the program.

Administration and reporting details also will be explained in brief to make them understand their role.

How is OSHA Forklift Certification Card Template Different from others?

Being OSHA compliant training academy is not only a feather n your cap, but also you can feel glad that you offered the right and safety training to the forklift operators.

First, know about OSHA – Operational Safety and Health Administration. This is part of the US government labor department. It provides specific rules and guidelines for every operator, and it is universally accepted across the nation.

Therefore training institutions must obtain OSHA compliance for uniformly training the resources in forklift operation.

Per section 1910.178 (I) (6) of OSHA Powered Industrial Trucks the forklift operator is eligible for certification only if they fall into the below-mentioned criteria. This evaluation is strict, and hence the accreditation obtained in this template is undoubtedly a valid one.

  1. As per OSHA guidelines only trained and experienced operators must train and evaluate the fresh operators upon completing the training.
  2. Evaluation should take place in a safe place.
  3. Training module should include theory, instruction, practicals and test.
  4. Training must cover operation warnings, precautions, instruction and forklift control. Engine operation must be taught, manoeuvring and steering lessons should be demonstrated in practice.
  5. Safety measures, operating limits, emergency actions, and load management must be clearly classified and explained providing practical examples.

Therefore, remember before downloading the OSHA forklift certification template to gear up your training academy process. Providing OSHA compliant certificate is prestigious.

Where and Who will require Blank Forklift License and Blank Forklift License Certification, Card 

Now, you want to know why a blank certificate is provided. Yes, to further simplify your task and save time we have offered blank documents. Quickly download the blank forklift license card to fill the details print and laminate.

3 simple steps involved in filling the blank forklift license card 

Right click on the blank template and save as doc, or excel as mentioned in the document. You can alternatively click the download button and save.

Open the template in your PC and fill all the details left blank for you. Just feel the operator name, date of issuing, expiry date, and signature on the front side. Fill out the contact details of the operator on the back side of the card. Print your company name as a heading.

Print it and laminate, and you’re done. You can now issue this card to the successful forklift operators.

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