If you are running a school, institute or an individual conducting any course and then you need to print these graduation certificates to give it to your participants. All these templates available here are easy to download and free. You can use any number of times and reap their benefits.

Graduation Certificate Templates for Free Download

I am sure all of you know what graduation is all about. Yes, it is the word used for individuals who come out of college after their education. Graduates are people who complete their primary college education. Everyone who completes graduation collects a certificate with details about their course with the university seal. This graduation certificate indicates that the individual is eligible to look for a job as their country’s norm.

However, in the recent years, graduation certificate is not only given at college level. It is given even to a preschooler when they complete their preschool education. It is the best way to motivate kids and every individual on their accomplishment.

Let’s get into the details about a graduation certificate

How To Make A Graduation Certificate 

While you can feel free to download these templates for your perusal, you must also know how to make these certificates. Learning this not only allows you to create new certificates based on your creativity, but you can also edit the premade templates according to your need.

Every certificate will have a basic structure. A most crucial portion of a graduation certificate is to mention the grade for which a person is certified.

Understand The Basic Knowledge Requirement To Make A Graduation Certificate

Margin – It is the first thing that you must create to make a graduation certificate. Open the application using which you want to create a template. Then set the margin to 1 inch which is usually the correct dimension used for certificates. By keeping margin as one inch, you can allow enough place inside to write as many details required. Also, the border will give a professional look for your certificate.

Font and Style – Now you need to know the font and the style to write the details like title, wordings etc. Always use calligraphic fonts for title and graduation name. For instance, you can make your font size big with calligraphic style for the Heading and the word Bachelors degree. Heading will be graduation certificate, a bachelors degree is the accomplishment. Remaining wordings and name must be written in a readable style and adjust font size accordingly.

Graphics – Starting from the margin, you can use graphics. But remember to make it simple as graduation certificate is a professional document, and too many graphics will ruin the purpose. Hence keep it simple and elegant. Make sure to use proper graphics and design your LOGO as it will be the key differentiator of your certificate from others. You can create fresh or pick and paste the one which is available in your system used for other purposes. But ensure it is unique, and that will prevent others making a fake certificate.

Title – Give the title as graduation certificate or your institution name as well. You can decide based on your convenience.  Always keep your title font size the biggest and give a dark colour to make it look legible.

Wordings – Decide your wordings and then choose the font size. If too little wordings you write, then you may have a bigger font size than for more wordings. Make sure to write the name of the person whom you are awarding without any spelling mistake, and the font size must be more prominent. If you feel it is appropriate, then make it in a different colour.

Signature – Get signature from the person who is in authority and place your institution seal. You can take signature instead of e-signature to prevent others faking your certificate. Also, the seal is required to make your certificate unique.

Your certificate is ready to be issued. Remember to use proper paper while printing the certificate and parchment paper will make it professional. Based on the paper and its quality choose an ink for printing as well as a signature so that the elegance is still maintained.

Free Printable Graduation Certificates For Students 

When you have understood the basics of making a graduation certificate, then you can feel free to use the templates given here for free. You may edit any section and use them to make your graduation ceremony a memorable day.

Listed below are the times when you can issue graduation certificate.

Kindergarten / Pre-school

Yes, you will be surprised to note that right from the Kindergarten class graduation certificates is used. It is the ideal way to motivate kids, and you can add some fun event during the graduation party and let them know that they are grown up to go to primary education. You can find these certificates will have more graphics, bright coloured and funny images. As you are giving it to kids, you can relax being more professional and be more creative.


Moving from elementary school to middle school indeed is an achievement. It calls for a party. Celebrate and congratulate all your kids with a graduation certificate. Also, give them graduation costume and make them feel proud of their achievement. Call out each name individually and honour them.

– 4th Grade, – 5th Grade, Graduation Certificate


All these grades the little one must understand the need for education. As they will be moving to middle school, they must attain maturity. Until 5th-grade primary education will look natural and the sudden transition to middle school can be tricky. Such graduation ceremony will give the kids the required confidence and also remind them that they are grown up.

– 6th Grade and 8th Grade 

From 6th grade, students feel taxing not only because of education, but also they are growing with their hormones. These teens will have a lot of trouble physically. Their emotional management also will be robust and will be firefighting on a daily basis. At this juncture after completion of each grade 6th 7th, and 8th they deserve support from the school, parents, and all elders. Therefore make use of the graduation certificate and take this opportunity to let the students know that the entire elder community will stand with them. 

– High School 

The growing teens will now get a hold of their emotions and will focus on studies. High school education plays a significant role in helping students decide their career and future. Every student who completes high school should be applauded with a graduation certificate. Framing them and hanging on walls will add more responsibility in them to work hard and become a good citizen.

– College 

College graduation is the most critical event in every student life. It is the last lap in their education and after which they are eligible to work based on their scores and capability. Few colleges give out the certificate at their level and others may be tied up with the University, and they give out university graduation certificate.

Graduation Certificate Format 

This section will give you some insights about the graduation certificate format. The certificate can be made in a different format. You must know them that will select the appropriate format.

Word Format and Excel Format – These formats will let you edit the template easily. Yes, all you need to do is to download them to your PC and open in Microsoft Office to edit any section based on your requirement.

When you want to add more graphics to your certificate, then you must use the PSD template. You can edit them using photoshop. Adding logo, changing colour and background will be very easy using PSD template.

For a ready-made, professional template, you can opt a PDF format and merely use a PDF editor write the name to give it to the respective individual.

Graduation Certificate Background 

Choosing the right background is another task while you want to give out graduation certificates. You must remember that these professional certificates were given to someone who graduates school, college, etc. should have a specific background.

Points to remember

Always use a rich background if you are giving graduation certificate to kids in preschool, or kindergarten. You can add images and even photo of the students.

When it comes to adult graduation, then you must maintain professionalism. Have a light background colour; you may even leave it white. Use readable fonts, and not much of italics is required.

Have a background in line with the event. For example, yoga course completion you can add some postures as a background. These postures must be as light as a watermark, and that will keep the certificate neat adding a professional touch.

A graduation certificate can accompany every course completion. Graduating means completing a course, training, or a particular lesson required for life. Therefore make a theme appropriate to the course offered.

Graduation Gift Certificate Template 

Gift certificates for graduation can be collected from this section. You need not be part of any professional institution; still, you can gift your friend when they graduate. Use these graduation gift certificate templates and personalise them to send them via email.

Graduation Certificate Template With Photo 

Yes, this is an attractive template. You will find a place to fix the photo of the student who receives the certificate. Remember to affix the latest picture that will help the recipient to remember the graduation day for their life-time recalling by looking at the picture. 

Creche Graduation Certificate Template 

You can use the crèche graduation certificate to make the moms of the toddlers feel great. Every year when the child completes their birthday you can give out graduation certificate. You can also give them when the baby leaves your crèche to pre-school.

Church Graduation Certificate Template 

A lot of free classes is conducted by the church to preach people the value of life.  These classes will have lessons talking about the life of Lord Jesus and moral values. It is a good practice to give graduation certificate to those who complete this course.

Puppy Class Graduation Certificate Template 

Dog training is an art, and every successful individual who completes this course must be awarded a certificate. For all those who want to run a puppy, dog training, then they must have a license to run the training. That individual can use the puppy class graduation certificate.

Nursery Graduation Certificate Template 

Nursery schools can also feel glad that however small they are can still celebrate a graduation day for all their kids who studied in their school. Nursery graduation certificate comes in different colour, background, and images.

Home school Graduation Certificate Template 

Small private school owners can print the home school graduation certificate to award the students who attended class in their home. Any education taught must be certified, and homeschool runners can use these certificate.

Yoga Graduation Certificate Template

There are lots of fitness classes. Yoga has always been essential, and many individual learn yoga for their well-being and to teach others. Such individual must have a certificate that indicates their qualification to become a teacher. Yoga graduation certificate can be used to award people who complete proper training in Yoga. The certificate also earns them credit in their future courses.

Therefore the purpose of this page is to provide graduation certificate to people across the globe to use for their need. It is free to download, and individual, schools, institutions, and any local body can download these templates.

Celebrating the success from one class to another can be done using a graduation certificate. You may even gift these certificates to the deserving individual who has graduated in life from one level to another.

Download these certificates to edit them and then print it on a certificate paper.

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