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Hogwarts Certificate Template: 10 Templates to Motivate and AppreciateYour Kids

Are kids fascinated about witch and wizards? Certainly, every child between age 8 and 18 loves to read fiction with suspense. JK Rowling gifted the world with the 6 series of Harry Potter. It is a must to award an appreciation to kids who read the book. So that’s exactly we are here. Every kid need not go to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry to complete the course and get certified. But, you can award kids to motivate them using these Hogwarts certificate templates for free.

Allow kids to perform some magic after reading these books and certify them as a token of appreciation.

Further, we have made an attempt to explain you details about the Hogwarts certificate in a word, contents to be included, and about the online certificate generator. We are stopping there and there is much more to go. Continue to read more and understand better.

Hogwarts Graduation Certificate Template 

Do you know how much kids love Harry Potter? They can go to the level of reading them as their beginning choice in magic. But don’t stop there and graduate to become a professional magician. This is when you need a graduation certificate. The motivation they require to show interest in Hogwarts education can be provided with these simple certificates.

You can let know children a syllabus to complete and arrange for a graduation ceremony to recognize their efforts. Let me list down the subjects covered in Hogwarts curriculum for your reference.

  1. Astronomy – Study about sun, moon and the planets.
  2. Charms – Fundamentals for all magicians are taught in brief.
  3. Dark magic – This lesson is the core for all kids as this will help them understand to stay protected from the black magic.
  4. Herbology – Study of magical plants.
  5. History of magic – The names of the wizards and their origin is covered in this part.
  6. Potions – How to mix magical ingredients is learned in this.

Overall you can provide a graduation certificate to kids who master all the above-mentioned lessons. They need not attend class in Hogwarts in Scotland but can learn online about these subjects.

Hogwarts Certificate Of Acceptance Template 

This certificate can be issued as a token of accepting the kids to pursue their education in Hogwarts School. You can use these templates for free to edit and include the name of the children and make them feel proud for their selection in Hogwarts college.

Yes, this is not real admit card, but kids interested in Hogwarts and who cannot afford to study there will feel glad to frame this certificate. Further, you can guide them to read books online and become a magician.

Harry Potter Certificate Template


When your kids love Harry Potter, then you will surely encourage them by buying books. But have you thought about presenting them a certificate on completing each book as a token of appreciation?

Yes, this will enthuse them to read many more books about magic. Click on the download button and get the certificate on your System. Open it in a word to edit and print the name of the child.

There are kids who learn about detailed magic, potions, herbology which they will be able to demonstrate in reality. These kids are the deserving kids for a Harry Potter Diploma. 

Hogwarts Diploma Generator Online 

Now, there is another interesting fact about magic diploma certificate generator. You can now make them online using a tool. Let me brief on the 3 simple steps to make one for your Harry Potter loving kids.

Step 1: Click on the link given above and you can find the window as given below.

Step 2: Now choose the design you want to form the select design option. Yes, this is not Hogwarts specific but you can choose kids design and edit the details including Hogwarts. I selected shining star and a page as given below appeared and filled the details as given.  Click next when you’re done just like I did now.

Step 3: Kudos! Its time to download, the next icon will take you to the download page and click on download your certificate to find your certificate as attached.

Eager to see how it will look, then click here.   

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter 


There is something interesting I wanted to share with you as the final part of this Hogwarts certificates. Yes, I am talking about the acceptance letter. I felt making a genuine letter as if coming from the Hogwarts will make your kid fly high in the sky. So wanted to give you an idea about making on acceptance letter stating that the kid is selected to do a course in Hogwart.

How To Make Hogwarts Certificate In Word

Making a certificate in a word is quick and editable. So we will walk you through the process in detail. Even if you do not intend to design a certificate on your own, still you can read through these guidelines which will help you to edit the free certificates we provide you with.

Open a word document and take a new page. Save the page with a file name. I always suggest saving the file at the beginning with a name which will allow us to save using the command Ctrl+s every time. It is a good option to save and not lose any details which you type.

I am sure you agreed with me and saved the file. Now, we need to start making a certificate for which you need to choose a different font for different sections, border design if required, and change font size based on your need. For example, Title must be bigger than the name. You can make the name italics, the title can be bold etc. All these are purely your creativity. But remember to look at the preview and make sure your certificate comes out to elegant.

I know these are general certificate making inputs and now coming to the actual details about a Hogwarts certificate. You must the components to be included in the certificate. Below section will talk about them in brief. Once you understand the same you can proceed to include them one by one.

What To Include In Hogwarts Certificate 

Title – The name of the school. Usually, this is the heading and that is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizard. Mention this in bold but not all capital. Make it in a legible font and italics can be done and that is optional.

Name – The name of the kid who will get the certificate. This kid has successfully completed the course and is now ready to make magic. Again keep this in bold and not all capitals but a font smaller than the title. You can make it in italics.

Wordings – Here you can mention the reason for the award, what they learned and their successful completion on the same.

Signature  – This is the place to append sign of the authority who will award this certificate to the kids.

Getting back to the certificate making process, now you will type all these details. Include logo, border and other design based on your wish. It can be simple without all these things. Save the word document that is ready to be printed.

Alternatively, choose the design you like and download the certificate from here for free and save in your PC. Now, you can open in the word document to edit the name, title, wordings to your choice and save again to print. You can skip all the making step and quickly make many copies to award the little ones.

How To Make A Hogwarts Letter 

Hey, you know what I have given you templates of these acceptance letters that will look exactly the same as the one issued in the Hogwarts School. I feel excited to share how I made this. In the end, you can feel glad to use my templates. You can also share this secret with kids and allow them to make one letter on their own. It’s fun to the little magician!

All you need to do is begin with downloading my letter or even copy paste the content. Then make an envelope as I did to add a professional look to the letter.

The content of the letter states that the kid is selected to study in Hogwarts School and the books needed for the curriculum are enclosed. Name of the kid and signature of the headmistress will make kids believe the letter is true.

Now, comes the printing part. Take a paper dip in tea for two mins to let dry after that. This will give a stained look on your paper. Afterall a magician course acceptance letter must have some difference in it.

Print the content in this paper. Fold it after trimming the top edge as a triangle and it will now look like an envelope. Glue the letter.

The fun part begins here and you can make a wax seal stamp with Hogwart symbol. Google to find their emblem. Bake cylindrically rolled clay at 170 degrees and then carve the symbol using the toothpick. Place the wax paper on an ice pack and pour hot glue on it. In this direction, wax paper, ice bag, and then the hot glue. Dip the seal we made in oil and stamp it on the glue. Hold it till it dries. Now, lift the stamp and peel glue from the wax paper. Paint the seal for making it colorful.

Glue the seal half on the envelope triangular side and remaining in the paper. Wow, it looks like a real Hogwarts acceptance letter. Make your little one proud for getting selected.

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