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Honorable Mention Certificate – 10 Free Templates ( Use Them Now!)

It’s time to appreciate a good work.

Do you want to give out a certificate for that person who deserves?

Then you’re in the right place. Achieving first place alone does not deserve applaud and certificate. But every other person who puts in efforts must be recognized. There exactly you will require an honorable mention certificate template. This is the certificate that can be given out to those whom you think must be looked at.

So let’s get down to understand a few details about the honorable mention certificate. We are glad to you know that apart from sharing details we also want to provide you with free certificate templates. You can download any number of certificates and any number of times to feel that individual proud and recognized.

Honorable Mention Certificate Wording 

When you decide to print certificates, then you can do it for free. But, there is a question lingering in your might and that is you want to make your certificate unique. Who said it is not possible when you take free downloads. You can still make it exclusive by writing your own wordings. Take inspiration from the wordings given below to make an exceptional honorable mention certificate.

Top 10 Outstanding Wordings For That Real Hard Worker  

  1. Your hard work is worth the first place, congratulations. Looking forward to your continuous support.
  2. Coming first is not always possible but giving the best effort always shows your attitude and you just deserve this award.
  3. Wholeheartedly appreciating you for your good work. Keep it up.
  4. Standing first is good, taking all steps is the best and you did it.
  5. Your contribution adds value to this work. Thanks for your continuous participation.
  6. We would love to have you in our team forever for all your good work and in recognizing your efforts we present this award.
  7. You are number one in your attitude, efforts and execution. Congratulations.
  8. Thanks for your participation in this event. It made the difference.
  9. Joining hands with you gives us pride every time.
  10. We honor your contribution by awarding this certificate. Your sweat ought to have this sweet memory certificate.

So now the sky is the limit. Print the certificate templates and write your own wordings and appreciate that soul who stood with you.

Tips to Make the Honorable Mention Award Certificate Template the Best 

We give you the template for free. Also, we would want to give you some free tips to edit the template to the best of your need. Follow these tips to celebrate every moment.

Download the given template on to your system. Then open it and you can view it in the word format. Now click on each item to edit it following these tips to brighten the certificate and lighten the moment with appreciation and celebration.

First, edit the title it can be simply honorable mention award or any other name you prefer. Do not change the font size to smaller than given. However, you can make it big. Likewise, never make the heading in italics and let it stand straight. 

Next the NAME of the person whom you want to award. Mention the name spelling correctly and again do not make it italics. Let the size be smaller than the title but in bold.

Now, comes the wordings which you can write per your wish and leave as given in the template. Add more based on the event you’re awarding and the person’s contribution.

Then take the signature of the senior official whose presence will make the recipient happy and save the changes.

Print it and you’re done with the certificate.

Honorable Mention Certificate Meaning 

When a person does not win a competition, race or event, but still his/her contribution deserves acknowledgement. Then honorable mention certificate is required. It is the certificate which honorable mentions the good work or effort of the individual. Every time one cannot win the first place but they might work hard for it. Honorable mention will make them feel glad for their contribution.

Science Fair Honorable Mention Certificate 

Science fair projects are conducted at the school level and college level where several students take part to make it a grand success. If you are a teacher who encourages kids to participate, then you must give them an honorable mention certificate.

There are three P’s in the science fair project and they are Preparation, Performance, and Presentation. Students take a lot of efforts in this event and you can use these brightly decorated and with bright wordings to give a motivation.

The red certificates are specially made for honorable mention. Blue color for first place, and Green for the second prize. This color will differentiate the winners and the students who put in sincere efforts.

Simple Tips To Make A Best Science Fair Honorable Mention Certificate

Make sure you give out the right certificates with the relevant wording. Science Fair happens at a different level and is classified based on the age group. So you need to look at the right certificate template from here to reward the kids.

Money is the motivator to children as you know they feel glad only for applause. Imagine, when you recognize their work with certificates their joy will know no bounds. So make sure you give them an honorable mention certificate after explaining the purpose. Let them not confuse this to a participation certificate.

Therefore, use the right wording. Your choice for wordings will let them know their importance. Make it simple and always right different wording to each child after understanding their contribution. Do not give generalized wordings which might not solve the purpose of giving honorable mention certificates.

Finally, We would like to let you know that in this competitive world honorable mention is a must to keep the participants in the right spirit. We have hence collected different types of certificates for your perusal. Make sure to use the right templates and feel free to download many numbers to appreciate the right efforts.

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