Is there any woman on earth who does not like jewels. Hardly could you find one. Purchasing gold, diamond jewelry requires basic knowledge about the quality and a few other details. These days shop has all the facilities to test the purity of the jewel. However, getting the appraisal certificate for the jewel you buy will help you in many ways. In case you have an old jewel and want an appraisal certificate for it still you can get one with the help of the concerned experts. This page will help you to find the jewelry appraisal certificate template which you can download and take help from a jewel consultant to get it filled. Alternatively, are you a jewel appraiser, then you can feel free to use these templates for free.

Ok, I agree that you need some insights about the appraisal certificate and we would like to provide you with all the details. Come let’s start the journey.

First, understand what exactly an appraisal certificate is. It is a document that contains the details of the jewel including its date of purchase, worth, quality, metal content, metal finishes, manufacturing process, and much more. In short, it is the certificate that authorizes the authenticity of the ornament.

Why is it required? Well, you require it first to know your jewel. Next to know it worth and resale value. Also, you must know the details in case you want to insure it. Yes, insurance of jewels can be done to recover the loss in the event of loss, theft or fire.

Jewelry Appraisal Certificate Templates

There are different types of jewel and the most prominently used jewels are gold, diamond, and platinum. So we will find the evaluation, appraisal, assessment certificates of these jewels. What are the components to be present in the gold evaluation certificate is mentioned below? 

Item type  – This means whether is a watch, chain, dollar, or necklace must be mentioned in the appraisal certificate. Also, a mention of who will use it should be quoted.

Metal contents, type, and finishing – Here a mention about the gold is given. How many carats, its color, the purity, mixture % of other metals.


The Process Included in Manufacturing – Whether the gold is made by hand, machine, and detailed process behind the manufacturing is highlighted.

Measurements – The thickness, width and length of the gold.  Also, the shape is given a mention in this section.

Condition – The metal condition is explained in this section. Whether it is hard, fins quality, more metal mixed and such details and elaborated here.


Who is the manufacturer – Many times gold gets the different shape and there the manufacturer details must be available to understand the process it underwent. For example, converting a pendant to ring etc.

Trademark and Hallmark

Diamond Appraisal Certificate 

Now, let’s take a deeper look at the diamond appraisal certificate. Unlike gold diamond, jewel will have additional details as it is a stone. It is not possible to change its shape. Only you can use it if you can remove it from one jewel carefully. Broken diamond does not carry any value. Also, the diamond jewel cannot be independently done and it requires a base either gold or platinum as a base to fix them. Therefore you must understand that apart from the gold evaluation certificate, the diamond will have extra components. These components are the diamond type, quality, cut, size, weight, clarity, color etc. You need a diamond certificate to prove the genuineness of the jewel.

Best Place to Get Diamond Certificate 

All diamonds won’t get certified. Only those are 0.5 carats and above can get certification. There are two authorized laboratories namely the EGL and GIA. EGL – European Gemological Laboratory. GIA – Gemological Institute of America. These are the two most reputed lab across the globe. These are independent institutes and you can find the certificate templates issued by them on this page. Feel free to download them and get them filled by professionals with knowledge about gemstones.

Getting a certificate for diamond jewel is important not only for insurance and other purposes. But the value of the gemstone is confirmed only with the help of the document. One can easily get deceived in purchasing diamond jewel and this can be negated by obtaining the certificate of appraisal for diamond.

Jewelry Appraisal Form  

In this section let us see the important components of an appraisal form and the need for all the sections. You can download the following two forms for free.

  1. Blank Jewelry Appraisal Form

This form as the name implies is a blank form and you can quickly download the entire document to edit and fill all details. All sections in it will be explained in detail.

Contact Details – The owner of the jewel name, address, and phone number. This implies to the current owner. In the even the jewel was bought from someone, then that history can be mentioned. This will help to estimate the age of the jewel and the usage value. However, this is not mandatory. Just a mention that it is an old gold can be mentioned.


Details About the Jewel – Weight, shape, item type, manufacturer, process, color, cost at the time of purchase etc. These details will act as a record of the history of the jewel.

Appraisal Details – Current jewel condition, worth, market price, resale value, insurance estimate, and life of the jewel. This section will clearly indicate the jewel current worth. It helps you to know the worth and the worth.

Signature – Authorized estimators sign and seal. Date of estimation.

  1. Appraisal Order Form For Jewelry

Here you can find an order form which you choose to get the appraisal for the jewelry. In case you don’t have a purchase letter, then you can use this form to get an appraisal for the jewel. You need to raise this form to request the appraiser to provide an appraisal for the jewelry. The form consists of your name, address, contact details, the jewel purchase date, shop name or the owner name, weight, and cost. With these details, the appraiser can provide you details.

Jewelry Appraisal Template Microsoft Word 

Open a word document and save it as a jewelry appraisal template. 

Heading – Mention the heading as Jewelry appraisal or specify the jewel name if you want to be more specific. Refer image 1 for reference.

Image 1

Personal Information – Form table as shown in image 2 or simply type one below the other the name of the jewel owner, contact number, email, and physical address.

Image 2

Next comes the jewelry information as mentioned in image 3. The use of the jewel whether personal or business. Type, Stones used if any, no of pieces, the age of the jewel, size, and color. When was it bought, cost at the time of buying, estimation of its current market value? Whether it is insured and if yes the coverage value. 

Image 3

Finally, leave space for signature and date of the estimation. Your done save all changes.

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Step By Step Process Of Jewelry Appraisal Paperwork 

Obtaining a jewelry appraisal certificate requires few paperwork to be done. This can be done in the following steps.

#1 Identify the right appraiser who has a certified qualification and has knowledge about the jewel and jewel industry.

#2 Explain them about your need for the certificate. The paperwork will differ based on your need and the situation why you require the same. The expert can understand and will get your paper ready based on the need.

#3 They will ask you for the following to make the paperwork. Your jewel details like purchase document which contains the date, price and weight of the jewel. The owner of the jewel before you purchased. Cost of purchase and mode of payment. Whether it is a resaled jewel or a new one. The weight of the jewel. The shape of the jewel etc.

#4 After collecting all the details the appraiser will fill the details and will calculate its value as per the date.

#5 He will authorize the document and it gets ready as a certificate.

Best Jewelry Appraisal Apps 

There are several apps today to find the jewel appraisal and we would like to present the top 5 to your perusal along with a link to its site. Feel free to visit them to find the worth of your jewel on your own. Beware these may not be used for official purposes and you need an authorized appraiser to sign your document. Only these apps will help you know your jewels worth.

  1. Gocanvas

The Deluxe 128 mobile jewelry appraisal app is one of the reputed apps which you can quickly download on your handset to evaluate the worth of your jewel. Best features of this app are it can capture the signature of the appraiser, editing is possible, reference data is provided and dispatch of all details.

  1. Gemguide

This is available at a cost of USD 295. You can get 100 appraisals and can be downloaded via email. You can also see a learning session to use it effectively. Free customer support and software upgrades.

  1. Jewelry Appraiser Lite

You can purchase this app as low a USD 4.99 and use it on your Apple devices. This device scans jewels 1000 times faster than others compared in the market. Only thing is it is not suitable for your Samsung and other Android smartphones. It supports all Apple devices.

  1. Traxnyc

You can get your diamonds appraised using this software. However, this is not exactly an app. But you can make an order online to get your jewels appraised. You can get a certified from the TraxNYC experts.

  1. QLSS

Get your jewelry appraised using this software in one click. It runs on Microsoft Windows OS versions 8. One can get quick training and online support to use this software.

How To Get Jewelry Appraised Properly  

You can get a jewel appraisal properly only with the help of a professional appraiser. Who is a professional? A person who works in the jewel industry for long? No, you’re wrong. Not only working in that industry can qualify a person to give an appraisal. This person must be qualified educationally, also should possess industry knowledge. However, there is no test to qualify the jewel-appraiser. You can find if the person has passed courses in evaluation and valuation of gold or diamond jewels, business practices, principles, appraisal ethics, report writing and standards. Also, you can ask if they have a membership with the professional appraisal board. But remember not all boards are same as the EGL or GIA so you need to be careful. It is possible to get free assessment using the forms given here and you can use apps mentioned above to fill the details. But they cannot be used for any official purposes.

How To Get Jewelry Appraisal For Insurance Purposes.

Appraisal for insurance purpose will cost more than normal appraisal as it involves more time as mentioned below.

  • Lab work to inspect and collect information about the jewel
  • Do a research in the market to compare the price of the like pieces
  • Making a report


The cost in general ranges anywhere between 50 USD to 150 USD depending on the size and weight of the jewel.  Find qualified appraisers from the following sites.

The insurance appraisal document consists of a cover letter that gives the details and purpose for the jewel appraisal. Then the grading of the jewel is mentioned. The appraisal details and the professional education and qualification details. Behind the form, the photos of the jewel are uploaded.

How Much Does It Normally Cost For Jewelry Appraisal

The rates are not uniform as there is no board to fix charges. However, it can be a cheap process and hence remember that there is a base price below which if you get any then they may not be a real appraiser. Also, understand that you need to identify a proper appraiser to whom you’re disclosing your property details. Jewels are a mobile asset and if you go with a cheap appraiser there are chances that they may plan to pilfer your jewels. Minimum 50 USD is the price for a professional appraiser to invest time and check your jewel.

A professional appraiser must have a graduation in gemology. Must be a member of the professional personal property appraisal firm.

Keep an eye on your appraiser and your jewel to get its value and safeguard your asset.

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