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Kickboxing Certificate Templates for Instructors & Students (11+Professional Templates)

Kickboxing is one kind of martial art which is becoming popular these days and you can teach the art too. But every course requires a certification at the end to let know the trainee on completion of the course. Also, apart from the completion certificate, you can give the instructor certificate to let know that the individual is qualified for becoming a trainer. You can use all our certificate templates for free and continue to offer kickboxing training to your participants.

Kickboxing Certificate Templates

Cardio Kickboxing Certificate 

For those who want to make a health-conscious society will join the cardio kickboxing. This course will include a 50-hour program over a period of 6 months. Once they complete you can award them with this certificate and they will be thorough with the movement techniques, dance movement, steps to the music etc. Download these certificates to recognize all those who learn all the motions, revive their heart rate, and master all kicks and punches.

Fitness Kickboxing Certificate

In general, kickboxing can burn up to 500 calories. Knowing this will you spare this activity if you want the society to be fit. Yes, use these colorful certificates to motivate the people who want to become fit by learning this art. 

Kickboxing Black Belt Certificate 

World Kickboxing Council offers training on kickboxing and issues blackbelt certificate. So you can also use these free Kickboxing Black Belt Certificate to appreciate all those who completed the black belt level training in kickboxing. All those who have obtained yellow, orange, green, blue and brown will graduate to the black belt level. The most prestigious level and make sure you honor the capable individual with this certificate. 

Fake Kickboxing Certificate 

You can also prepare fake certificates to give out during any event or for a mock show. Also, these fake certificates can be used during the prelim session to check the quality of the learners. All of them who get through this certificate can feel proud about their first step to kickboxing. This motivation will allow them to learn the actual moves and punches to get the real kickboxing certificates. 

Kickboxing Grading Certificate 

When you want to grade your students based on their performance and then finally give a certificate, then you can use these grading certificates as intermediate levels. Instead of shooting in dark you can create different milestones to encourage the learners. Here you go with the different gradings.

White Belt – 5 rounds of 10 wide grips, 10 sit-ups, and 10 squat thrusts.

Yellow Belt – 5 rounds of 10 wide grips, 10 sit-ups, and 10 tuck jumps.

Orange – 3 rounds of 10 press ups close, 10 floors to the ceiling, and 5 rounds of crunchy sit-ups.

Kickboxing Instructor Certificate 

It’s time to identify the instructor and issue them a certificate. One who has the inspiration to become an instructor and the others who perform extraordinarily will require to be recognized with the certificate. You can differentiate these performers as an instructor and that is the license for them to teach others.

Kickboxing Trainer Certificate 

How to become a kickbox trainer – Who can get a trainer certificate

You must carefully vet the certificate as these participants will master the sidekick, punches, evasive, dance moves, heavy punches etc. You must know the difference between an evasive and sidekick to get the certificate printed. But there one thing we would like to tell you both are the same move and called with different names by the organization. Therefore we have given certificates that suit multiple organizations like ISCA, ISMA, AFAA, AFPA etc. 

Cardio Kickboxing Instructor Certificate 

More than moves and classes, motivation is the key factor to drive every individual with success. The certificate is the best motivator. You must use these cardio kickboxing instructor certificate with heart watermark to encourage the instructors to learn the right move and become a professional kickboxer. 

Turbo Kickboxing Certificate 

The fast-moving turbo programs are conducted in corporate, colleges and other places for a day. This one-day event will teach the basic self-defensive movements in kickboxing. So those who complete this one day course is eligible to collect the turbo kickboxing certificate.

Who Is Eligible To Collect A Kickboxing Certificate  

Once an individual completes the following learning, he/she can be certified.

  • Footwork, punches and kicks are taught.
  • Kickboxing format including non-equipment based and equipment based. Also, to understand the best way to design the session.
  • Ways to build basic drills, choreography tips, body conditioning exercise etc.
  • Right method to execute kicking techniques and punches.
  • Creating conditioning drills for clients.

Components of the Kickboxing Certificate 

Title – The heading for the certificate like Kickboxing Trainer Certificate, Fitness Kickboxing Trainer Certificate etc. You can also mention the academy name if you wish to.

Name – Name of the person who should receive the certificate. Keep it bold and make sure you write spelling.

Date or Duration – Mention the date of the training program for one or two-day program like turbo kickboxing events. For courses that happen for a period can have a mention as duration like 15 days, 3 months etc.

Wordings – Purpose for giving the certificate. Write few wordings like Congratulation on becoming a pro in kickboxing and like.

Date of Issue of certificate

Signature – Let a renowned person sign in the certificate one who is master in kickboxing and this will add a feather to the person’s cap who completes the training.

Now let us discuss the certificates you can find for free in this page and a few words about the certificate.

Finally, the purpose of this page is to give you many certificate templates and support your kickboxing training initiative. Fitness is the key in today’s lifestyle, and kickboxing moves are fun and effective for all those who want to be fit. Therefore you can train people with these skills and we promise you that all these templates are for free and can be downloaded any number of times.

Visit our site to get certificates and we wish you train more and more people on kickboxing art.

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