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10 Superb Knights of Columbus Certificate Templates For Appreciation

It’s indeed a Nobel service to sponsor for the Knights of Columbus program. You are helping the Christian community men to help their people by training them in several social activities. Yes, this program you organize can be for months, years and even lifetime. This will help people to support their community including the aged, pregnant ladies and the children. Therefore it is required to motivate people to take part in this program.

When I say motivation, then I must agree that only appreciation is the best motivator than compared to any other materialistic motivation. Ok, we can give this appreciation in the form of a certificate which can add value. We would like to contribute these certificates for free to support your service.

Knights Of Columbus Certificate Templates

Find below different certificates and some information to make one on your one, edit them and personalize to your needs.

How To Make Knights Of Columbus Certificate Of Appreciation Template In Word

Follow these simple instructions to know how to make a certificate in the word.

Open MS Word document and click File  New Document. Then save the document with a File Name as Knights of Columbus Certificate of Appreciation.

Then insert title a CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION in a font of the big size you think will fit the page. Below that mention For Knights of Columbus. Align these words under the heading in the centre.

Then mention Presented to and leave a line. This line is left to mention the name of the receiver who qualifies for an appreciation.

Now, below that mention the reason for appreciation.

In the next line write the Sponsored Name and Date.

You’re done, save and use it when you require by filling date and name. You can additionally decorate the certificate with border and colors based on your wish.

Need For Knight Of The Month Certificate

Ok, as already mentioned certificate appreciation is needed to motivate individuals for their participation, and involvement in the program. This can be given on any occasion, or completion of a month, year and so on.

First-month program attendance needs dedication as people might find it tough to learn and master the art of serving their community. Therefore they need inspiration which the Knights of Columbus of the Month Certificate can do. Yes, this certificate will do the magic and use the array of certificates given here for your perusal. KOTM certificate must contain the three details as mentioned below.
• Name
• Month
• Council #

Who Is Chosen For The Knights Of Columbus Knight Of The Year Award

The most deserving and the outstanding Knight will get the Knights of Columbus Knight of the Year Award on 30th June of every year.

Before giving the certificate, make sure you follow the procedure as advised by the Conduct a general discussion in May with all members of the council and complete the nomination process. Ask every Knight to nominate three knights for the Knight of the Year Award using a secret ballot. Then tabulate the votes and conclude the final list. Announce the winner during the award ceremony.

Every knight who has minimum 3 years membership in the council with a good standing is eligible for a knight of the year award. They must also have served as an officer or director or the committee chairman before they get nominated. Only one time this award can be given to one individual.

Tips To Make The Best Knights Of Columbus Shining Armor Award

Giving an award for recognition is a good gesture to bring up the service rendered by the knights to the community. Shining Armor Award is a prestigious award which is given to the really qualifying individual. Make sure you mention the following details in your award certificate.

1. Name of the Receiver
2. Purpose of the Award
3. Date
4. Council Number
5. Number of years of service in the council program
6. Number of council business meetings attended
7. Degrees Received
8. Number of members recruited
9. Met with council insurance representative
10. Sponsored name

Signature is another must element without which the award certificate is not complete.

These details mentioned will actually add value to the award rather than simply giving the award certificate.

Shining Armor Award is given to the new member who actually demonstrates about the knight of Columbus. This is required to give confidence to the new members and also to make them strong to add more member to the group.
Knight of Columbus Family of the Month Certificate

It is good when the family gets involved in the Knight of Columbus program and here you can identify the entire family for the month qualifying an appreciation.

Sample wording for a family of the month award

“This award is given to the family of HEAD OF THE FAMILY who together as a family served as an encouragement to the council and community. The support extended by them in strengthening the Christian Family.”

Signature is a must in this certificate and makes sure you get signature by the Supreme Knight and the Grand Knights.

Why Use Knights Of Columbus Certificate Templates

We have made every effort to collect the right certificates for each event and listed them in this site. You can download them for free. They are easily editable and can be customized.

There are different formats and collections which will help you to extend your service to the Christian Community.

Free templates will relieve you from the tension of getting certificates ready at the time of the ceremony. You can quickly download them just in one click.

In summary,

We wish to contribute at a small level to promote your service and spread the Knight of Columbus initiative across the world. This initiative started with the purpose of giving financial aid to all its members and families. Today it has grown to the level of supporting the health, education of all its members. There are more than 1.9 million members in this council and we wish the council to grow more to serve the society.

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