Want to become a licensed minister!? Or If you want to commemorate the pride event of someone becoming a licensed minister!? Below you will find some free printable and professional looking certificate of minister’s license templates with credentials.

Each and every free downloadable minister’s license certificate template is designed with a good and attractive borders and you can also fill the certificate template with important details like name of the minister, date of the ordination, signature of the minister and head of the Church, and the designation details. You can create your own certificates that looks great with our free templates. If you want you can customize with your own text, font styles, colors and borders. What else we need to create a certificate one for you! Hurry up to save your favorite template to your desktop and edit to your needs.

Minister’s License

In Christianity, being a minister is a great accomplishment. A minister in the church is an authorized person to perform any kind of religious functions or events such as teaching of beliefs, conducting wedding funeral, baptism, or otherwise providing spiritual guidance to community ceremonies. The minister is generally approved by the Church Head or other religious organizations. The term is taken from the Latin language.

Preaching License Certificate

In some Christian denominations, like Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, and Reformed Churches, the term ‘minister’ is usually considered as the member of ordained clergy who participates in the Para church ministry as preacher, bishop, chaplain, presbyter, or elder. Many ministers are referred as ‘The Reverend’ with respect to ecclesiastical address. However, some may use ‘Pastor’ or ‘Father’ as a title in some churches.

Pastor License Certificate Template

Roles and Duties of a Minister

The foremost important duty of a minister is to tell about God’s Love. The other equally important duties of a minister are:

  • To baptise the new disciples in the name of Father, Son, Faith, and Holy Spirit and directs them in the way of God.
  • The minister’s also stand at the Lord’s Table and lead the disciples in worship and offer them with a spiritual sacrifice of praise and Thanksgiving.
  • They are to bless the disciples in God’s name and resist the evil, support the weak, and defend the poor.
  • Also minister the sick and prepare them for the death.

In addition to the above important duties, the minister’s may perform some or all of the below mentioned duties. Have a look!

Ordination Minister Credentials
  • assist in any general administrative service
  • plan and conduct services of public worship
  • preach, pray, and encourage others to be theocentric (that is, God-focused)
  • establish new local churches and encourage local church endeavours
  • Assist in co-ordinating volunteers and church community groups and engage in welfareand community services activities of communities.
  • supervise prayer and discussion groups, retreats and seminars, and provide religious instruction
  • work on developing relationships and networks within the religious community
  • Provide leadership to the congregation, parishor church community, this may be done as part of a team with lay people in roles such as elders.
  • visit the sick and elderly to counsel and comfort them and their families
  • train leaders for church, community and youth leadership
  • refer people to community support services, psychologists or doctors
  • research and study religion, Scripture and theology
  • mention prayer of salvation to those interested in becoming a believer
  • provide personal support to people in crises, such as illness, bereavement and family breakdown
  • provide pastoral care in various contexts
  • preside over sacraments (also called ordinances) of the church
  • administer Last Rites when designated to do so

Different styles of Ministry

Ordination Minister Certificate Template
Ordination Certificate Template

There are four different styles of ministry with their respective purposes. Let us know what they are!

First Style of Ministering: It is also known as player coach style. In this style, the pastor is called as ‘participant’ in all the ceremonies that the church uses to reach people.

Second Style of Ministering: This is the delegating style in which the minister develops the members of the church.

Third Style of Ministering: The third style is the directing style in which a minister supervises the congregation closely and gives specific instructions.

Fourth Style of Ministering: This is the last style of ministering known as combination style where a minister allows directional ministering from a pastoral staff member.

What does a certificate of Minister’s License include?

Minister Ordination Certificate Template

The certificate minister’s license include the below wording:

“This is to certify [Minister’s Name] who has given evidence that God has called him into The Gospel Ministry was licensed to preach the Gospel as he may have opportunity, and to exercise  his gifts in the work of the Ministry.”

The wordings on the minister’s license certificate may vary from one church to others. Each individual local church establishes its own guidelines, procedures and policies for License of Ministry and Church Ordination.

How to use free printable certificate of Minister’s License?

Minister License ID Card Template

You can the free printable certificate of Minister’s License can be saved in two formats like pdf and word documents. You can also find blank and free editable templates to fill in your own text and borders. Simply open the certificate of Minister’s License and click on the template to download. Edit the text wherever you want to and give it a print using your printer.

Remember to select the high quality paper before printing the Certificate of Minister’s License. Always make sure you use colors that give professional look to your certificate and are according to your choice. I would recommend to go for a nice neutral shade of white or creaminess shade. Stay away from anything too distracting.

Licensed Minister Certificate

Choosing thick, correct type, card stock or high quality paper which you can actually purchase from any local store or craft store is the best choice.

How do I earn a minister’s license?

Minister License Certificate Template

Becoming a minister in a religious denomination takes some time, study and devotion. However, we have alternative and simpler options if your intention of becoming minister is strong mainly to perform funeral services and perform weddings. There are two main ways to become a licensed minister. You can become licensed by a recognised church denomination by finishing successfully any theological program or accredited seminar. The second way of becoming a licensed minister is through completing an online ordination process in a church or organization. Both the ways are useful for anyone who wants to meet the licensing requirements to become a minister in most states.

Free Minister License Certificate

The key skills about minister licensing are interpersonal skills, organization, public speaking, communication, and leadership. The projected growth for all clergy is 8% during 2016-2028. The similar occupations include program coordinator, pastor, and professor.

Career Requirements to become a Licensed Minister

Certificate Of Ordination For Pastor Template

Degree level: Will vary by denomination, but often requires completion of a master’s degree

Degree Fields: Divinity

Key Skills: good at instructing, service oriented, social perceptiveness, decision-making skills, good judgement, skills in speaking, negotiation and persuasion, reading comprehension, and active listening skills.

Licensure or Certification: Every single denomination has a different procedure and guideline for ordaining minister’s license. Candidates who are interested must check with the state licensing procedures in order to perform weddings, funerals, and other legally binding functions.

Steps to Become a Licensed Minister

Certificate Of License For Minister

Step-1: Earn a Bachelor’s degree

Step-2: Complete a Master’s Program at a Seminary

Step-3: Complete the Ordination Process of a Particular Denomination

To become a licensed minister, the candidate must follow the set of guidelines provided by the specific denomination that offers master’s degree program along with state licensing.

Final words

One can become a licensed minister through online as well. There are several benefits of getting ordained online as well. Doing online is the best option if you are looking to become a licensed minister without a hassle.

Find the templates for a minister’s license certificate that saves your energy and efforts. Download the templates in no time hassle free. Free editable and printable certificate templates available readily for you to use instantly.

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