It is greatly honored to be recognized and receive an award! Winning awards not only acknowledge the success but also recognizes many other qualities including effort, hard work, struggle, excellence, ability etc. In this way, winning awards play a crucial role. In this article, we are going to discuss about the ‘most likely to award’ certificates. Also please find free templates along with some interesting information.

Are you hosting any event or ceremony where the most likely to awards are given away!? If so, you are at right place to download free most likely to award templates within minutes. I have compiled many templates in both word and pdf formats for you to create your own award certificates hassle free. I came up with different kinds of most likely to award certificate templates mostly in generic form either suits any type of party or ceremony with special themes. We also provide personalised templates which are allowed to customize the award certificate according to your needs. You can add anything you would like to. Hope you enjoy our templates!

Most Likely to Award Certificate

Most likely to award certificate is an electronic or written document certifies that someone is qualified enough or succeeded expectations in a particular or multiple fields. In simpler form, it is a formal document presented to those who are eligible to receive as a form of recognition for participation or achievement. Most likely to award certificates are typically designed according to their purpose.

If you wish to use most likely to award certificates for your event, there are variety of blank and personalized templates that are useful to save your efforts and time.

Funny most likely to award for work

Designing Most Likely to Award Certificates

There is no difference or any special effort to design most likely to award certificates. We created award certificates templates like other award certificates but yes there is difference in quality, wording, and styles. Completely you find our certificate templates in a new look with fancy wording, borders, and font styles. Sounds interesting right!? Get rid of those regular old fashioned patterns and enjoy our creative and innovative styles.

Most likely award for students

The right content to be included in most likely to award certificate consists of the words like ‘certificate of’, ‘is awarded to’, and ‘is presented to’. Another attractive category that should be kept in mind while creating award certificates are paper quality and its size. Standard and professional looking certificates are available in 8.5”*11” and printed on high quality paper. Portrait and landscape are the preferred layouts.

Our list of Blank Most Likely to Award Certificate Templates

Most likely to award certificates are a great way to recognise someone who are specialized in any particular field and for their success. Most likely to award certificates are generally given by the organization or a group of people through voting. It really doesn’t mean any serious category but could be given to those who won by voting for categories that are casual and informal. Let us have a look at our personalized templates that are listed below for various categories.

Crazy Most Likely to Award Certificate

Crazy most likely to award

This free printable Most Likely to Awards Certificate template has a fancy border and frame with a catchy header and is a great way to show your recognition for someone voted most likely to.

Creative Most Likely to Award Certificates

Creative most likely to award

Are you looking for unique, creative, and fun looking most likely to award certificate templates!? Then you are at the right place. Find a good list of Creative Most likely to awards templates in a fun and creative way.

Funny Most Likely to Award for Employees

Funny most likely to award for employees

Employee awards is most common as a part of employee recognition programs. Choose funny and creative most likely to award for your employees telling them that they are noticed for their hard work and talent.

Funny Most Likely to Award for Yearbook

Funny most likely to award for yearbook

If you’re tired of the same old uninspired phrases, continue to read our article to get some funny and awesome yearbook most likely to award certificate templates. Enjoy! Our templates will never let go off the fun and memories.

High School Most Likely to Award

High school most likely to award

Most likely to awards are super popular in high schools. Show some creativity in your certificates that are given to the students who has been selected to reward for their hard work and talent in different categories. You can achieve this by downloading our creative templates that are free to edit and print.

Kindergarten Most Likely To Award

Kindergarten most likely to award

Here are the fun and creative most likely to award certificate templates for kindergarten. Our templates ensure that the little ones enjoy the classroom awards and have a fun, positive, and rewarding experience.

Most Likely Paper Plate Award

Most likely paper plate award
Most likely to award for teachers

Create your own creative and unique most likely to award paper plate award certificates to present your favourite teacher on the last day of the school. Our templates are ready to help you. Download, edit, and print for free.

Most Likely to Award for Adults

Most likely to award for adults

Find the most likely to award for adults that are both inexpensive and meaningful. Make little things funny with your adults using our stunning templates. Our templates also add little inspiration!

Most Likely to Award for Bachelorette

Most likely to award for bachelorette

Our blank most likely to award for bachelorette certificate templates are highly useful for any kind of bachelorette parties and other fun gatherings. The awards may get the titles like ‘most eligible bachelor’, ‘youngest bachelor’ etc.

Most Likely to Award for Cheer leading

Most likely to award for cheerleading

Our most likely to award for cheer leading are a great way to recognize the cheerleaders for their efforts and energy being kept throughout the event. The awards may include ‘best smile’, ‘best facial expressions’, etc.

Most Likely to Award for Sports

Most likely to award for sports

 Most likely to awards in sports are the most prestigious and honored awards that enhances the team spirit among the players and individually as well. Download those important templates in this article for free. Have a try!

Most Likely to Awards for Nurses

Most likely to awards for nurses

During nurses week celebrations, if you want to recognize the nurses talent and effort!? Here are our good list of templates useful for rewarding nurses in a professional and encouraging way. Let your nurses feel overwhelmed with these certificates.

Most Likely to Superlative Award

Most likely to superlative award

Most likely to break a world record, Most likely to get married first, Most likely to invent a new form of social media, Most likely to move out of the country, Most likely to remain high school sweethearts, Most likely to save the planet, etc. are few examples for superlative awards in different categories. Have a look at our free most likely to award superlative certificate templates that add extra fun to your event or ceremony.

How to make most likely to Award Certificates?

As I already told you, all the award certificates appear similar in terms of wording and design. If you are wishing to stand out your most likely to award certificate among other certificates, just follow the below mentioned simple steps. Let us see what they are!

Software: Always use good and apt software that satisfy your needs to create your own stunning award certificate. Because all types of certificates are now made digital before printing.

Title: do not go for a regular headings. Think something different and catchy. The title or heading is usually located on the top of the certificate.

Presentation Line: This section is adjusted just below the title that tells some attractive lines about the award and awardee. The phrases you may use here are ‘is presented to’, ‘is awarded to’ etc.

Details of the award ceremony: In this section, the details of the awardee like name and who the award is presenting are indicated. Make sure there is no any spelling corrections which is often appear in most award certificates.

Description: This section is equally important as presentation line. Here, there are few lines stating the purpose of the award given and some other supporting details.

Signature: Signature is a must and should component of the award certificate. If there is any logo of the rewarding organization, then it would look more professional than usual. Here we can also include the date of when the award is given.


Create most likely to awards worth keeping using our free downloadable and customizable award templates that are available readily to use. You can personalize the templates by adding your own text, images, backgrounds, font styles, etc. of your wish. Easy to download and print. Saves your efforts and time. Give it a try to enjoy our stunning award templates.

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