When you as a leader in the church or part of the authorizing team in the church would like to ordinate a deacon, pastor, or another church leader, then you know what bible says and you will follow them religiously.

But, you have forgotten something? Wondering about what you forgot?

Yes, you must commemorate the Ordination event. What is best to celebrate? Calling for a party, dinner etc. No, above all awarding the individual with an ordination certificate. The certificate can be framed and preserved forever. Ordaining some with powers to take leadership in guiding others in the church is a huge responsibility. Hence you need to make sure that the selected person is well aware and is eligible for the position.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with free certificate templates to be given on ordinating elders, bishop pastor, deacon etc. Feel free to choose the templates for free and ordinate the right person as a responsible leader in your church to preach the right values to people.

Ordination Certificate Template 


Elder Ordination Certificate Template


Ordination certificate for elders must be carefully designed and printed. It cannot be the usual one and their age must be given due respect. You may want to draft the right wording to honor them for accepting the ordination. Start with their services and mention that their support is required to the community to discipline things. Signature of a pastor or other higher officials is mandatory to salute the elderly person’s achievements.


For that purpose, we have collected many elderly ordination certificates with different wordings and you can choose the required number of templates to personalize for your use.

Bishop Ordination Certificate Template 


The Bishop ordination process is an elaborate process unlike the normal ordination as the person will carry a huge responsibility post-ordination. A huge gathering will be present in the church and a special mass takes place. The ordination begins with the reading, ancient traditional spirit hymn is sung.


Two priests accompany the elected Bishop and from that one priest will make a formal request representing the church to the Bishop to accept the ordination wholeheartedly. Then upon acceptance, an official letter from Pope Francis is read aloud and this confirms that the pope has appointed the Bishop and he delivers the duty correctly. After that session, the certificate is given to the bishop as a gesture of appreciation followed by prayer.

The Bishop ordination certificate must contain the name of the bishop appointed, the pope name, and the priest who requested him the accept the role. Date of the ceremony and the signature is marked at the end of the certificate.

Pastor Ordination Certificate Template


The pastor nominated for ordination may or may not belong to the home church. It depends on the pastor’s age, qualification, service experience and the maturity to be appointed as an ordain. The pastor ordination process will follow the steps given below.

  • The pastor can place the talk to the church during any business meeting and explain his interest in
  • The church will discuss and decide to arrange for an election to take the request forward.
  • A council will be formed by the pastor along with other pastors to start the event. Other pastors can be called from the local churches who are well aware of the process and the pastor’s activities.
  • Then the pastors will ask questions in front of the council about the personal salvation experiences.
  • Based on the responses from the pastor he will be confirmed for the ordination.

Then a ceremony is called for to award the ordination certificate to the pastor.

Minister Ordination Certificate Template 


There lot of training provided to become a ministry ordain. One can attend such courses to get ministry ordination and serve the community.


The performance in the training will be tested by the local leaders and mentors to qualify the individual for ordination. There are two training courses to help you understand the insight and role of the ministry. Upon completing them one can start your service. The ministry ordination certificate is given to the eligible individual to accept them in the ministry. Unlike bishop ordination, the minister process happens frequently and hence in your community, you can plan for the certification event periodically to duly recognize the ministers.

Deacon Ordination Certificate Template


There are few specific policies observed for deacon ordination which is given below. Use the certificate template to those deserving deacons and ordinate them as they are called by God to serve mankind.


The congregation will nominate a person to become a deacon. A special committee will be formed to test the candidate whether he meets the qualification of a deacon.

The council consists of lifetime deacons and present deacon to meet the prospective deacon candidates. They ask them questions to understand their beliefs and their walk of life to confirm fitness as a deacon.

Once the person is accepted as a deacon, then an ordination celebration happens and the council is present to issue to the certificate.

Baptist Deacon Ordination Certificate Template 


Each Baptist church has their own principles in selecting a deacon. However, the underlying rules are applicable in common. You may issue a deacon ordination certificate to the people based on the following criteria.

Any health issues may prevent a person from becoming a deacon in the Baptist church. The role requires persistent service and only due to this reason serious illness may not be entertained. But interested people can be part of the deacon council and cannot be ordinate.


Any family which was identified as not fit for deacon ordination will be not allowed to become one due to any criminal conviction or any other reason which was found not worth becoming a deacon.

The person nominated as deacon can serve for 3 years and then take a break for at least one year to come back as a deacon. The deacon position is on rotation and will happen once in 3 years in a particular church. In case of any interim changes, then that must be consulted with the council and approved by the pastor in authority.

Due to any circumstances a deacon to call off, then he has to return the deacon ordination papers and the certificate.

Certificate Of Ordination For Evangelist 


An Evangelist is a person who is identified by God to share the god stories among the needy to give them confidence. They can apply for the position in their nearest churches or through online in the community portal. These evangelists are selected based on the qualifying examination. They become part of the service and you can give then ordination certificate to acknowledge their efforts.

The evangelist can be appointed in hospitals, schools, and other places to help the people who need support and message of God. The evangelist will spread the word of god to seed confidence in people who require support. These people will serve the society by preventing suicides and negative thoughts among people due to depression and stress.

Use the certificate to honor these evangelists. These are the young individuals who have the flair to work for the people and they need to be ordinate to authorize them to continue their service.

Tips to make the ordination certificate  


You can choose a generic certificate template from here and customize to your need. Alternatively, you may find the relevant template where you can put in fewer efforts to edit them However few basic details like name, statement of calling, place of ordination, and date must be filled based on the person whom you’re planning to ordinate.

Before you print the certificate double check the spelling and the grammar as they are prestigious documents which cannot have silly spelling mistakes. Next check for the font, alignment, background and text color. Make it attractive and at the same time keep it visible. Do not overdo which may kill the simplicity of the event. Even though ordination is a celebration, it is not for fun but a religious undertaking by the individual to show the right path to the disciples.


Now, print the certificate on a glossy, attractive, and sturdy paper. Choose the best quality paper and you can print on it either using color or grayscale printing.

All you need to do now is to download the template from here for free and get going.

If you can use our templates, then feel confident about the structure. We have carefully designed the certificates to reflect your thoughts on the printed page. Ordination service is a great service to help society learn about the potential of god. So you can offer service to the community and we will help you with free certificates.

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